FUNNY DIY FOOD PRANKS || Fake Food VS Gummy Food with 123 GO! GOLD

Remember these from back in grade school? Here’s how you can still have some fun with them today!
Take a small wad of play dough and cut it into a square with an exacto knife
like this one once you have a perfect square take it into your hands and
gently mold it to look smoother around the edges. See? Now drop it into an empty
gum wrapper like this one here. Oh I can really use a piece of gum mmm strawberry my
favorite! Hey what you got there Ami ?whoa you’re really good at that um hey care
to share the welfare why of course how rude of me ever wonder if play-doh
tastes like gum we were about to find out what is this what the heck what on
earth is wrong with this gum oh this is awful okay maybe it’s time to call a
truce Helly and Vicky are besties it’s high
time these to quit pranking each other and became friends again
well okay then cheers girls um Vicky are you okay you do know you’re
supposed to drink the juice not put your fingers in it right wait where’s the
juice going nope seriously how on earth is she doing this
okay either Vicky has some tricks up her sleeve or she’s an alien from another
planet okay girl what gives I knew it she did have tricks up her sleeve or
rather straws up her sleeves love dessert how about some sponge cake no
not the kind your grandma used to make I’m talking about a literal sponge cake
pour some yummy frosting on a regular old sponge like so once it’s on there
take a knife and spread it all around the key is to make sure to cover the
entire sponge so you can’t tell it all what it is
Wow that looks pretty real don’t forget to cover those edges and as a finishing
touch sprinkle on some rainbow sprinkles mmm looks pretty yummy doesn’t it okay
now comes the fun part Viki you’re such an awesome friend you
deserve a yummy treat just as special as you are oh so sweet right Wow
Viki that looks pretty tasty doesn’t it what flavor do you think is inside
chocolate vanilla soapy sponge perhaps well there’s only one way to find out
here goes nothing Oh God what on earth is this aren’t your
teeth supposed to sink into something like this oh wow girl you almost ate a
sponge a sponge and here you go to order some Burgers and Fries where on earth is
Vicky she should be here by now man whatever well if she isn’t gonna be
here for a few minutes if you want to teach your friend not to be late this
little trick is definitely one they won’t forget take the straw from their
drink and pierce it in a packet of ketchup then put the whole thing right
back in the cup it’s the easiest April Fool’s prank ever right now all we have
to do is wait for the show oh boy here comes Vicky natural natural hey so sorry
I’m late traffic was awful Thanks we’re ordering oh I’m so hot from
running in out it goes Oh Hayley how could you do that to me that old man
over there did it what oh I’m gonna get you hella this next prank is super easy
it just requires a little bit of prep on a piece of glass like the one in this
frame pour your glue on it in a squiggly blob kind of shape and don’t worry it
doesn’t have to be perfect ken don’t forget to fill in any holes
you want a solid piece beautiful now varies
we start to peel the glue off the glass surface when it comes off it should look
something like this Oh looks like some alien gel or
something okay here’s the fun part when your friend is
in the bathroom place this dried glue piece right onto their computer keyboard
close the screen shut so they don’t see it right away this next part is
important put an empty glass of milk just beside the computer so that it
looks like it spilled onto it yes um Helle did your cat knock over
this glass of milk while you were away oh no please tell me it didn’t spill
onto my computer oh god I’ve got to wipe this up huh what’s going on wait a sec
this is just a fake milk splash and why do I feel like Vicky is behind this what
you cooking up tonight Mia spaghetti ha grubs well one thing’s for sure you’re
really good at slicing up those onions but what’s a girl to do with all these
onion skins next time you have a bunch of onion skins lying around while
cooking stick them into a bowl next pour in some boiling hot water go ahead and
stir them in there for a minute or so you this onion water is looking pretty
nasty okay so now what Oh No are you going to serve this onion tea to someone
yuck for the hot onion tea into a mug over a
strainer so that the skins don’t get in there Nui doesn’t look like your
run-of-the-mill chamomile or and ginger tea doesn’t smell like it though when
you’re getting ready to serve be sure to bring a cup of regular tea for yourself
so it doesn’t look too suspicious and don’t forget the lemon for some added
flavor for Amy’s birthday Nia prepared a little tea and
oh nice Gary you go mmm pity I can’t even swallow it
Wow Mia a prank on Amy’s birthday this next prank is a two-person job
make sure you’re on the same page before your next victim comes into the pictures
follow my lead okay Sofia here she comes what’s up me up hey can I
see your straw for a sec trust me I won’t bite
okay here you go abracadabra alakazam count with me 1 2 hand the straw to your
buddy who will quickly flop in back into your friends drink and boom holy cow
how would did you do that Amy are you a wizard or something
if being super sneaky means being a wizard call me Harry Potter teamwork
makes the dream work ever been at lunch with your buddy and realize the worst
has happened yep she definitely has more fries let than
you do maybe she wouldn’t mind if I just took one or two from her plate
okay mmm I’ll just take one more okay and these are tasty you’re cool with
sharing right you know what take the whole tile it’s fine happy
birthday to me thanks I’m just gonna swap feel quick yep this
I’m definitely cool with whatever

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  1. Umm my grandma never makes sponge cake lol…

    Like if yours did/does
    Comment if yours doesn’t

    Have a great day mwah 😘

  2. In this video I like Emily more
    She is not only talented but so pretty
    If you like my explanation of Emily plzz like.Not only Emily I like everyone and don't forget to make more and more video'zz

  3. 123go gold:No not the type ur grandma used to make I'm talking about a literal sponge cake
    Me:why is it sponge and frosting it should be sponge and cake

  4. I’m in high school and me and my friends do this shape red play dough in gum shape and I eat real gum and someone asks for one I give them the fake one and they eat it and notice it’s not gum

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