Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Watch carefully. [SIGH] Look at that. Oh, boy. F****** delicious. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my Lord. I decided to teach a
second MasterClass. Oh, boy. This time around, I’m going
to take you into an area where you felt your home
cooking could never go. The secret behind any great
soufflé is in the buttering of the mold. You brush vertical strokes up. This crispy chicken
salad, for me, is the get out of jail
card, especially when you’ve got a big dinner party, because
that is good enough for four or five of you. Grab a leaf, lift it up. Now, I’m fed up when you
see chefs boiling asparagus. Beautiful. You get a free facial
at the same time. Cooking is a labor of love. Stay close to every
step of the way. I’m going to teach you methods– secrets– that I’m teaching some
of the best chefs in the world today. I’m Gordon Ramsay, and
this is my MasterClass.

100 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home | Official Trailer | MasterClass

  1. I prefer cookbooks. Got 3 Gordon Ramsay cookbooks for only $15 and there’s enough recipes to last an entire year of cooking


  2. Does he start screaming at the camera during the class as if he can see you at home fucking it up?

    "I told you to fucking chop vertically!!!"

  3. sırf bu adamı yakışıklı bulduğum için kanala abone oldum ve ne bokuma yaracak boktan şey allahım sen benim kalbime dur dee

  4. I saw this as ad and searched in Google to find it. I watched this and now hate myself because I'm going to McDonald's… Why, oooooooh why I'm so stupid?!?

  5. gordon ramsay said the food was fucking delicious but…

    he drops the spoon fucking hardly and his face emotion is like "god damn disgusting"

  6. this video came out when I click it but after a few second I saw…

    why da fuck there's a sign which is written "yOU cAn sKIp DA VIdeO aT fiVE sEcOnd"

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