Food & Drink Hacks – Hack It: EP105

In the episode, food & drink hacks! So now I’m going to teach you how to turn
your glass bottle into a glass bottle with a screw top lid. So fun fact, these plastic bottles are not
good to reuse overtime because the plastic is just not build for
that whereas glass has a longer lifespan and you
can reuse it a lot more. Got my plastic bottle here and I’m going to
cut around the top. And now place it onto my glass bottle and then melt the plastic onto the glass. Okay so when you’re doing this guys, please be careful it will get hot. I can now fill it with the water and there you have it, a reusable glass bottle
now with a lid. This one very cool for all you coffee drinkers
out there, which is me. You know when you’re making cappuccino the
best part is drinking the milky frothy bit? If you don’t have a frother, never mind because
all you need is a plastic bottle and some aluminium foil. I’m going to heat up my milk which I already
have inside here. So I’m just going to leave the milk in there
while I do the next step. Okay so I got my aluminium foil, all I need to do is create a little ball. And now I got to put the ball inside the bottle
like that and now to add the milk. And then give it a good shake. Alright so now just pour it into your coffee… and the aluminium ball fell in. Damn it! God damn it! That’s not meant to happen. I’m just going to shake it up a little bit
more before I add the rest. And there you go guys, a cappuccino with nice froth without the machine okay. This is all hand done people, hand done. If you want to make this frothier, you can just shake it a bit longer and the longer you shake it, the frothier
it will get! So with egg mayo sandwiches, if you make them
now, in a few hours later, it ends up really really
soggy and nasty. I’m going to teach you how to make an egg
mayo sandwich on the go. I’m going to put a couple of eggs inside my
ziploc bag. Now i’m going to put the mayonnaise inside
there. Seal the bag and then I just want to crush
the egg and the mayo and mix it all up together. So when you’re finally ready to eat your egg
mayo sandwich, all you have to do is nip the corner off like
this. Grab your bread and then squeeze your egg
mayo all over your bread. And then I have a nice fresh sandwich people! I haven’t got into it, the good bit yet because I got to get through
the crust. Very nice, I like it! I’ve shown you how to make pancakes before
in previous episodes where we used a bottle but this one, I’m going to teach you how to
do it with a ziploc bag. First, I need my pancake mixture. Next thing add the milk. I’m just going to mix it with my hands. Next, let’s heat some butter up in the pan. Okay while that heats up, all I’m going to do is cut the corner of the
bag. And now I just gonna pour my mixture into
the pan like this. My pancakes are done. So there you have it, an easy way to make
your pancakes. Fluffy on the inside, a little bit crispy
on the outside. Perfect! So this hack is for all of you people who
like to eat your cup noodles with egg. So usually you keep your eggs in the fridge so when your egg is really cold, it’s just
not going to cook as well. So a simple hack is when you’re boiling water
for your cup noodles, place your egg on top of your kettle like
that and turn it on and what that does it warms up your egg. So that way, it’s going to cook faster when you put it inside your cup noodles. So now my water is boiled and my egg is nice
and warmed up so that way, it’s going to cook faster in
my instant cup noodles! If you like your eggs to be well cooked, here’s another nifty little trick. I’m going to chip a hole in the middle of
my noodles. So now I just have to add my seasoning and I’m going to add it around my noodles. I’m going to crack my egg into the hole. So I broke the yolk as you can see but it’s okay, it’s going to still cook the
yolk so no problem. So go ahead and add your boiling water. And while we wait for that to cook, I would like to give a huge shout out to SquareSpace who has kindly sponsored this episode of Hack
