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[music] I’m Natalie Hodson, and I’m
here in the kitchen today, showing you how
to make one of my favorite side dish recipes and I call
it Death-by-Garlic Roasted Asparagus. And it’s a really good side dish
to go with chicken or tilapia and it even works
great as leftovers. I put it in a Ziploc bag
and use it the next day. For today’s recipe, this is a
pretty simple recipe though we only use a few ingredients
and I have everything here. We are going to use fresh
asparagus and use about 1 pound of asparagus. They usually come in
bundles like this. And some asparagus is a little
bit more thin and some asparagus is a little bit thicker and
it doesn’t really matter, you can use either. We’re gonna use fresh garlic and
some garlic does come pre-minced but I prefer the fresh garlic. I think it makes the recipe
taste a little bit better so we’re gonna just buy
the garlic clove like this. And then we are going to use
garlic powder and just make sure that you get the garlic powder
and not the garlic salt. They look real similar. They come in the same size of
container but the garlic salt has quite a bit of salt added to
it and the garlic powder is just straight garlic. And then we are going to use
extra virgin olive oil and we’re just gonna use 1 tablespoon
of this, so just a little bit. And then some pepper and I have
fresh ground pepper but you could–if you don’t
have the fresh ground, just regular black
pepper will work as well. And then we’re gonna bake
everything on a cookie sheet and line it with aluminum foil
and I already went ahead and pre-heated my oven
to 400 degrees. So the first thing we’re gonna
do is line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. And this just makes for
easier cleanup so that way, when you’re done, all you have
to do is take your aluminum foil out, throw it in the trash and
it’s really easy to clean up. Okay. So then we’re just
gonna set this aside. First, we just take
our bunch of asparagus, take off the rubber bands
and then just rinse this, make sure that gets nice and
rinsed and then what I do is I like to keep the asparagus still
in the bunch formation and you want to cut off the bottom about
inch of the stalk and–because the bottom of the stalk is
really tough and it doesn’t taste good, it’s
not fun to chew. So what I do is I just take a
kitchen knife and I just cut it all at once so it’s
really fast and easy. And you just cut off the bottom
of the asparagus and then what you’re gonna do is evenly
distribute the asparagus over the cookie sheet. The next step is
mincing the garlic. So garlic, when it
comes in a clove, has an outer shell kind of like
an onion and so what I usually do is just cut the end off just
so it’s easier to peel and then there’s some stuff, I just throw
that away and then there’s–if you can see inside, there’s a
lot of little what are called garlic cloves, so you just
take out–this recipe calls for anywhere from four to six garlic
cloves and it just depends on how much garlic you like. I usually–I like a lot of
garlic so I err on the side of six but if you don’t like
garlic as much or as strong, then you could just do four. And another thing too,
if you don’t like garlic, you could actually make this
recipe even without the garlic and just use salt and pepper
and it would still taste pretty good. All right. So I’m just gonna set this aside and we have six
garlic cloves here. Now these still have kind of
an outer papery shell on them. And so you need
to take that off. So what you do is you just put
the garlic clove flat on your cutting board, take a knife that
has kind of a wider flat edge and you just go like this and
you just hit it and what it does is it kind of crushes your
garlic so it makes it really easy to pull but it
actually, I found out, this one has two
cloves inside of it so I’m gonna do that again. And then it makes it really
easy just to peel off the outer shell. So I’m just gonna
do this for all six. I really like–I
eat asparagus a lot. I really like eating asparagus
and one thing that a lot of people don’t know is that
asparagus is actually really high in folate and a lot of
pregnant women are recommended to take folic acid which is the
supplemental form of folate and so asparagus is really good
for pregnant women too. And asparagus is also a natural
diuretic so if you feel like you’re holding on to some water
weight or if you’re feeling kind of bloated, sometimes eating
some asparagus can help your body rid itself of
some of that water. All right. So your hands are gonna feel
kind of sticky when you’re doing this. That’s okay, that’s normal. One, two, three, four, five. All right. So since that original clove
actually was two cloves inside of it, I’m gonna set
one of them to the side. And then I just throw
