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theFNDC.com presents the Godiva Truffletini Hello, and welcome once again this is TheFNDC.com and our YouTube channel, and I’m your host Jöhnny Dîablø, and today we’re making a Godiva Truffletini. All you’re really going to need is White Chocolate Godiva®, dark Chocolate Godiva®, and whatever vodka you can get, a higher end, a high end vodka is fine. I’m using Smirnoff, this is just what I’ve got. I don’t stock like fifteen types of vodka. Okay. [claps hands together] So, we’ve got…I just chilled this martini glass, I just had ice water in it and I just threw it out, so okay. A shaker full of ice, we’re going to add one ounce of your chocolate Godiva®, [pours liqueur] and a half an ounce of your white chocolate. [unscrews cap, pours liqueur] And also a half ounce of your regular vodka. [pours vodka] Alright, there we go. OK, and we’ll just shake and strain it. Pretty simple. Pretty basic. [shakes drink] Okay. That’s nice and cold. Alright. Strain it out. [Strains Truffletini] Look at that. Looks pretty good. [Ice falls] Lost some ice, that’s okay. Alright. Okay, and then… it says garnish it with a truffle, I just got a piece of the chocolate …that’s gonna have to do. Okay, let’s try it. [sips Truffletini] …mmmm. It’s sweet, it’s chocolaty, it has a little hint of vodka. That’s not too bad. Alright, If you want to find drink recipes like this and more, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, We post videos all the time. Also, if you got a minute, stop on by our regular website, TheFNDC.com. Find us on Twitter and Facebook, TheFNDC, we’ll see you around

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