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My diagnosis was … I had a 100% block in my right artery, two other arteries at 70%, I had a left bundle block, a heart murmur, I had an enlarged heart with leaky valves, and sarcoidosis
of the right side of my heart muscle. I would just sit there clutching my fists … and holding myself saying,
“Please, stop, stop, it’s hurting.” When I made the change
from your standard American diet … to a whole food, plant based diet, I was a carnivore that ate a lot of meat. I was a person
who loved dairy, cheese was my number one, and oil. My idea of the perfect pizza was double cheese,
double meat, loaded, because I worked out, so I always thought,
hey, I’ll just keep working out … and I’ll be okay,
I’ll balance everything. Now I learned later
that you cannot work a bad diet. Today it’s only fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains. But here’s the thing, when you spend 55 years
eating the way I did, I still miss it. I’m not denying, I still think about the corned
beef sandwiches and the pizza and the steak, I mean I think about it. But as soon as I think about it,
I remember every moment of what I felt like … in front of that gurney
hyperventilating because I was scared. And then I got a miracle. So that keeps me grounded all the time, ’cause when you talk to people they’re like:
“This is too tough.” You know what’s too tough? Going for bypass surgery! Knowing that if you have the bypass surgery
and go back to eating what you’re eating, there’s a pretty good chance ten years later
you get to have it again. Today, I’ve lost 70 pounds, and I work out, I love working out,
I’ve always loved working out. I get to continue working out,
I work out in the morning. And I do a 15-minute walk-run, and that’s followed by
45 minutes of weightlifting. I don’t do any heavy weights,
it’s really more core work, a lot of pull-ups, a lot of push-ups,
a lot of chin-ups. And then I got into – about a year and a half ago –
something called hot vinyasa yoga. And, you know, I just love it. So, it’s funny because the first time
I went in there, I just got in,
I didn’t know the flow, I just said: “Hey, it’s kind of warm in here, well,
it’s got good music, it’s a nice warm place, it’s a good visual…” But I had no idea how to flow. So, over the last, well, it took me
about a year to figure out the flow. And what’s kind of awesome
about the hot vinyasa is … it allows me to finish out my workout,
get the greatest stretch of my life, appreciate the world I live in. I pray for things, you know.
I think of my mom, I think of my nana, I thank God for my wife. I ask the Lord to let my dog
live longer without pain. I pray for my kids and now I pray for PBNSG,
the organization we built, that people find the light and health.
That’s really what it’s about, and that I have the strength every day
to spread the word as far and wide as possible. Welcome, everybody. We are all in for a real treat today. My name is Paul Chatlin, and I am the founder
of the plant-based nutrition support group … called PBNSG. We are a nonprofit group established in 2014. We’re dedicated to evidence-based education
and advocacy of whole food…For anybody out there
that’s considering this,
first, read a few books, learn about it,watch a DVD,
see how it has changed other peoples’ lives.
Anybody who is plant curious, give it a try. If you had to do something … and your life was dependent on it, you’d do it.
Well, your life is dependent on it. And if you go 60 days,
here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to lose in 60 days … 15-20 pounds, as long as you’re staying whole food,
plant based. Your levels will drop. Whatever your cholesterol numbers are,
your A1C numbers are, your weight, everything’s going to drop. Your taste buds will change,
which will reinforce your continuing doing this. So, I say a 60-day challenge to the world, 60 days. I also would like to say to people, okay, so let’s say you go whole food,
plant based and it works for you: Give back. Do something to give back. I can’t say I was always a taker,
but I was never the best giver. I will tell you this from
the bottom of my heart, I wake up every day hoping to give to somebody
to make a world of difference to that person. And as the organization grows,
it just makes me so proud, not only of all the volunteers we have… When I see my son and he’s at one
of our events, he always says, “You’ve got the greatest,
nicest volunteers I’ve ever known.” And I look at him and I say,
“You’re right.” So, I say to everybody out there: Give back! You will feel great about it … when you can look at somebody and give
a suggestion that makes a difference in their life. It’s more than making a deposit
of money at the bank, you’re making a deposit with your soul. And that’s what my push would be to anybody: First, understand what it’s like
to be that plant-based person … and then don’t rest on it,
give back!

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  1. Thank you for that Project. With special greetings to Nina Messinger from Austria. I met she at the beginning from "Hope for all" in Hannover/Germany. She make a fantastic spirit for vegan life. I love it – this project and all the People to do for this. I hope you can understand my try to write it in english. 😃

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