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my discount code to get a 10% off your first purchase of a
website or domain. So now i think my eggs are ready so now to
reveal. Okay so as you can see there’s nice big chunks
of cooked eggs which is just the way I like it because I absolutely
hate runny egg. I think it’s just disgusting but anyway it works, see. With this one, I’m going to teach you a pretty
different and easy way to make an egg sandwich! First I need to heat up some butter in my
pan and then i’ve already beaten up my eggs and I got my bread ready. That’s all heated up. Now I just gotta add my egg. Alright, next thing get your 2 slices of bread and then you want to dip it. Wait for that to cook a little bit. Now just flip the bread over and all the extra eggs you can put it inside
the sandwich. And then, you just close it like that. You have a nice toasted egg sandwich, just
like that my friends! Boomz! If you like to have sauce with your french
fries on the go, I’m going to teach you a nice clean nifty
way to dip your sauce in… dip your chips in your sauce, that’s what I was meant to say. Yes… All you have to do is tear these 2 bits. And then I just bend this over. I’m just going to tear that off because it
looks very ugly. Bend the sides up. So now you’ve got a little tray for your sauce so next step is just to put your sauce onto
the tray. Dip and go baby! These chips are so cold. Now this hack is for those of you who would
like to put ice in big bottles like this. Now some of you might find it hard to get
ice cubes in here because the ice cubes are just simply too wide
for the nozzle of the bottle. Okay so I’m going to teach you a really cool
hack where you can make strips of ice to put inside
your big bottles. Tie a rubberband around the top of 2 skewers. So I’ve gone ahead and I’ve created 4 exactly the
same. And then, you want to get a ziploc bag and fill it maybe a third of the way with
water. Next, squeeze out the air. Make sure that’s really tied because knowing
me, it will go everywhere. Next, grab your skewers. Kiap it onto the ziploc bag. Just tie the rubber bands around the skewers. Alright now I’ve done all that, I’ve made it nice and even all throughout so now I just got to put it in the freezer
and let it freeze. Once its frozen it’s going to look like this. So now you can just take off your skewers. And then you want to break just like a kit
kat. Now i have these long strips of ice that will easily fit into my bottle. Okay it broke a little bit going in but it got in though isn’t it? So there you have it, i have a bottle filled with ice! And now, I can put my water in there. And there you go, a nice cool drink for your
hot summer days! So you know when you go to Subway, they usually give you a bag like this. It is super long and usually when you’re carrying
your Subway, all the sauce will run down to the bottom
of your sandwich right and it becomes really gooey and just nasty! Alright so I’m going to teach you a way to
hack your bag, basically so it doesn’t just sink to the bottom. So it just stays nice and evenly spread so that you can have a nice tasty Subway sandwich. Tie the end up so it doesn’t fall out at the
end and then I’m just going to create a little
hole for my hand here to create a handle. And there you go, by carrying it this way, all the sauce is
not going to go into one end of the sandwich and make it
gross. Okay so now I’m going to show you the difference between carrying it horizontally and carrying
it vertically. So this was the one that was carried vertically. Eww…. the top of it is dry and then the bottom is nasty, you can see
it. And this one is the one that was carried
horizontally with the bag hack. So as you can see, it is dry on the bottom, on the side and also on the top. If I open it you can see that the sauce is distributed nice and evenly throughout the
sandwich. And there you go, that is a better way to carry your Subway
sandwiches! And that is it for this episode, now don’t forget to check out our merch which
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67 thoughts on “Food & Drink Hacks – Hack It: EP105

