Fall Morning Routine 2019 + Cozy Oatmeal Recipe

(upbeat music) – Hey HealthNuts, welcome
back to my channel. My name’s Nikole Goncalves
and today I’m sharing an updated fall morning routine. It’s not officially fall yet, but I already feel like
I am in full fall mode with the cooler weather
and all the delicious fall foods I’ve been craving. So I thought I would
just be ahead of the game and go ahead and film
a fall morning routine, and everything I’ve been
doing lately to start my day. Now, before we hop in, I just
wanted to remind you guys the HealthNut Cookbook is
officially out into the world, it just launched last week, it’s crazy. We had, what I’m calling, our book wedding with huge celebration with our friends, family and just colleagues
in the YouTube space and it was just the best day ever. And if you guys wanna check out the book, I’ll have links down below. Also, I’m doing my very first book signing this Sunday, September 15th
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hugs and we may even have an extra goodie on site when you guys come and sign your books,
so, stay tuned for that. But I’m just so excited to meet you guys and sign your books and
just show my gratitude because you guys rock,
and thank you so much for all the support you’ve already given this beautiful book. Also if you guys don’t live in Ontario, we’re gonna be doing a
dinner with Nikole, aka me, sounds very weird talkin’
to myself in third person, but we’re gonna be doing a
little live virtual dinner party on September 19th, so
that’s next Thursday, not this Thursday, next Thursday. If you guys wanna tune in
and get all the details for that you can sign
up, it’s free to join. A link will be down below in the info box and you guys can cook with me live. I’m gonna be cooking my
Smokey White Bean Kale soup from the cookbook, so
if you guys wanna join, links down below. Let’s hop right into the video, and I’ll share with you
guys my morning routine. Good morning everyone,
I’m actually sitting on my bed while recording this voiceover which I feel like is very appropriate and I’m kinda feeling like a nap now seeing me in bed all comfy. So most mornings are the same, I wake up, I have a good stretch,
I throw on my glasses because I am blind without them. I wear contacts every
day, guys, I need to see. I always have a large glass
of water waiting for me on my bedside table just
to chug in the morning, rehydrate myself, and just energize me. Also, it helps things to get
going, if you know what I mean. Pretty soon after I wake up I go straight into my meditation, otherwise just like goin’
to the gym in the morning, I feel like I talk myself out of it and it is something that, once again, it has truly changed my life. It’s something I rely
on, I enjoy doing it, and it has just made so
many changes in my life. I honestly cannot recommend
meditation enough. If you live a busy, hectic lifestyle and you feel like you
don’t have time, trust me, making time for this will
truly pay off long term. Our minds are such a
complex organ, and to me, meditation is a form of
exercise for my mental health. Funny enough, I almost feel
energized and ready for the day once I’ve done my meditation,
so it really does perk me up, makes me feel inspired and calm and just a little bit more centered. Now at this point, Cashew’s
already been up for a bit. She’s had her breakfast,
she’s had her morning pee, but she’ll usually kind of
pop in and lay on her bed while I’m meditating
and Matt’s in the shower getting himself ready for work. We sort of have a
morning schedule going on that works well for us,
and most of the time, Cashew is just a lazy girl in the morning and I kinda love it. I like to think that she also kinda feels the calm energy from when I’m meditating. All right, now it’s time to make the bed. Usually the rule is, whoever
is in the bed last makes it. I’m not gonna lie, first world
problems now that we have a king bed it is so much harder
to make it with one person, but, you know, I manage. Otherwise I’ll usually call
Matt in to help me but, I really like a made
bed throughout the day, I’m walking by my room, I
look in, it looks all clean and tidy and it just really
sets a good tone for the day and you get to check off
one thing off your list before you even get out of
bed, or get your coffee. (upbeat music) Speaking of coffee, if
you’ve been watching my channel for a while, then
you know I actually don’t drink coffee or any caffeine. It’s something I kinda gave up
years ago to help my anxiety, and I’ve just felt so
much better ever since. So I’m just boiling some water. Yes, I love this mug. I recently featured it in the Target haul, I’ll link it down below. It’s so cute, it has a little handle and a nice little top that
comes off easily to wash it, and it’s really good for
my walks with Cashew. So my drink of choice is herbal coffee, which is basically a mixture
of roasted barley and chicory, and it kinda tastes like
coffee without the caffeine, it’s awesome, I’ve been
drinking it for years. And I also like adding in a little bit of some grass-fed collagen. Fill it up with some water. And add a splash of unsweetened nut milk, usually oat or almond are my favorites. I usually just kinda sip on this as I’m getting ready in the morning. Now on this particular morning
I was not going to the gym, I was actually just
taking Cashew for a walk. So I just grabbed my workout clothes, splashed some water on
my face to wake myself up and just refresh my skin. I don’t actually use
cleanser in the morning, just some water and rosewater toner. Put in my contacts so I can see things. And then I’m just following
up with my skin care. So this is actually just a lightweight oil that I’ve been using recently,
I’m really liking it. And then my hair, I’m just
kind of brushing it out. It was a little bit oily on this day. It’s definitely hair washing day, but, I’m just giving it a little
brush, putting it up, and getting it out of my
face for my walk with Cashew. (upbeat music) Brushing my teeth. PS, love this toothbrush. It’s so good, it’s by Phillips,
and I’ll link it down below. It is the best toothbrush I’ve ever had, and it was actually
recommended by my dentist. I always laugh because those
