Gordon Ramsay’s New York Strip Steak Recipe: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 4 | THE F WORD

Delicious spice
rub New York strip served with [inaudible] potatoes
and the most amazing mushrooms. An incredible steak. Bit of a chef dream, because
it’s one of most succulent, one the most tasteful,
and more importantly, one of the most
difficult to cook. First off, the spice rub. The rub is sweet.
It’s bitter. It’s smoky. It’s spicy. It’s made with coffee, chipotle. And the secret behind
this rub is just pressing it into the steak. I cannot stress how important
it is to let those steaks sit out in the kitchen for at least
10 minutes before we cook them. If it’s ice cold and so
frigid, there’s no flavor in that state whatsoever. From there, hot pan. We’re going to sear it,
baste it with garlic, rosemary, and thyme. And then take it
out and let it rest. I’m a firm believer
in cooking quickly, and letting it rest long. Get that pan nice and hot. Touch of oil in, because
I want to sear this steak and make it sort of
caramelized, and literally toast all those spices
inside that New York strip. As you start to see that
first little flicker of smoke, steak up into the pan she goes. Thyme, rosemary in. In with the garlic. And all that seasoning
in there as well. We get this right, it’s
cooked within three and a half to four minutes. Quick sear. Lift. And look at that. Flip it over. And then in comes the butter. Beautiful. Turn the gas off. Silt the pan, and baste. And this is the
secret behind cooking this steak at room temperature. It makes a huge difference. From there, literally out. And let that rest. As it rests, spoon on
that flavorsome butter. Let that sit there to rest. These are fingerling potatoes. They’ve been blanched for
three minutes in boiling water, left to cool down. Almost steamed, so they get
a little bit sort of fluffy. I’ve got great
flavor in this pan from the caramelized
New York strip. A teaspoon of olive oil in. And what we do now is
get these potatoes, and put them flesh side down. I want to a sort of
rub all that flavor from the bottom of that pan. You want the potatoes to
sort of stick to the pan. That side of the potato
gets really nice and crispy. And it’s got that smoky flavor. I want to take the resting
juices from my steak and pour that over my potatoes. That flavor there is incredible. Turn the gas down. And then see what happens
when I turn these over? Look at them. Beautiful. See that? That flavor in there
is extraordinary. And then finally,
before they come out, finish them with
a touch of butter. They are beautiful. Ooh-la-la. Take those out. And look what’s
happened to them. These gorgeous sauteed potatoes. Absolutely incredible. And then just spoon over. Now, portabella mushrooms,
goes brilliantly well with a steak and King oysters. How do we slice them? Down. And then literally turn
that around, and slice. When they’re this small, find
a flat surface on the mushroom, and then down. The thinner you slice
them, the more flavor. The portabella mushrooms,
the big ones, slice in half. Turn around. And slice it down. Let the knife do the work. Olive oil in first. Mushrooms go in. Try to keep them nice and
flat across the circumference of the cast iron. Each mushroom, 30%
of it is water. So you need a hot pan
to saute the mushroom. There’s a big difference in
taste between a boiled mushroom and a sauteed mushroom. We’re going to add shallots and
garlic only once the mushrooms have been sauteed. Mushrooms take a
lot longer to cook. That noise is the
water evaporating out of the mushroom. Hot pan, high heat, and
get rid of that water. And the flavor left
in here is incredible. Gas down. Shallots, I’m going to
sprinkle over there. Bit of garlic over. And then these little babies. They’re little thyme flowers. That’s going to
lift the mushrooms and make them so fragrant. Sprinkle the thyme flowers over. Make a little well
in the center first. Touch of butter in. Now give that pan a great shake. Mushrooms out. Wow. That is beautiful. Now for the exciting part. The bit that chefs
love, plating. Look at the shape
of the fingerings. Try and place the
fingerings literally almost bedding into each other. So you get the little bends. Your mushrooms
underneath your potatoes. Let them sort of
cascade onto the plate. From there, one of
America’s favorite sources, a smoked barbecue sauce. That’s going to
go on the bottom, and literally sit at the
base of those mushrooms. Clear off the garlic
and the thyme. Don’t slice the steak too thin. You slice it too
thinly, it dries out. Lift that up. Keep the steak intact. Set it on top of that source. Open it up and see
how pink that is. And then finally, take
those resting juices that were left on you tray,
that is amazing flavor. And then just glaze
all the way over. And there you have
the most amazing spice rub New York strip
with sauteed fingerings and stunning mushrooms. Mm.

100 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay’s New York Strip Steak Recipe: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 4 | THE F WORD

  1. Open it ip oh my look at the pink in that beaty, the aroma……wait it still smells like a typical New York subway tramp. Pour the drippings on and watch it turn into a beautiful side dish of sour pork belly jelly fish omelet. Now eat that clam

  2. So is that steak cold after the time you cooked potatoes and then the mushrooms? You said you like it to rest , how long?

  3. That "mmmmmm yeeeeeeeaaaah" right at the end from Gordon made me realize why South Park made that episode lol.

  4. "Sauteed" is the word he uses at the beginning that's labeled "inaudible ".. i know cuz I adore this Man and his words…lol

  5. After cooking the steak is still raw, RAW!, RRAAWW!!
    (Just kidding cuz I eat well-cooked not medium or medium rare)

  6. I like these videos. Straight to the point and done….not a 20 min cook video learning about the cooks whole life story.

    And I have used many of these videos with amazing results.

  7. The only thing I don't understand is how does the steak, etc. stay warm enough to present to your guests as a cooked meal. It would seem that it all cools too much? I'm a religious GR faithful, but, this has always bugged me about any of these cooking shows….Even if you cook it all at the same time on different burners, the cooking and resting times don't add up. Maybe I'm stupid. Do you put it back in the oven to keep warm? Do you have it under a warming lamp. I don't Fing know…..Please enlighten me…..I don't know, but, this has alluded me for years.

  8. It was all good… until the smoked BBQ sauce.. i'm from TX and we put BBQ sauce on a chromed trailer hinge if we need to shine it, but not on a Steak!

  9. if gordon ramsay worked at mcdonalds
    “ You see all that flavour on the ground…all that dirt and fry bits give it a nice crispy and charcoal flavour…”
    “i’ll show u how to season our patties”
    Patties. Cooked.
    Throw it on the floor. Done.
    Taste it. Beautiful.

  10. 1:59 – Oh… Gordon Gordon, you put salt and pepper. Secretly!!! We are all watching your olive oil-seasoning moves…every second…always…forever.

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