FILIPINO SPAGHETTI Jollibee Inspired Pinoy Recipe

Greetings my beautiful lovelies. Hello, it’s Emmy. Welcome back! Today I’m going to be cooking… Filipino-style spaghetti. So, I was inspired by my recent trip to Jollibee, which is the beloved Filipino fast food chain, which includes things like Chicken Joy, which is their famous fried chicken, spaghetti with hot dogs. I had an Aloha burger. I also tasted the most amazing peach mango pie, and I had the most delicious noodle dish called, Fiesta Palabok, which was incredible! I hope to make a dupe recipe of that as well, but today I’m going to be here to make this. I have had this for a little while — and this is Sweet Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce. This was about five dollars and on the back here it tells you how to make it. So I didn’t want to make this and taste this until I had an authentic version, so now that I’ve had Jollibee, I can make this, so I can do a little bit of a comparison. So, from my understanding, this dish is really popular among children and hence it becomes very nostalgic because everybody grew up eating this. All right, let’s go ahead and get started! So I’m going to speak a little bit louder, because my, mmm, ya know, thingy-thing (stove) is a bit loud. All right, this is hot — I’m gonna add some olive oil to my pan…. and I’m going to get my garlic press because I forgot it. All right, I’m going to saute a chopped onion. *doodoodoodooo* One chopped onion in there, and it says to add a teaspoon of fresh garlic. Love this garlic press — this is an old Zyliss garlic press. Woooow! Man, take it easy! All right, lots of garlic in there. All right, sauté this up. Smellin’… incredible. It’s gotta be one of my favorite smells: onions and garlic sautéin’. All right, so what am I supposed to do now now? Now I’m gonna add my meat. This is 250 grams — ground. You can use beef, turkey, pork…. …cook it up a little bit. So my meat is no longer pink… Now I’m going to add my hot dogs. This is three hot dogs that have been cut up. Stir that in. A little pinch of salt, and pepper. One cup of water. And boil this until the meat is completely cooked and the water has reduced. So, we’ll let that go for a few minutes, I guess. And I’ve been told that banana ketchup is often added to this. I couldn’t find any banana ketchup, for the life of me. I should just do a full tasting on that, because I’ve never had banana ketchup, so… Anyways, that’s a whole ‘nother segment. So otherwise I would have added a healthy dose of that to this, but unfortunately didn’t have any, so we’re gonna have it as suggested on the UFC package. All right, we’re letting this reduce, and then we’re going to add two cups of our sauce. It smells a little bit like ketchup, kind of smoky though. All right, let’s just try it straight up. *Ooh* Very sweet and kind of roasted. Interesting. Definitely not as tangy as tomato sauces that we find here in the U.S., and it’s got like a little chili flavor to it too. Tastes like there’s some chili peppers in there. No heat at all, zero heat, but it does taste roasted. Now I’m gonna add my sauce And boil this, it says for three minutes. Mmm. Woohoohoohooo. Ahahahaha. In fourth grade, I had the role of a witch in some silly play; and I had like one line; it was like “bubble, bubble, boil and trouble,” or something like that. I got to wear a big pointy hat. I borrowed it from my neighbor — the hat was huger than I was. It was LARGE! All right, it’s just coming up to the simmer now. I’m gonna reduce that to medium and let that go for three minutes. All right, so it’s been several minutes. Let’s take a look on our sauce. So there it is our luscious thick sauce… By the looks of it, it’s got this kind of thicker glossy consistency which makes me think there might be some thickeners in here — could be some cornstarch or some sort of flour. It’s very bright red in color, so I think there might be some food coloring in here as well. And it smells a little bit vinegared, too. Maybe there’s a little bit of vinegar in there as well. All right, so our sauce is ready. So I’ve got some spaghetti noodles that I boiled up. And get my noodles. Pasta noodles! Put a healthy ladle of sauce on there. Oh yes! And then I’m gonna top it with shredded cheese. Yep, yep, yep, yep, that looks pretty tasty. Here is my beautiful plate of Filipino style spaghetti. Let’s see how it is. So, my cheese is nicely melted. And I’m going to swirl my spaghetti noodles… in there. Make sure I get a piece of hotdog. Itadakimasu! Mm-hmm. And that is pretty tasty. It’s a little bit different than the Jollibee version. I think the sauce was a little bit thicker: it seemed to coat the noodles a little bit more; but that can be easily remedied by just cooking down the sauce a little bit more. Also, I think my hotdogs are a little smokier… in flavor — they had more of a pronounced smokiness to them, maybe it’s a different style of hotdog. But generally speaking it is very very similar. It’s sweet and tomatoey, familiar. Yet a little bit different. It’s great! I think kids would love this because of the addition of sugar. Also the noodles are also a little bit different I cook them a little bit firmer. I like my noodles a little bit more al dente While the ones at Jollibee were not overcooked, they were just a little bit softer than the noodles are cooked today. I’m gonna have another bite. Mmm-hmm And I have to say with the addition of all those ingredients. It really does change the flavor of the sauce. When I had the sauce alone it tasted a bit like chili powder, as I mentioned, and lots of tomato; and it was sweet; but somehow with the onion and garlic and the meat in there it tastes actually sweeter. And maybe it’s because of the onion in there — it makes it taste sweeter. But maybe it’s the contrast between that savory component of the meat, and the actual sweetness and the sauce. I don’t know… Or maybe the sauce simply just cooked down. But it does taste, sweeter, but not in an unpleasant way. I think it might be shocking to some if you’ve never had this style, but it’s not so sweet that it makes it unappealing. It’s something you get used to very quickly and it’s still very, very familiar, in a way that you’re like, “yes this is spaghetti.” And I can see easily how this would be deeply tied to childhood memories and, hence, nostalgia. Mm-hmm. It’s actually really good. Mm-hm. Mm-hmm! I think actually like this version better than the Jollibee version. All right, thank you guys so much for joining me. I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. I’m also planning on doing a Fiesta Palabok dupe recipe as well, because I loved that one so much. Let me know in the comments if you have a recipe, or if you have websites
or references that I should take a look at. I would love to make one that is very similar to the Jollibee one, because that was so delicious and Jollibee is so very much, you know, in New Jersey, like three hours away. So…please share this with your friends; follow me on social media so you can see what videos are coming up next; and I shall see you my next one! Toodaloo! Take care! Byeee! (exasperated, gruff voice) Why aren’t you boiling?

