Food Academy – LEOs Supporting and Nurturing Start Up Food Businesses with Bord Bia and SuperValu

but the local enterprise offices are there to help support small businesses across the board but the food sector is one that's extremely important in this country and we've seen a fantastic number and quality of small food producers growing over the last few years the food economy program is there it's a unique collaboration between the local enterprise officers and board BIA and super value to equip the owner managers with the skills necessary to make a major breakthrough into a retail chain and it also enables them to grow their sales would be advised the content for the food Academy program and really tailored it to focus on the specific needs of food and drink businesses and looking at the best practice that they can learn from because starting out a small business wouldn't necessarily know where to start and it really helps to show them that best practice at an early stage key ingredient of the success of food Academy today's is the collaboration between board beer SuperValu and a local enterprise office and if you think every county has a super belly and every county has a local into his office and that's the glue that holds the food Academy together I heard about the food program and super values and getting into all the super owners around the country so then a local enterprise office interviewed us and we were accepted onto the food Academy and shortly afterwards we were in nine silver values locally and I say let's just took off so the food Academy gave a full overview of the retail business and how your business should be set up to supply interior so from the food Academy I'm working with the most graves team they break it all down into how to price your product into retail what the retailer margin needs what had office margin requires how to get the product from essentially an idea concept on stage finished product that's in sale across the country the biggest benefit overall was the ability to focus and to actually structure that journey from concept right through to product on the shelves so it was a very structured program where we looked at everything from production to packaging to distribution to sales to marketing to research and all of those are very important in the production of a product gave us a really good starting point to get our product on the shelves it was excellent to just have all the support that's provided through the education days and to all the mentoring from the local enterprises office and board the air and then type two super values they are willing and receptive to take your product and put it on the shelves it's great to get to know the other producers and also to get to know that the chorus leaders and stuff like that it was great to be able to walk into the shops knowing that the managers were going to welcome you as part of the food academy program as well and definitely were able to reach wider audience by taking part in food academy then we would have been able to do otherwise if I were to describe my food academy experience it would be exciting satisfying challenging brilliant and opportunity so if you have a product that you think is different and better than what's out there at a moment we'd love to work with you in the suit value food Academy team through your local enterprise office and to help you get your product into your local super area to find out more about the food academy program the first thing you should do is to contact your local enterprise office and the web address to find your local enterprise office is you

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