Gobi Manchurian Recipe – Indian Chinese Dish (2019 Video)

Gobi Manchurian Recipe – How to make Gobi Manchurian Hi Guys Welcome to my Channel Payal’s
Recipe Today I’m gonna make an Indo Chinese dish called Gobi Manchurian As kids and as adults we all love Indian Chinese food And growing up back in India I used to love it too So today I thought I’m gonna make some Gobi Manchurian or Cauliflower Manchurian for you The Dry way It is very simple to make it at home And let’s get started So the ingredients to make this recipe are Cauliflower or Gobi cut into tiny pieces Some Onions, Cilantro, Ginger, Garlic Red Chilli Powder that’s the Kashmiri one Because I need it just for the color Not the spiciness This is the Ketchup Little bit of Chili Sauce, that’s optional Black Pepper, Salt, Oil Green Chilies, Soya Sauce Maida or the All-Purpose Flour And the Corn Flour or the Corn starch This is three tablespoons of Corn Flour or Corn Starch And three table spoons of Maida And we need some water So we need to make a batter for this Gobi Manchurian We first add the Maida or the All-Purpose Flour In goes the Corn Flour or the Corn Starch You add a little bit of salt The remaining salt I’m going to save it for seasoning And a little bit of Red Chili Powder and some water Not a lot of water a little bit of water and now we mix Everything together to make a medium consistency batter Not too thin and not too thick After everything is mixed well I need to add these florets And mix everything well with the batter So we have mixed everything really well And the Gobi is coated with the Masala or the Batter So now we heat up the oil and we need to Fry all these florets till slightly brown So make sure you add the florets separately So they don’t stick to each other And you can get separate pieces So here the Gobi or the Cauliflower pieces are frying Just give it a minute more So the Gobi has fried Now let’s just take it out on this paper towel to Remove the excess oil Add a little bit of oil. Goes in the onions These are the shallots actually, the smaller version And the green chilies, and you fry them well Make sure you cook it on high flame Cook it on high because Chinese cooking is generally on high flame And let it become slightly translucent You don’t want to make it really brown just translucent Now goes in a lot of garlic and lots of ginger Then we add the pepper and a little bit of salt We already added salt in the batter So make sure you add less salt And toss it Mix everything well Now goes in a lot of Cilantro Cilantro is the main ingredient apart from ginger garlic that gives that flavor now we add the soy sauce A little bit of Chili sauce This is optional if you want to make it little bit spicy And to balance the flavor we also add some Ketchup Simple Tomato Ketchup Now we add the fried florets And toss everything well Mix it on high Keep cooking on high flame Do not reduce the flame You can also add some spring onion if you wish to I haven’t added but you can always add I used the shallots or the small onions instead So the Gobi Manchurian is ready And lets turn off the gas And plate it in a dish Start plating the Gobi Manchurian in the dish So Gobi Manchurian is ready to be served If you like my recipe do like and subscribe And if you want to get notifications on My recipes that I post Please click the bell icon and thanks for watching this video Till next time Bye Bye

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