100 thoughts on “FILIPINO SPAGHETTI Jollibee Inspired Pinoy Recipe

  1. You should've melted cheese and add tomato sauce. I'm a Filipino and I don't cook spaghetti using that instant sauce lol

  2. hi emmy! tp get the jollibee taste, you need to add a small can (the smallest one) of liver spread and half a can of condensed milk.

  3. when i buy spaghetti sauce i always avoid buying ufc spaghetti sauce. it taste a bit low quality for me, i always buy del monte spaghetti sauce then i add a small can of condensed milk

  4. You don't really need banana ketchup/sauce if you already have the sweet filipino style spaghetti sauce. That already has banana in it.

  5. I love my Filipino Spag with Filipino Hotdog such as tender juicy or purefoods, then topped with quick melt eden cheese. Yaymee!

  6. Another ingredient that you can add to the sauce is liverspread. To sweeten it, you can use condensed milk instead of adding sugar. Amazing video as always Emmy! 🙂

  7. I love your plate. That's our plate still using in our house. And btw I love spaghetti with lot of cheese hehe

  8. I cooked first the sliced hotdogs separately so that it will be a bit crispy when you mixed it with the sauce.

  9. Sorry Emmy, from an Italian standpoint, this gives me the chills :(… But hey maybe it was indeed tasty… I am quite an open minded Italian, since I married an American, but that spaghetti looked really dreadful

  10. my mom makes her meat sauce for spaghetti like that sweet too! she adds brown sugar, so the sauce was acidic and tangy but sweet. a few of her dishes were something sweet and savory mixed.

  11. You should add tomato paste to make ticker and tastier Im filipino anyway thanks for appreciate filipino style.

  12. Emmy, you made it exactly how my mom used to and her nickname was Emmy. Anyway, I literally tasted every single bite with you!


  14. I know I’m probably the last person to know this, because I just started watching your AWESOME videos, but what do you say right before you take a bite and what is the translation? It sounds like itzi taki mas , I bet I butchered that! Lol!


