Famous YouTubers Visit the Toy Hotel

and I reject her wouldn't Amaya I taught our famous youtuber are coming to the toilet Alice you're kidding right joke about that well how did you find out I don't say about this I'm talking about it come on move in here – oMG I can't believe we're hosting the big youtubers conviction today our Toyota I know what can I do to help I told you laddie you're right Maya this is amazing oh we have so much to do we have to roll out the red carpet for these people like these are major celebs coming to my hotel we gotta find a way to meet on the youtubers I love selfies with all of them Maddie I think I might have an idea ma'am that's what I wanted to hear okay bellhop Jason so the fingerlings suite is ready with a thermostat set to exactly sixty-eight point four degrees that's correct perfect and there are only green M&Ms in the enchanted elite that's correct and if you verify that all polls have been plucked exactly twelve times in the num-nums week sure it is great we have to keep all of our YouTube guests extremely happy yeah we have absolutely nothing to do all day so do you have any ideas for things that could keep us busy well there are times where the toy would tell over there behind the hop Jason and I'm sure you'll find something fun to do oh we are they've been into all of those places yeah perhaps we can help you out around the toilet tell today oh well you know what I could use a little help but you to a convention I'm hosting today I think we can do that Oh wonderful you in charge of flab why yes it's the quack or freebies when they go to a bit so I have swag bag for you to be stuffed in the litter to each individual youtuber I think we can handle that Oh perfect here's a list of all the youtubers coming to the convention along with their favorite toys you can use this helps cut the back just go beginning mistake Thanks first girls thank you alright what nick know to do list well we're thrilled to have Kyle's toys and games at our hotel today I sure hope you enjoy your stay I'm really pumped to be here I saw really good reviews about this place well that's really wonderful to hear you're actually gonna be staying at one of our most requested rooms the Lego suite awesome OMG my Kyle you so got towards the games we died get a selfie with him for sure Maya well here we are at the Lego suite Kyle is there anything else that I can do for it no I think I'm good thanks for all your help wonderful thank you who's this well we're super big fans of pile toys and games oh hey so much for watching so we were just hoping if we can get a quick selfie with you well of course no problem all right they'll help Jason are all of our YouTube flub destiny fiddling okay yes I just escorted Kyle from Kyle's toys and games to his suite yeah Carl Jr's son oh yes they're a big youtubing family and cookies for LC seems to be settling in oh it's going well oh good here interact my house sibling and deliver your swag back you know I haven't seen them but I'm sure they're on it okay spider-man mystery minis come back – perfect I'll work on the next slide back daddy this one would be for toys and games good idea who loved that one these will be perfect for him this will be for the day baby it's a beauty and the beast' back I'll grab the Mike unique are there lol there's five suffice for really bad for Eddie oh we definitely have to have that one together forge a house Maya a toilet hotel kitchen chef Pierre speaking i asleep with twin boys okay get some room series but of course what room are you in when a mere Suite a wonderful and what would you like to order some cheese pizza please and you get to the side dishes what would you like sorry jeez what are my options hmm and the far side dishes we have the CV fidget cubes Z lol and the flush forests I'll take it which is cute and plush Porsche hmm a wonderful choice I will have a tea room in a half an hour off to work now I must love the twin toys with my culinary delights I have first max I guess forge a house in a bakery Topsy awesome I love their channel are you okay super big fan of to deliver this class max Oh awesome there you go it's full of all your favorite toys thanks so much what do you want to be get a quick selfie with you it will really make my problem hi oh yes there is absolutely no need to worry we are keeping this youtubers convention top secret we way to make sure you can all relax and enjoy your stay here at the toy hotel there will be no fans bothering you is it no problem delivering your swag bags to all of our youtuber guests oh yeah we're happy town hey what are you having right now oh I'm just taking this room service order over to the nerve suite I believe it's the twin toys do you know what you probably have a lot to do why don't it is that I still live it up for you well if you really don't mind I can actually go help Lucy in the lobby not a problem thanks so much girls what nice helpful girls those two are filling antifreeze slag cool what's inside just all your favorite toy like bunch of balloons and Lego tape do these are favorites thank you so much actually a Star Trek favor yeah what is it bring get a quick selfie where a huge hello you know when I was walking between some buildings back there I noticed a crowd of some unfamiliar kids walking around hmm did word get out about the big youtubers convention that we're hosting I have word about it to anyone hmm maybe it's just a coincidence I sure hope so I'm sure to all of our youtubers that they would not be valid during their stay hurt my joy hotel why are we doing that hi I'm Jay I can I help you I did I'm here to deliver as well awesome what's inside I am ever doing like Hatchin oz lol's pinkie pop shopkins bathe oh thanks so much I'm one my favorite twin get a selfie with you yeah we're big things of course everybody okay thanks so much for notifying me I will get to the bottom of this Oh is everything okay not exactly apparently two girls have been posting photos of themselves various youtubers at our point hotel on Instagram so you're saying the word's gotten out about our youtubers convention exactly I just look with Evan too and they have fans and knocking on their door asking for autographs this is not good for my business this shirt isn't I'll go do some investigating perfect we need it hey Maya the Trinity Madison virginity and beyond I love their channel me too let's go [Applause] I sure hope they'll help do you think it's Sexton with some information I'm getting nervous did you find I couldn't even get anywhere everywhere they were looking for their favorite youtubers this is hotel half sky the best day ever

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