“GMS Christmas Wrap” Music Video – Greenwood Middle School Annual Woodmen Canned Food Drive

Ho-Ho hey it’s that time again, that’s
right, the holiday season and I brought some friends. Some might argue it’s a new edition of an old-school Greenwood Middle School Tradition. Where we try to
help others an impact lives, with our annual Woodman canned food drive. We give back what we can or all that we are able to stock our community’s dining room
tables. We accept a collection of soups and sauces, brown rice, sweet corn and
assorted pastas! Chef Boyardee and Vienna sausage, canned chili beans cause the
taste is awesome! Mandarin oranges and fruit cocktail, most of which you’ll find
at the store on sale. Ask your family if they have food to donate to you and if
not, maybe they can give a buck or two. What’s it gonna cost you 50 cents? To help someone struggling to pay the rent! Help one another bring Christmas cheer
during this very special time of year! Mister and Miss Can food are royalty, for
bringing in their green beans, soups and peas. Dinty Moore beef stew maybe a can or two, it’s the holiday season what are you gonna do?
Did you know that we accept toiletries? From toothpaste, deodorant, to rolls of
TP! Or paper towels, plates, or plastic cutleries. Drop them off with your
teacher it’s such a breeze. So it’s the holiday season yo we got the spirit even
Channel 13 stopped to pay a visit!

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