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hey guys welcome to the whites Academy today after so many requests about the full sequence of restaurant service I am shooting the video I'm playing in my apartment here with empty chairs and I'm talking to myself but the most important thing is that you see the whole sequence of restaurant service done step by step I'm doing it you'll notice I'm serving from the right side and I'm bussing from the right side like it's done in Europe of course if that's the United States you will serve the food from the left side and bust the table the plates from the right side but that's the only difference actually everything else is the same so coming up good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome to Grand Victoria how are you today is everything okay thank you very much I'll be right back with the menus but maybe I can offer you some cocktails glass champagne or maybe something stronger we have excellent mixed drinks gin and tonic would you like some Hendricks of Tanqueray Hendricks for you yes of course input gentlemen monkey 47 yes we have monkey 27 absolutely so for the lady Hendricks and Tony in the gentleman drinks 1947 I'll be right back with the drinks and the menus thank you drinks are coming in a moment may I present the menu for you yes Emma so would you like to take a look on the wine list also we have excellent local wines of course everything else from the world Italian French new world Europe one is to only that we here take a look on the menu take your time would you like to hear the specials of the day the chef has prepared today to rally in South Coast it's a large fish around one kilo so it's for two persons you can have it with some salt potato baked potatoes with some vegetables pretty much everything that you want as a side dish it's 72 years for the fish and if you like fish I will recommend it highly because it's excellent and here in this restaurant we do it the best in the world take a look take your time if you need some help if you have any questions please let me know well the rally is from the from Germany it comes from the North Sea yes sir all right thank you I will be right back with your drinks so ma'am for you hendrickson tank and from Joe Montana intronic any questions about the menu or just need couple more minutes couple more minutes take it back I see a very torrid we start with the lady please what did you decide today madam okay you want a small salad would you like the house dressing or Italian French house pressing house dressing is all in vinegar it's an emulsion of oil and vinegar very fresh very pleasant test yes with a house dressing thank you very much and then for the main course for main course you want steak all right would you like a mini rare rare well done maybe something else you like it well done very well well this I will take care that later thank you and for the gentleman you have a soup potato soup very well and then very good chicken parmesan second thank you very much may I take the main news from you thank you so did you have a chance to look at the wine list yes yes of course the ladies having steak in you haven't chicken parmesan that God can go with red wine too but I will suggest something that's a really full body yes would you like something that's Berek or not Burak wine yes something that's light and fruity then I would suggest not something that's really light because the lady's having steak but of course if you don't like something that's really heavy maybe you should try that smuggled swagat is wine that's fruity and when it's light all right like for example filling belts waggled that's one wine that's that's fruity because the try guilt is really fruity in crave but it's aged in barrack for six months and the balance between the fruit and the barrack is very very good given some of full body wine with some really excellent blueberries blackberries food flavors yes you would like to track it so you try that Swaggart for the birth of the dinner thank you very much enjoy your drinks and the food is gonna be repaired in a moment thank you sorry you went with my suggestion that's spy guilt 2015 from Cohen's colleague Berg 2015 is the best year for the last 10 years maybe 2011-2015 those are the two best years in the last 10 years for red wine in Austria so a very good choice boo gallant is one of the most famous wine regions in in Austria too so hopefully you like the wine that's right you like it you can play you can feel the players of the route and of course life Perec not so heavy there's not so much tannin in it it's a really fruity wine but with really good balance with the with the root yes so thank you very much yes Karam I change you see where you're having a steak put a steak mess of view and a small salad the gentleman will have a soup you don't need the which like a bottle of water with the wine yes sparkling or non-sparkling non-sparkling thank you very much happy rabbit now sparkling water for you are you finished with your cocktails thank you very much I will take a right away ma'am the food will be served in a moment but you're not Lisa time for you small green salads with our stressing a producer potato cream soup enjoy a real if you need something else but you know maybe some fresh pepper no nobody thank you enjoy excuse me sir mayor refill your glass some more wine thank you how do you like the salad man that's good the dressing is really light clearly flavor yeah thank you very much and a super suit do you like it thank you enjoy when are you two with your milk thank you very much was everything okay like it the dressing very light very flavor yep thank you hey Sheila so soup was good too thanks fish it would you like to take a little break before the main course maybe five or the 10 minutes break yes and then I will order the main course – anything else I can do for you right now everything is fine thank you ma'am would you like me to put some more wine for you no yeah okay thank you the food will be here in two minutes thank you very much so for the lady New York steak well-done for the gentleman chicken parmesan enjoy your meal ma'am if you like maybe some black pepper for you for the steak no no black pepper thank you enjoy test everything good the steak really well done yes thank you and sir the chicken parmesan that's good also thank you very much enjoy anything else right now no I'll say thank you so yellow side may I take this away from you was testy you satisfied yes thank you very much so the chicken a little bit too much too much is better than not enough thank you very much excuse me mam ekam you tell thank you I will bring the dessert menu for you to take a look we have excellent French descent our chef Betty Siri is world-class chef and she prepares something very special um if I may recommend if you like chocolate the chocolate souffle here is really something very very good and of course our tiramisu is the world best tiramisu so if you like tiramisu I suggest that you try this one too would you like some coffee espresso cappuccino maybe some later okay take it down so did you choose something no no decide for the lady alright notice it and for the gentleman you like to try the tiramisu very good choice very good choice Oh Teresa is excellent may leave silverware for the lady – so she can try some of your tiramisu yes player will try something – absolutely in coffee espresso yes okay just press for the lady and pour the German and cappuccino okay alright spice one cappuccino come right away espresso for the lady cappuccino for German so the best tiramisu in the world so no and I bought a plate for the ladies so she can share with you a piece of this excellent term soup enjoy was it as good as I said did you like it yes for real you sure thank you thank you very much yes it's really excellent really really good and you still have a lot of wine in the bottle I guess a half bottle of wine would you like to keep that for tomorrow yes I can keep the bottle in the restaurant and when you come tomorrow just tell the waiter that you have a bottle of wine from yesterday here yes we do that absolutely yes take this from you so was everything okay everything's fine would you like to finish the evening with some grappa maybe some schnapps no schnapps for the lady no schnapps for the gentleman I have different graphics yes grappa we have Tinian hello we have grappa Gaia barbaresco Bach you know yes in a nano I would suggest in an L for sure yes very good very good yes so drop off for the gentleman in an L o in the ladies okay you're fine thank you very much so your grappa may I take the coffee away he finishes thank you so much so did you enjoy your event with us tonight yes thank you thank you very much yes the food is good the chef is doing great job the service is also not so bad I guess I hope so yes Thank You ppreciate thank you very much anything else I can do for you right now no your side should I bring the bill yep I'll bring it the right way thank you sir yes you bill would you like to pay with a credit card cash for maybe with a room charge no charge then I just need to use YouTube name and room number thank you so thank you so much for coming today I hope you enjoy your evening and I wish you a pleasant stay and we see us tomorrow yes yes thank you very much thank you who's the pleasure to me enjoy your evening can I'll see you tomorrow thank you so guys that's what it takes to be a good waiter all those steps that I show you today will ensure that your guests are receiving a really good source of course if you want to be excellent Extra Ordinary then you have to take some more steps and do some other things that are not really required but they are the one that makes a huge difference between good and excellent service like small talk I didn't find time to engage my guests in a small talk maybe I should have say that the lady is having is wearing an excellent beautiful dress or maybe I should say that I like the shoes sir the German if they have a dog I should have to say something about the dog what's the name how old is it what kind of dog it is and maybe I can bring some food or some water for the dog and things like that those little things there they're making our guests feel comfortable feel welcome and of course once they feel like that it reflects back to you they start liking you more than usually you know not just that you are doing perfect service but you are also a human being that makes them feel welcome and welcome and good so trust me at it's a big difference between somebody that's really happy and feel feeling warm and welcome and somebody that satisfied with a service it's a big difference in the tip thank you guys for being here stay brain stay calm stay outta trouble work hard work smart make good money enjoy life thank you

