Food Tour in Japan’s Countryside

Hey guys, it’s Sherry. Today, I’m in a little town called Ikatacho, today. It is the westernmost town of Ehime Which takes about one hour from Matsuyama by train and bus. And right now, we are here at Kirarakan. It is one of the Michino eki. And you can see lots of souvenirs in the background. But today, we are here to try out some of Ehime’s local food. And it is still morning, And I usually start a day with a coffee But today is a special day So I’m starting today with this little guy. So this is called “Jako Katsu” And it is basically “deep fried fish paste.” Itadakimasu. So crispy outside. Oh, this is so good. This is the inside. So, the gray part is all fish paste. Ah, so juicy. Maybe this is not morning food But I’m good with it. Like this is… this is so good. I think today’s gonna be a good day. Well, I think my stomach has been warmed up enough So we’re gonna hit another place for more food It’s really good. It’s a little bit salty so for me maybe I don’t need the sauce. But, it’s a lot of fish in here. This is called “Chirimen don.” And “Chirimen” is literally… I don’t know if you can see… Here we go. So this is literally like little fish. Mostly sardines, I think. But basically, it’s got rice at the bottom, And then, “Chirimen” topping on top. So good. All done. That’ll be 900 yen. Here is 100 yen back. Thank you. It was so good. I know this is like a “food tour” today, but I’m already kinda full. Well, so why don’t we look for something non-food activity for now but not hot spring this time cuz I probably played that card too many times. So we’re gonna look for something else non-food related. And we’re gonna go back to the food tour after that. So I found this place. I don’t know what that is so let’s ask. Welcome. Hi! Hello. Excuse me, but could you tell me what this place is? Sure, this place is called “Sadamisaki Hanahana,” Here, we provide tourist information. The building over there is a store that sells specialties here in Ikata. And next year (in 2020), not now but a new building with a café and restaurant will be built so there will be more facilities. Also, over here, you can enjoy cycling in Sadamisaki. You can rent a bike here and go around the town. You should try it. Where do you recommend to visit? Sure, well… How about here? It’s called “Oriko no sato.” You can try making things. So please take a look. Thank you very much. So it looks like you can weave your own original cloth. Let’s take a look! And here is “Oriko no sato.” Alright, so I’m gonna try weaving. It’s not actually my first time. I’ve done the little version of this when I was in kindergarten. So I think I can do this. So this is what it looks like so far. These three lines are the part that I’ve done. And if you have woven before, I think you’d notice this is a little different from regular ones, because this is actually worn out clothes. And you basically tear the clothes up into these thin lines and then we use this to weave something different. Alright! And in about two hours, you can make something like this. Obviously I didn’t make this. But, isn’t it really cute? Like you can, even if you take a look at this up close, you can barely see that this was made from worn out clothes, you know? It’s pretty cute. You know what? I’m getting hungry again. So why don’t we go back to the food tour? Focus Look at it~ I don’t know if you guys are a fan of shellfish but looks good. So good. I really like the shell. This is a little sweet in the beginning and salty afterwards. Maybe it’s not visually pleasing but the taste is good. I forgot to explain what it is completely because (of) how good those seafood was. So this place is called “Ryoshiga oshieru kaisen barbeque.” It’s a long title, I know. But literally means, it’s a seafood barbeque taught by fishermen. But yeah, it’s been really good. But my mouth is kinda salty now so I kinda want to have some like sweet dessert. What do you think? Sounds good, right? Alright, let’s get going. Thank you. Alright, so we got gelato. It’s actually kinda melting. It’s kinda hot today. But the purple one is the “Murasaki imo,” purple potato, and the yellow one is the “Kintaro sweet potato.” I’m just gonna eat it up Mmmmm, it’s melting. It’s a disaster. The… my hands are like all…. Anyway, and then like, I sat in here so that you can see the windmill, and then like I sat in front of it so it just like a whole disaster because of the ice cream. But anyway, so I feel like the yellow one, kintaro sweet potato, that’s like more sweeter? Purple one is more like flavorful. Like you can taste like a little bit of like “depth” into the sweetness, kinda thing. I you can understand what I’m trying to say. So another sweets that I got is this little guy. So this is “Croissant taiyaki.” So can you see like the yellow filling inside? So this is not red bean paste but this is actually potato. So Kintaro potato, sweet potato inside. This is like super sweet. It’s kinda like reminding me of like an apple pie or something like that. I don’t know why but. Anyway, one more thing. I picked this place because I thought this windmill was kinda cute. But there is one more thing that you should check (it) out. (At the) base of the windmill, there are little stones or like tiles around. And then over here you can see a heart. Can you find it? Also if it was sunny, you could see the beautiful ocean view right here and also on the other side but unfortunately, today is cloudy and foggy so I can’t say bye to you in front of the beautiful ocean. So instead of that, I’m going to say bye with the heart

38 thoughts on “Food Tour in Japan’s Countryside

  1. Sherryさん、動画のアップありがとうございます。

  2. We don't need a view of the beautiful ocean when we can view beautiful you!

    Because variety is the spice of life, the 1st dish with the small fishes look good. I've never tried anything like that.
    Favorite food… Otoro! Less is more.

  3. Another wonderful, interesting and refreshing video. Your vlogs are always such a treat. I've been sharing it with my friends. Love and blessings! 😀👌🏼💖

  4. Now Im hungry… 😉 I would really like to try this deepfried seafood… My favorite Japanese food is Okonomiyaki. Nom nom nom

  5. Love the seafood tour~☆ i had shirasu(little fish salty)in nara. And sea clams in himeji love the taste

  6. I had apple taiyaki last time I was in Sapporo and it was so delicious. Basically an apple pie but so much better.

  7. Nice Video Sherry…But what's also important besides food….(Japanse) music of course. so are there any good record stores in and around Ehime? where I could buy 演歌?

  8. Chirimen don looked delicious!

    I wonder if the staff at Sadamisaki Hanahana speaks english too? 🙂 The weaving place looked nice too, it would be a good experience to try it.

  9. Hay sherry.
    It's been too long .
    I was beginning to wonder if you were coming back. My next trip will be in your part of japan. Love to see much much more. As for the view on a foggy day ? Doesn't matter when there's a beutifull girl in front of it. Keep up the great work you do mate. 😁😎🦘

  10. OMI GATO. (Did i say that correctly) Great content. I am planning on visiting Japan in 11 months and i do want to get away from the big cities. So i always go to your videos to see all the extra parts.

  11. You look so pretty in this video and you make me want to come to there, it's so pretty and the food looks amazing

  12. あわびとホタテ(?)だったんかな?美味しそかった!しおりちゃん、ありがとう!

  13. Nice video. I hope I won't get fat in Japan because of the delicious food.
    By the way, the cicada in the background sounds like it's being tortured😂.

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