Google’s Green Seafood Fair

[MUSIC PLAYING] OLIVIA WU: We’re here at the
first annual Seafood Fair that the culinary team has put
together, and it’s really a food-centered celebration. QUENTIN TOPPING: We have 16
different varieties of seafood here that we’re celebrating. MALE SPEAKER: Our whole team
came out for lunch today, and they just have so much good
seafood here, I’m dying to try it all. MALE SPEAKER: This thing I
guess is a giant prawn. I haven’t seen a prawn
this big, like, ever. FEMALE SPEAKER: I had my first
oyster, so it was a big life-changing experience. QUENTIN TOPPING: We have our
partners here, the fishermen. We have 12 different cafes
represented here on the campus, so there’s a little bit
of competition going on as well, which is exciting. [MUSIC PLAYING] OLIVIA WU: This is really about
us showing what we can do based on a program that we’re
so proud of, which is local, fresh, seasonal
seafood. BARTON SEAVER: The compelling
narrative of conservation is a story of responsible
consumption. Therefore, the opportunities
we have to actually create change are in the products
that we use. It’s in the dollars that
we spend every day. QUENTIN TOPPING: It’s important
to as buy local as you can and support those people
who are really going that extra mile to do
the right thing. BARTON SEAVER: Our relationship
with the ocean is largely formulated through
fishermen. And fisherman really do
deserve protection. They deserve our help, They
deserve our dollars. And the oceans need our
help through them. QUENTIN TOPPING: We’ve gone to
great lengths partnering with local fishermen, making sure
that we have got fresh seafood that tastes great. It’s a quality product. FEMALE SPEAKER: You just walk
around and you see like, fresh crab, like, fish. My favorite was the
sole over there. It was delicious. FEMALE SPEAKER:It
was really good. FEMALE SPEAKER: I’m
like overwhelmed. OLIVIA WU: I’m Chinese by
heritage, and we don’t eat fish unless we see it flapping
two minutes before. FEMALE SPEAKER: It’s so fresh,
and I’m in heaven right now, seafood heaven.

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