Fiction Kitchen is Veganizing Southern Food Favorites

Growing up in the south and when I
became vegetarian when I was 22, there were some textures that I missed when I
went vegetarian and I started to recreate some of those food memories. So we
created some very Southern-based comforting dishes like the chicken and
waffles. I’m Carolyn Morrison, the chef/owner at
Fiction Kitchen. My name is Siobhan Southern. I am the co-owner and general
manager of Fiction Kitchen in Raleigh. My brother got a promotion and asked me to
cater the promotion with our barbecue smoked Eastern-style North Carolina
pulled pork. He didn’t tell anybody that it was a vegan product and that made us
really happy because we pretty much fooled everyone that was there. They
thought it was the best barbecue they’ve ever tasted. They didn’t know the
difference at all. It’s actually made from North Carolina soybeans, so that
also reflects our commitment to local products. All of our desserts are vegan.
There’s a chocolate maker chocolatier right around the corner from us called
Videri Chocolate. They do a lot of vegan options and we get their 70%
chocolate and we turn that into a nice ganache that has an almond crust. It’s
one of our biggest sellers. We also have a vegan tres leches, which is kind of
hard to come by because tres leches usually means “three milks”, but here we’re
doing evaporated coconut milk, condensed coconut milk, and almond milk to create
that light, very moist cake. And then not to slight the cheesecakes.
We always have a couple vegan cheesecakes in the works, too. We
have a North Carolina growing season 12 months a year and so it just seems
obvious to us that we should be using as much local product as we possibly could.
You can eat from your surroundings in North Carolina.
You don’t have to fly stuff in. My tattoo sort of related to a tattoo she
has. We got married. We wanted to do a fun play on the partnership, so I got a can
of chipotle peppers, so I’m the pepper, and she’s the salt. She’s got the Morton
Salt girl. We don’t try to advertise as a vegan restaurant even though it is. The
menu is entirely vegan. What we want to do is open our doors to many and try to
get as many people in as possible to sit down and have a meal and then afterwards
say “I just had my first vegan meal and I’m full. I’m satiated. I don’t feel like
anything’s missing in my life.”

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