Farm to Table Cooking with Chef Rob Fierro | Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas, California

being out in the mountains it doesn't limit us it gives us an opportunity to elevate dishes and deliver an experience that's really refined I am chef Rob Fierro I'm the chef de cuisine here at Saddle Peak lodge and calabasas saddle peak is in a pretty unique location really beautiful kind of Canyon mountain terrain you never know when you're gonna find a deer on the patio you know which is always kind of fun you get away from the city which is nice you you can hear the birds you can see waterfalls in the hills when you're driving that's the big draw for us is we're a mile away but we're 100 miles away at the same time we have such an opportunity where we are to bring fresh local vibrant produce or meats from just these farmers where we know their names and I think it's a disservice to them and it's a disservice to our guests if we don't try and find the best product being able to test it and taste it it changes your perception biting into a fresh strawberry or fresh set of blueberries it's just so different from seeing it at the store it's like having a farmers market every day [Applause] I love being a chef because it's tactile putting your hands on stuff and peanuts feel the firmness and feel the textures of things it's really cool to be able to use freshness and brightness and flavor and acidity and sweetness it makes a big difference being able to see it firsthand and really appreciate how much effort goes into it from start to finish it's important to us to find a new way to try and open up flavors and elevate dishes that way the history we have here is it's so far back I mean the building's been here for over a hundred years the old country kind of lodged I've really lets us lean into the the game stuff that we do whether it's elk or Buffalo it gives us the opportunity to be different you can get a great steak at a lot of places there's fewer places where you can get a really great piece of elk we do the Tenderloin on the elk it's just super lean super clean it's exciting for us to be able to have someone have their first bite of elk with us that's an opportunity for us to really create memories that people are gonna appreciate and really remember when we're able to really elevate dishes and make it really clean classic kind of gives that rugged too refined kind of feel people see where we are in kind of what the vibe or the ambiance is and they think you know meat and potatoes it gives us an opportunity to really deliver an experience that's effortless in its design the guests can bite into a plate of food and really feel like there's some some passion and some left behind it and then I think we've done our job you

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