Food Allergen Training for Food Service Employees

‘music playing’ ‘music playing’ As a certified food manager, you like to make the most of your
resources. That’s where University of Minnesota Extension can help. For only $25 dollars you can take this
food allergen course to earn one training hour toward
renewing your certification and use the course to train your
employees. Throughout the course you’ll hear the
story of Joe who is allergic to peanuts, milk and shrimp. Joe travels for work so he eats out often. Joe counts on
employees at grocery stores, delis, cafes and restaurants to serve a
safe meal and prevent an allergic reaction. He’ll
stay engaged throughout this one hour course whether it’s learning more about the big
eight food allergens, identifying best practices for managing
food allergens, or checking your knowledge about
handling an allergic reaction. Make the most of your resources and sign
up for the food allergen training online course today! ‘music playing’

One thought on “Food Allergen Training for Food Service Employees

    What a great video on food allergen training. With the new E U allergen labelling laws coming out in December, food businesses will need to look at their systems and processes to tackle this new legislation. To find out how to implement these new changes into your business visit

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