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I've got just a few days left to crank the enemy's cooking this country has nearly three thousand kilometres of coastline so I'm heading to the pretty fishing village of plant yet to see what they do with seafood this morning I'm on my way to meet a bunch of local fishermen who fish on a nightly basis for the most amazing squid office phenomenal coastline I'm hooking up with Doc Chung a chef who works wonders with seafood how are you like everyone else here Duke likes his food as fresh as possible and he's offered to take me fishing they're not really boats though are they oh yeah bathtubs right oh this bad there's tubs in by this basket boat a few more words in there it goes on there has to be a basket case what are they these are to go fishing to bring in squid shrimp yeah and the engine whirs engine go oh these bamboo boats have been used by squid fishermen for generations and before I go out fishing I've got to learn how it's done back and forth back and forth powder push to go forward basically it looks effortless it looks like it doesn't he's like dizzy clothes with a wad there now get your stand get your kung-fu stand in this is probably the most difficult Road I've ever done 40 minutes later they seem to think I'm getting the hang of it no I'm not convinced plastic case what's he saying you're in for a race dude Oh mr. basket case he wants a race can I just at least have a five meter head star hotel you basket cases basket fisherman on your marks get set go [Applause] it's back to beginners class for me I'm stuck in Reverse come on excuse me oh come a lift boats full of water that's hard bloody hard I'm excited about catching squid but not in a wicker basket now the best time to catch squid is at night and as the day ends the fleet get down to business this is incredible they're now getting their Tinney lamps set up and the idea to like the mantle get a nice and bright turn it around and that will start to attract the squid that's my boat and that will their duck show me your squid in ten minutes okay yeah thirty here duck yes what do they do out here all night rice wine freshly cooked squid right on top of here man they cook the squid on top of the incredible don't their wives miss them there I've missed the squid more than they were the husband of Jesus come on baby where are these squids after two hours I haven't got a bite any pooling go ahead nothing but the pros have landed some beauties look at that does it I've never seen squid that fresh and now they do I'm gonna clean it up now now seafood supremo Duke is going to show me a delicious Vietnamese favourite stop squid so we basically good weekend is use all of it this is their little beach beach right here vietnamese loves it it's a tooth it's a tooth the outside of it it's like the membrane doctor to hold the tooth together so it's crunchy how nice Vietnamese love Sexy's texture and English it's like eating a gum there we go yeah nice so from snake bones to gums yeah holy moly squid shooting man according European they usually eat that ink you know make look like reciprocity or something like that you use it here no not yet wow that's fantastic news don't give them idea that's the first time in Vietnam okay I found something you don't eat squid ink I found something the Brits eat that the Vietnamese don't but for me this complex squid dish beets had deep fried version any day 50 50 year tentacles chopped up I'm Prince of sin to the poor right good what a guy yep and the word ginger as well we're gonna stuff this squid and a little bit of fish sauce I'm a major put fish sauce in there well I mean if you don't put cook fish sauce in Vietnam then you use some sort of like foreigners here there and chopping in there please and now the place of the sauce is ginger garlic and onion ginger garlic onion they were fantastic nice touch accordin I've just a few squids in my time right having court many why'd you try hard sire I can't wait to dig in and to see if the sea dogs are as impressed with Duke's dish as I am I've got the biggest piece of squid in da house the squizzle pile of cold beer boy let the gammon more day it's perfect thank you for being so brilliant and so patient amazing come tackle with pleasure to see you here and you're not drunk is that the same stuff from these lanterns oh yeah mr. Tay congratulations honestly balls of steel it's been an amazing day getting out to see and cooking the catch is as simple as it gets and I've loved getting back to basics I didn't grow up with much money around the table we act in a very humble way but here even if you haven't got much money you eat in an amazing way a very fresh way they don't realize to what a great standard they eat at so cheaply I tell them I'm a lot better in the kitchen than I am at rowing chairs

41 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Fishes & Cooks Squid | Gordon's Great Escape

  1. I don’t know if I’m thinking this because I’m high out my mind right now… but at 6:00 when Gordon asks “how’s the squid” and he says something in Vietnamese, the other guy translates for him, and it looks like an actuality the guy was saying something like “well it’s ok, needs more work, it’s kind of bland, they agree”. And the other guy is to embarrassed to tell Ramsay that so he hesitates, and tells him “he said it was perfect” 😂😂😂😂😭

    Okay I don’t know if any of that made sense.

  2. Wasn’t sure what country it was until I heard them speak in Vietnamese, I can understand the basics so that’s cool I guess

  3. When westerners come to our part of the world we treat them as one of ours. When we go to west they treat us like suspicious aliens came from another lower planet.

  4. is his right eye blackened ?
    "Black-eye" on a few angels it looks like he has a black-eye…. [ 5:08 ] and [ 5:43 ]

  5. tôi thích gordon ramsay trải nghiệm những món ăn ở Việt Nam, đó cũng là nơi tôi sinh ra – nước Việt Nam

  6. What a shame to see all that garbage on the beach at 27 seconds into the video. I have noticed that a lot of the countries in those areas and india also don't give a shit where they throw their waste. Just SAD!

  7. A puff of dmt while listening to Terrence Mckenna and I wake up to Gordon Ramsey eating squid…what a trip

    Frequencies heal..blessings

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