Fired Chef Refuses to Leave – Kitchen Nightmares

while Chef Ramsay has observed many difficult situations over the years in my tack tonight's dinner service might just be the craziest he has ever seen give me my check right now posted it to twice I'm not playing I want like a check I'm not on anything he's the one that needs this so cold Prozac I don't even know what it does what do we owe you what do we owe you what are we are Elson dollars thousand dollars let's pay it up what you're the problem Danny Chen had nothing to do with health come on she's any teddy five doesn't matter if God fired it she's the problem anyways you're not a problem in this restaurant my god is that lady Allen how can you blame her for something that Danny did I'm not pleased with her I just I just tell her she needs Prozac I'm told the truth to say that she needs prozac or anything like that that's below the belt and it's disgusting and I've lost all respect for it I'm not on proud as if you're on the fucking project don't worry about that Jesus write the check for a thousand and you put the money in tomorrow for us how the fuckin E for the money yeah I don't think so Randy you don't get involved right now these people will never respect him I'm just over getting Alan to taking like they're just fucked up people you'll have the money in there I'm sorry Jesus Wallace no I have to be legitimate he's not giving you any more money not giving you too much I'm sorry that's pissing me it's not your choice Alan please don't yell at a girl I love it Valon please don't you love it please go out your tunics please just come out it's not gay right well I don't know maybe I'm crazy I am lady please don't yell it I know and David for the record I'm not on Prozac but for the record you should be fucking meth heads what a coach honestly is there a plot against you from Yale to close this business no question in my mind so Alan come on you've been watching to me huh King Babu's

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  1. Just a fun fact “She needs a Prozac” he says, for those wondering Fluoxetine under the name Prozac is an anti – depressant and acts as a stress and anxiety reliever, basically along the same category as Xanax or Aprazolam it’s a pill you take to relax.

  2. I see a lot of people defending the chef – he was correct in his assessments and he was right to demand his money. But he was also being fired because he punched the son of the owners. The son was the only person trying to hold the place together – his parents were stealing money him. Chef David took out his anger on the wrong person, because he thought Danny was weak.

  3. Better title “chef quits because of horrible management and improper payment” instead of the channel putting over dramatic titles

  4. Please note, this is the best chef ever in this restaurant. Too bad the owners actually the one in control on how to cook and the menu.

  5. gen even fell asleep and snored when the customers was talking about the problms with food at the theater in part 2

  6. After watching the episode it’s a Good thing the chef left. I get that he acted out of built up frustration because the owners are such a mess, but he really is a bully. The minute he started talking on the episode you could see how he belittles people, gaslights them at every turn, and acts confrontational to dominate the conversation. I felt for him, but he pissed me off more than anything. He raves about how everyone’s a drunk, depressed, or on drugs but he really needs some help too

  7. F*ck those old bagss

    they only want everything related to their selves

    They dont even care about other people😠😠😠

  8. It was the owner's fault, they did that because they couldnt deal with the fact the chef was better than them

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