FAST FOOD Employees Decide What I EAT From ANOTHER Fast Food Restaurant (MCDONALDS VS BURGER KING)

he's gonna confront your soul on rock Quran is a joke was a joke it was a joke he went to the back in the back of the video yet because the lights were a little off but the comedy shorts gamer Boone the goon and we're all here for the birth to be Boone's 20th second kids his girl that he flew out from LA my Instagram daddy is having her next kid right now as we speak we're gonna go ahead to the hospital after the fifth chelated said yeah moon actually has 22 children it's okay nothing to judge about for long gamers put on game week moon coming down on guys look at this little youtube group as I said there's live serve love and serve and raw the comedyshortsgamer late to bring people together and stuff I like to bring friends together so we're all having a little YouTube blast Andy boons here down below if you want family channel would be lit 22 Kids and Counting that's what my channel is for you to account but seriously Charlie are we headed to the hospital to see Boone's kid right now or going a little bit later ah I think Boone just had not just one with two kids today two kids they said he wanted to break up just like seeing one in the other yeah thread them out spread them out you're gonna see one in about an hour yeah no that's David's kid but I think hola in Tosun I think Tolson is one of them and me for me is probably the second one correct hello we're all here right now now we're on the bird from Toronto to depths of Toronto the hood Jane and I don't know if I told you this but in LA you have these birds and lions and shit it's like electric scooters but you got to find them and they're all over the city but we got our whole squad rolling deep let's get it you know that you know you know dezzy's a comedy he's in more of a UK kind of guy you might probably know more UK oh my god oh my god this guy thinks it's ksi oh my god ksi it's dead zeroes my kids kids do research if you're gonna approach youtubers approach autumn no no no not the Hollywood people thinking it's over here guys what that one looks a little different from the last pet I mean you ain't got live serve loving Ryan Burton in the building but he's given me some UK UK I mean the USA all right that's you got the way UK now is USA knowledge first off where's Marilyn that's where I'm okay so you're gonna point to me on this map okay where Marilyn you know where it is a hundred percent yeah I know down this is Texas yeah this is the west coast Marilyn's not there this is the East Coast this is like I'm up here I'm from Toronto sick side shit Marilyn is my god I'm joking I'm joking you are smoking here we go this thing is and I'm we're right there at this low so alright alright okay you wanna wait give me two seconds all right mr. America all right mr. America give me anything right here I got I got you this is the kid hell is that this is the map of Canada y'all got States or what no their province having some provinces sick no no that's just once your honor that's a good little city page so I where is where is Ontario Ontario is over here on the left all right boom okay well that is actually British Columbia so yeah okay so you're on there so it is actually down here right over here oh yeah now over here fully wrong like right around this is solitary oh okay but forget all that honestly we're gonna take this back because one of you Boone's kids this is their favorite salad it's a Nigerian they're shout out desi desi ordered it for a bouns kid but this is a Nigerian salads of one packet to go take it to walk leaf and we'd be good don't you what you're doing that like there's nothing there's no one over there like we're using a photo of okay this is how you get like sit down is they get the yeah that's usually the goats yes I'm sitting down behind the way while in front in front of yeah I don't know he just comes in a conviction right I brought doji here so I should get a big cut Neji who gave you your blog title me I guess don't think I'm the biggest foodie of all time but your boy is gonna eat again it's the next day early in the morning well like mid-afternoon Boone slept in but right now we are headed but right now we are headed to chick-fil-a for those who don't know we don't have chick-fil-a in Canada so Boone has never ever ever had it I'm just out of this I did a video like this a couple of weeks ago where I asked pizza ploys what to eat not from their spot so I'm a tester with chick-fil-a they're known for being super nice and nicest people in the world so what I'm gonna make Blum do is I'm not gonna eat there because I want to diet because what moon moon eats a bunch of crazy stuff you know just doesn't care about his diet at all so what we're gonna do is ask them what to eat from a whole nother spot and not chick-fil-a we're gonna go out to them they're very nice I mean hey what up it's chick-fil-a nice to meet you and we're gonna go up to them and ask what we can get from eating McDonald's crazy timing but whatever fast food restaurant and let's see what the recommendation is I feel like they're gonna tell me McDonald's for some reason but let's see what they say all right guys here it is this is the absolute worst for you I could show you but this is chick-fil-a as you guys know from the veggie-boy comes here a lot oh they should know me and they should tell me where to eat other than chick-fil-a because I'm not eating that boom XenApp because he doesn't care about a diet but we're gonna figure out moon what are the chances you ask all right way what's up guys I see any bad guys there's a big-ass line D so hopefully the employee doesn't get too mad it should be nice it's cheap too late for god sakes they're always nice so Boone's gonna order I'm just gonna go up to her and be like what can I get not from here where should I eat like what position ba ba ba ba ba ba okay I thought I was different from Canada so we don't know Bob I said how many pieces should get three pieces I told you this lovely lady she's too nice jalisa a nice seeing you and I'm a lollipop eyes you heard the lady pop eyes she loves her chicken so from one chicken spot to another the lady said Papa she's a little nervous shoutout to thee so I'm hoping for something a little bit more healthy but so Popeyes it is alright so I just ordered the food it should be here in about five minutes I'm with mr. bamboo who I missed you this way station mrs. doctor anyways I asked chick-fil-a employees where I should eat what do you think Victor I'm not saying cuz you got enough no no we'd like I couldn't eat from chick-fil-a I had to you from somewhere else Pizza Hut huh anyways next up we got mr. David parity in the building what up alright so I asked chick-fil-a employees where to eat other than chick-fil-a what do you think they said next up we got mr. wolfy wraps a came or wolfy aka Charles okay we don't know Charles yes I asked chick-fil-a employees where I should eat other than chick-fil-a what do you think their answer was chick-fil-a the final answer no like I can't eat particularly okay oh here it is shout out to the chick-fil-a employee fired says in their guide line if you don't only eat chick-fil-a fired I see she was so naturally came to clean boon stuff and ended up giving us advice randomly round with but also I told you my blog is more about life lessons feed the fam by all your boys food thank you Oh God he wasn't even there but you gotta pick up the order for your boy sometimes goodbyes anyway guys hope you enjoyed that video your boy is gonna munch on some papaya shout out the chicks playing play dice ways we'll be back next week maybe Monday or Tuesday so look for it for that I'm in LA for another week going to VidCon and then I'm never eating again so it's mash like button subscribe if you're new dad any last words ladies nation that's Jenny I knew to smash thumbs up but for you know I won't act my youtube channel is coming out just coming out soon how many kids you got right now Boone kid Connor 21 9 verse 9 anyways guys love you so much peace love you Sookie

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