all the paper stuff away. Sometimes it sticks to
your hand a little bit. I just rinse my fingers. All right. So we’re gonna mince the garlic
really finely and I’m just gonna do that with a knife. We already took the outer
shell off, the papery part, and I just put my hand on the
top and I kind of bunch it together and then I just mince it like this and I just keep pressure on the top of the knife and I just kind of keep going back and forth and then what I
do is bunch it back together and just keep mincing,
just like this. And you just want it really
pretty finely minced because you don’t want anybody to take
a big old chunk of garlic. They might not
appreciate you for that. So this is looking pretty good. I would say that’s about as
finely minced as you want. So I’m going to rinse my hands. And then I’m gonna set
this aside for a second. And then what we’re gonna
do is put the olive oil on. So I just use
1 tablespoon of olive oil. Now this recipe makes four
servings and so each serving is gonna have less than a
teaspoon of olive oil. So I do–I like to measure it
out because sometimes I have a tendency to use too much olive
oil so I just like to measure it out that way and know I’m
just using a tablespoon. And I just slowly
drizzle it over. Just like this. And then what I’ll do is I’ll
take either a spatula or even just the measuring spoon and
I’ll just sort of go like this just to make sure that the olive
oil doesn’t get wasted on the bottom of the cookie sheet
and that it gets over all the asparagus. So then what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna take the garlic powder so if you have thicker
stalks you might not need quite as much garlic powder, but
if you have more stalks, you might need a
little bit more, if you have thinner stalks. So I just sprinkle–this is
1 teaspoon and that didn’t even cover half of it so
I’m gonna do it again, 3 teaspoons equals 1 tablespoon. So just gonna keep sprinkling
and it looks like I’m gonna use the whole tablespoon for this
recipe ’cause remember this is called Death-by-Garlic Asparagus
so it’s gonna be pretty heavy on the garlic. And if you don’t
like garlic, again, you can use lighter garlic or
even no garlic and just use salt and pepper. And then I’m gonna use some
fresh ground pepper and this, I just kind of eyeball it. You could probably
use about a teaspoon, maybe 2 teaspoons and if you
don’t have the fresh ground, just regular black
pepper will work. And if you wanted to
add some salt, you can, but I usually just
don’t add extra salt. And then what I’m going to do is
take my knife and kind of scoop the garlic onto the knife and
then just evenly distribute this over the asparagus. So I just take my finger
and I just go like this. Now if you were to eat
a raw garlic clove, your eyes would probably water
up and your mouth would probably start to burn because it’s
really spicy but when you roast it like we’re gonna
do on 400 degrees, it kind of takes some of the
spiciness out of the garlic and it makes it have more
of the garlic flavor that we’re used to. So that’s it. All I’m gonna do is rinse my
hands and then stick this in the oven at 400 degrees
and I’m gonna cook it for 15 to 20 minutes. So what I’m going to do
is put this in the oven, set the timer for 10 minutes. At 10 minutes, I’m gonna take a
spatula and just kind of rotate the asparagus a little bit to
make sure that one side doesn’t get burnt or crispy and then I’m
gonna put it back in the oven anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. And if it starts
to look too brown, then I’ll pull it
out at 5 minutes. Usually I cook it for
the full 20 minutes. All right. So we just took the
asparagus out of the oven. At 10 minutes, we checked the
asparagus, just rotate it, make sure it wasn’t burning and
then at 15 minutes we checked it again and what I like to look
for is to make sure that the garlic starts to kind
of turn brown a little bit and actually at 15 minutes ours
looked good so you can cook it 15 and up to 20 minutes but we
took ours out at 15 minutes. And then what I do is I just use
my spatula and put the asparagus onto a plate. Just like that. And this asparagus is a little
bit thinner which is probably why we were able to take
it out at 15 minutes too. If your asparagus is
a little bit thicker, you’ll probably want to go
closer towards the 20-minute mark. And this looks really good. I’m gonna clean up
this super easy. All I do is fold up
the aluminum foil, throw it in the trash and
this looks really good so I’m gonna try it. And you can serve this warm
or you can serve it chilled as well. Tastes really good. You can find this full recipe
on the page below and for more recipes and nutritional
tips, keep checking out [music]

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