FIRST LOOK – Bigfire Restaurant at Universal Orlando

yeah a big fire I'm real excited about it you know we created the newest restaurant here at Universal CityWalk and it's going to feature like a feel of like you're by the lake side up in Montana or Colorado enjoying a meal and a nice restaurant like that or even in the campfire or in the backyard with your family maybe making s'mores over the barbeque so we created a lot of cool dishes and you know we went through a lot of renditions of the menu to get down to what was going to actually offer some of the dishes that we have that I'm really excited about beautiful smoked trout dip okay nice smoked trout done on our in our smoker oven okay we've got fried green tomatoes and some burrata I think this dish right here is going to be a real great sizzling hot plate there there are muscles obviously you're going to be roasted in the wood oven come out a nice ballroom they're gonna smoke and smell good we've got some nice roasted bread and some dipping sauces on there to go with it I think a delicious appetizer then you know how can you not have a campfire or go out in the backyard Nutt get it once in a while a bowl of chili so you know get a bowl of chili for an appetizer share with everybody for an appetizer you're gonna have that on the menu if you don't get more comfortable in that I don't know what you're gonna get more comfortable with maybe maybe a bowl of mashed potatoes but we got those two anyway but anyway we got some really nice bread okay hard part of an affray we're gonna serve it with a little bit of peach jam some herb butter a little regular butter but this is really nice rusty gonna have a nice fruit flavor of the smoke from the oven on it okay because it's an all-day menu we're going to start at 11:30 in the morning and we're going to have some lunch items so we put together a couple of different type or hamburgers one of them's gonna be a bison burger then we're also going to have a our house signature burgers going to be a burger okay and then you know there'll be a regular burger tube this one I did a regular burger and then we're gonna have some nice entree salads like here a real big chunky Cobb salad party kind of nut little guys but big chunky dice nice eat and local salad of course this one here baby beets the beets are all going to be roasted in that all over the wood and we've got done you know just a nice beautiful mix of greens we've got some long roasted pears on there we got a nice mix of I want a green for the pomegranate dressing okay then we're making the big wedge we call it the wedge again big chunky thing big chunks with nice big pieces of bacon and here if you want to add like a half a sirloin steak roast your sirloin steak and put her on there or you can get it's on there already okay then as we move forward you know this is a pen about this is more sauteed dish it does have some shrimp that we kind of grill in on the wood and then we finish it in a pan with a little bit of it's almost like a little new orleans-style barbecue shrimp little cornbread on there slaw roasted pepper then we got campfire fried chicken okay get into some of the grilled items more you know New York sirloin what potatoes open those real roots that's all the dishes we have beautiful roasted vegetables carrots so much market and the little baby pepper economy I think we've got lamb chops we've got a quarter tibia a cowboy rib eye with a bone on rotten potatoes or french fries if you want instead we got you know a nice scallop dish here this one's a pan-seared and then we hit it with the roasted vegetables and the sauce and we create all it together in one pan like some of that nice grilled bread on the side just dump it in there and enjoy it all right a beautiful pork chop okay and another ditch that we have is a grilled cauliflower steak right on the wood along with some charge sheets and peppers some cumin roasted cherry tomatoes a smoked tomato sauce complements an oil okay Idaho brook trout beautiful fresh brook trout comes in fresh Cod simply grilled probably in about six or seven minutes from start to finish serve it up with some smashed potatoes a little nice sauce to go along with it this one is up a heart stone seafood language we've got some we've got some mussels scallops herbs coming with foil going right the wood oven just sits in there for about 12 minutes comes out and it looks just like that all these beautiful aromas come out when you know with the nice grilled bread on it the thumping that juice that's in it delicious and then for dessert there's a few more dishes we're going to have a couple other dishes we've got a beautiful short rib pasta dish we're going to do we're going to do on a beautiful king salmon over a cedar plank and a nice smoky flavor to it we're going to do up kind of like a beat like a French beef bourguignon but we're going to do an American style or Leslie big butter noodle and sauteed that beef and that's going to be a nice real comforting kind of dish you know the whole idea was create real comfort food here American food who's an American greed Ian no desserts claiming Baked Alaska for big fire you know baked Alaska's been around since we're going to man what up it's going to be flaming in front of the guests and I hope they really enjoy it a long flourless chocolate cake topped with some ice cream a beautiful fresh baked apple pie and then a feature ID will be sworn the Jew of 416 little flame going on here and you take the steerer and stir it up kosha marshmallow put your graham crackers and chocolate raise your s'mores finish it off baby

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  1. He has got to be a better chef than a presenter. I really like him though…He kind of has that Absent Minded Professor vibe. Makes me laugh.

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