Ghost screaming in haunted hotel – FULL LENGTH

26 thoughts on “Ghost screaming in haunted hotel – FULL LENGTH

  1. I just saw a ghost scream and John saw a ghost and Amy and man think if John call police so just I call a police John John take a look room

  2. I saw what came out of the room. I think it was carrying a big ass FAKE sign down the hall. What’s worse is the people who believe this kind of bs.

  3. When the ghost heard “John” it actually thought someone said “Chuck Norris” and got the fuck out of Dodge.

  4. Hey you random person watching this scary video seeking comfort in the comment section get back up there soldier☝️

  5. Fake. As. You. Could. Ever. Imagine. Regardless of where cameras are pointing or who's talking to whom.

  6. Good job Turner. I just watched Blackwell too. Very well done. I've seen better, but good effort none the less. ; )

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