  16. Emmie, I'm so glad you don't play that music, the whole time, I watch these to relax me when the music starts, my nerves start up, I love watching you! Your much better no music I think, I guess I could just turn it down when the music comes on! Other wise this is like a drug for me,without having to take anything !

  17. As an Italian, I am deeply offended by this dish. I’m watching my favourite dish be murdered (not just by you, by people who love this dish). I sweat and caramelise my onions/garlic for 20 minutes on a very low heat before I even add grass fed ground beef. I gagged when you added the hot dogs. Offended the blessed olive oil was even used in this dish.

    Although white people Chinese food or Japanese food isn’t really Chinese/Japanese food.

    I’m haha joking but really. That’s some horrible sweet noodles.

  18. Here in the Philippines, we use tomato paste for thickening, you missed putting a bayleaf, minced bell pepper and a little bit of sugar. Banana ketchup is optional. Some use condenced milk for sweetening but thats another level.

  19. Want to know a secret?
    Add melted cheese, evaporated milk and liver spread. Filipino spaghetti also has minced carrots and red bell peppers.

  20. Can you imagine if she was your doctor giving you bad news you've got three minutes to live hahahahahaha shes so damn coooky

  21. Man I dont care what you say, I went to this philipino gathering and my philipino friend gave me a big pan of spaghetti made with banana ketchup I killed! The whole pan of spaghetti! So deeeelicious!

  22. Hi Emmy! Big fan, the line is “Bubble, bubble toil and trouble.”
    I no how much you love to learn, and think you should read MacBeth by Shakespeare where the line comes from

  23. Im a Filipino and spaghetti is my favorite dish ever. We always cook it during my birthday. Our version of Filipino Spag is the same as yours but we only use either ground beef or pork. Yes, banana ketchup is a must. Also, Ive tasted the hotdogs in the US and its very different from the ones we have here. Lastly, we add a can of condensed milk to the sauce. And thats it!

    Thank you for the video by the way!
    New fan here!

  24. You get it like that at restaurants and it's shown that way in pictures for presentation purposes but the really authentic way to do it is to just stick all the cooked noodles in all the sauce (once it's done) and mix it all up, let it sit for a bit, the noodles suck up some of the sauce and it thickens the sauce a bit and softens the noodles a bit.

    Also, slowww down! It's pa-LA-bok (stress on 2nd sylable, you kinda rush through and end up sounding more like puluh-bok)

  25. Next weekend I'll be cooking Filipino spaghetti as well!! I noticed your UFC Filipino sauce have direction on the back mine doesn't 😕. And you only used half the bag of it?? Can I actually use the whole bag? Good thing you taste the sauce because I'm planning to add sugar just in case it's sour 😕 now I didn't have to after watching your video!👍😊

  26. Nothing I hate more food-wise than sweet spaghetti or tomato sauce. Disgusting. I wouldn't even try something like that. But a friend of mine married a woman in the Phillipines and said they treat spaghetti like a dessert. Strange things

  27. other variations adds evaporated milk in the sauce, aside from garlic being sauteed some onions are also being added to it and also some add sugar to have the achievable sweetness filipinos crave for.

  28. I alway doctor premixed sauce with onions garlic etc and I use ground pork a lot as well in it.

    That looked like more than 1teaspoon of garlic.
    I have same style press.

  29. Yey emmy! Loves the filipino spaghetti. That's the beauty of it……it takes out the child in every adult and it gives a memory that is fun for the children of today to reminisce in their future self. Filipino spaghetti doesn't boast or compete. It just exudes fun and comfort. All that a child in all of us needs when we are lonely…..or hungry. Hehehehe

  30. we used to eat it every birthdays!! sometimes we used cornedbeef instead of ground meat, because its cheaper and banana kechup for sweetness…

  31. I enjoy Jollibee's spaghetti but I don't like my spaghetti sauce too tangy (acidic) so I add a small can of tomato soup to my meat sauce. IMO the addition of a can of tomato soup add a hint of sweetness and makes the meat sauce much more enjoyable to the palate

  32. I cant say I have ever had anything quite like this but adding some sugar to my normal spaghetti sauce is something I have always done I enjoy the sweet and savory mix it's even better when its home grown/made chunky tomato sauce

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