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  1. I serve at a nice place. I wouldn't call it high end but it's not big boy or a diner lol. I'm up in northern Michigan in harbor springs. Lot of wealthy people havw vacation homes here. Summer time is crazy. We are on the water at a harbor. So the people that come in are all different types. From high end to casual as myself. So for me it's all about that first hello. Reading them. I've tried to be too fancy for casual folks and it makes them uncomfortable . Those people I tend to get more personal with. They enjoy light jokes and good conversations. But then you have those that just want to be served and left alone. For me it's all about feeling out my customer. It's not always easy but it tends to come natural to me.

  2. bro please use real people as props instead of empty chairs thanks I'd appreciate it as I'm starting as a server for the first time and an actually talking person would have been more educational

  3. Thank you sir for your helpful videos I just subscribed to your channel .I'm currently working as a waitress in a casual restaurant for two years now I've been applying for bigger platforms and guess what I just got an invitation email from Marriott 🤗 I'm so nervous since I'm not use to dine dine in pls wish me luck and I've been thinking on what to wear for the interview all day🤦‍♀️🤣

  4. Plates should ALWAYS be placed over the left shoulder of the guest and removed from the right of the guest.

  5. That was fun and interesting😁. I'm learning very fast now. I am looking to transition to waiter job this year. About the exam in September , can you give some hints on what you will cover? And also if I pass the exam will you help getting placement job for starters like me😁😁🤔?

  6. I was searching what is served first bread or water.. But watching to its whole he made lots of mistake in service

  7. You are wonderful and have taught me so much!!

    However, I couldn’t help but thinking “what if his neighbors saw him through his windows serving invisible people” 😂

  8. I will start my work as a waiter (for the 1st time) in a 5* hotel restaurant and i am confident just because of your awesome & educational videos!

    Thank you very much, please continue to create this kind of content for the rest of the waiters that need to learn your advice!

  9. Great job sir and thank you for helping people like me become a better waiter… but i doubt if while serving water, the glass should be on or off the table during pouring.

  10. I think you shouldn't talk so much with every table- Most people come to restaurants to hang out with friends and not the waiter.

  11. I'm so grateful for your videos. I wish all the beginners watched your videos.. I couldn't find better ones that explained this good. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  12. Nice thank-you for tips and knowledge you are really super smart guy I am recently doing this job now I am apply this tips.. Thanks alot

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