  1. Another hack you could do instead of making strips of ice in a ziplock bag is to fill up your water bottle 1/4 of the way with water and then stick the bottle in the freezer on its side letting the water freeze along one side of the bottle. Then after fill up the rest of the water bottle that way you are not spending so much time wrapping rubber bands around skewers and then still trying to shove the ice into the bottle. Work smarter not harder. 😉

  2. In India, they give us brown paper bags for subways and the sandwiches are kept horizontally.
    I thought it was global

  3. That plastik cap melted onto the glass bottle is disgusting thou… you will NEVER be able to clean the cleft properly 🙁
    And the plasticbag hacks create SO much waste. Just use a sealable container and a spoon – that is no more complicated 🙁 🙁
    Even the ice sticks. They made rather cheep silicon molds for that

  4. An easier way to froth milk is in a glass jar with a lid. Just put your cold milk in the jar, close the lid and shake for a while. When it’s foamy, take of the lid and warm the milk in the microwave (just make sure it doesn’t boil over). Then just pour to your coffee.

  5. A lot of these hacks are just not well thought out and, frankly, can be very hazardous to people's health. And doing sponsorships too… gonna download these instead of watching them with ads from now on.

  6. I'm not gonna lie, but the aluminum foil would have melted a bit into the milk… (I don't really recommend this but sure whatever)

  7. Love this show but feel the need to add a caveat to the egg-on-kettle-spout hack:

    Raw eggshells can have harmful bacteria on them (e.g. salmonella), which can be transferred from the egg to the kettle spout and then from the kettle spout to the water you drink, as well as backflowing into the kettle. Boiling water from the kettle may kill some of the bacteria on the spout but any remaining bacteria could cause trouble once the water is no longer hot. Boiling also only kills active bacteria, not bacterial spores, which can then germinate and multiply once the water cools. I'd be careful with this hack, esp if you are prone to food poisoning.

  8. Plastic! Plastic! Plastic! Why are you encouraging use of plastic? When you have such a huge platform to inspire people, use it wisely.

  9. U can also shake it and after that put it in a microwave for 30 seconds

    Or a beter option just fut the milk in a mixer grinder for 1 min and then optional microwave it for 30 seconds

  10. Or you fill the bottle to a third with water and lay it flat in the freezer and you can poor water in it and it will stay cold as well. Much easier.

  11. You shouldn't be inhaling those fumes when you melted the plastic, it's quite dangerous especially since you didnt wear a protective mask and you weren't in a well ventilated area.
    Also for the subway sandwhich holding it horizontally will also cause the sauce to fall to one side. You can easily just carry it in a way that the sandwich is always sitting upright. Or place it in the bottom of your bag/purse upright

  12. Instead of the ice cube strips in a plastic bottle ,why not just fill it to a third full and freeze them ? Then if need be, just pour which ever drinks into it and stil enjoy a chilled drink from a reused plastic bottle ?

  13. 7:07 or you can just fill your bottle half way through, freeze it, and fill the other half with water.

    It's simpler & easier as the ice is inside the bottle already.

  14. Love your show but there are some issues with your hacks (other than the ones others already pointed out)
    – Melting the plastic top on the glass bottle: the reason why you don’t use plastic more than several times is because it’ll leak toxins into the water you consume. By melting the plastic you are essentially speeding up the process and introducing it into the top part of the bottle where you drink the water from.
    – milk front: are you sure you should be heating up the milk in a plastic bottle? Won’t it leak toxins into the milk?
    -subway hack: well.. what if this were a foot long how would you carry it in that case?

  15. Another way to have ivce in your bottle is to fill it a 4th or 5th way up, pop it in the freezer, and use it out when needed. Not as pretty as ice sticks, but works marvels.

  16. i think that these hacks are great but i noticed how much plastic it uses. I’m wondering if you could be a little bit more aware about your plastic usage next time because a lot of people watch your videos and if they do these hacks they could be using alot of plastic

  17. Yikes the amount of plastic you waste here is crazy, the zip lock bags, when u can use a bowl??? The egg sandwich is literally just a French toast with more egg… the melting of the plastic? Why can’t u just buy a reusable water bottle or flask…

  18. Not sure about these hacks at all. It all seems hazardous like: the melting of plastic bottles near a glass, reusing glass instead of plastic bottle which if you drop it can shatter, heating hot milk then pour it into a plastic bottle which can melt the plastic then that chemicals seeps into the milk not to mention the aluminium ball and the ice shards what if someone drinks it without a cup ice will melt making the tip pointy which can probably pierce your throat. Also so many excess use of plastic.

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