commercials that always say, “Four out of five
dentists recommend this.” Mine actually did and I love it. She’s the best. (upbeat music) Now before I head out for a walk, I like to kinda set the tone for the house so when I get back it smells
nice and it’s nice and clean. I’m filling up my oil diffuser with some water and essential oils. For the fall season I’m really
liking thieves and orange, and I just think they
smell really nice together. The thieves is also an antibacterial and it really helps clean
the air, which I love. And I can just set this for one hour, three hours or six hours
to kind of just pump delicious essential oils
and help clean the air while I’m just working from
home and doing my thing. (upbeat music) I’m also setting my
little robot Swiffer guy, I will also link this
down below, he’s amazing. He keeps our floors hair-free from Cashew because I swear she sheds so much lately, I don’t know what it is. If she’s just losing her summer coat, getting ready for the winter, but man, we wake up, our floors are furry. So this little gadget helps
us keep our floors clean. I call him The Ninja ’cause he’s so quiet and I just love him. He does a very good job. Now it’s time for us to
head out on our walk. I like to usually walk her with a harness, I just find it so much
easier to have control, especially ’cause she’s a bigger pup and I don’t like just having
the leash on her collar, I find it just kinda strains their neck, especially when they’re training
and learning how to walk. We just upgraded her harness. This one Matt accidentally
bought a size too big, so we ended up returning
it for the next size down, so it was a little loose on her. She’s growing, but
apparently not that fast. Our walk snack this morning was the Sunday Roast little treats. We sell these on the HealthNut
Pup, they’re so good, the ingredients are super
clean, Cashew loves them and they’re just, it’s always good to have some kind of treats
when training your puppy to make sure to reward them when they’re doing something good. Poppin’ on my walking shoes. (upbeat music) Strappin’ Miss Cashew in,
and it’s time to walk. I love my morning walks with Cashew. Sometimes we do them in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. Honestly having a dog has
just made going outside for walks so much more enjoyable. I just love getting out in nature, having a companion with me,
and just kinda seeing the world through her eyes is so fascinating and she just gets us out more, outside in nature and I love it. (upbeat music) Okay so now it’s time to eat. I’m starving, it’s breakfast time. Now I thought I would switch
out my green smoothie, as much as I love them,
for a bowl of oats. So I’m cookin’ up some
just rolled oats here on top the stove. I will have a recipe for
these linked down below. These are basically a variation of my coconut chai spiced
oatmeal, it’s so good. I just cook it with some
full fat coconut milk. I also have some banana in there ’cause I add that to all my oatmeal. For spices I have some pumpkin spice, ground nutmeg, and of course, cinnamon, ’cause you gotta have
cinnamon in your oatmeal. To me this is fall in an oatmeal, it is so warming and flavorful and it just hits all the spots, especially if you haven’t picked up a pumpkin spice latte yet,
or you don’t drink coffee like me, this is honestly
the next best thing, or if not, even better. I usually like to add some kind of fruit on top of my oatmeal,
so in the spirit of fall and apple season, I’m just
chopping up some apple to put on top. Cashew also loves apples, so
I usually save a little bit for her, too, to have as a treat. (upbeat music) Once my oatmeal is nice
and creamy and cooked, I’m just gonna transfer it into my bowl, top it with my chopped apple. I don’t know about you, but
I love the crispy apples, Pink Lady, Fuji, those are my go-to’s. (upbeat music) A drizzle of some pure maple syrup. More cinnamon ’cause
you can’t have enough. And then some pumpkin seeds because fall and I just love the crunch
that it gives your oatmeal. How delicious does this look? I promise you it was just as
tasty, and you need to make it. Okay so now it’s time for a really quick hair and makeup fixer
upper because I’m just workin’ from home this
day, but I also like to put myself together just a little bit so I feel like a normal human being. So I’m just filling in
my brows really quickly. I also have been really liking
this new Eyebrow Whiz pen, I will link it down below. It’s really good and it makes my brows look so much better than
they did when I woke up. I just like to throw on some mascara. I keep my everyday makeup really simple. I also didn’t show it, but I put on just like a CC cream that’s tinted, has moisturizer and sunscreen in it, and a little bit of powder. Gotta have a good lip balm. I can’t stand dry lips, so
I always slather my lips with a nice balm. And on this day I decided
to wear this new lipstick that I’ve been loving
and I actually wore it on my cookbook launch party
day and I feel like putting on a nice lip color really
makes it look like you put in way more effort than you did. This is my look for today and
now I’m ready to get to work, start my day, and make
some videos for you guys. There you have it, that was
my fall morning routine. I would love to know the
first three things you do when you wake up in the morning. Leave a comment down below,
does it change season to season? I feel like my stuff is usually the same, I just tweak it depending
on the time of the year. But hopefully you guys
found some good little tips or inspiration from this video. And as always, don’t forget to subscribe, click that red subscribe
button down below, it’s absolutely free. I post here three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and I can’t wait to see
you guys in my next video and I’m gonna have any things
that I mentioned in this video linked down below as well for
you guys to find them easily. Have a fabulous morning, or
whenever you’re watchin’ this, and I will see you guys in my next video. Bye guys! (upbeat music)

60 thoughts on “Fall Morning Routine 2019 + Cozy Oatmeal Recipe

  1. Hi nice routine video….. one thing I thought while seeing the video …. when u drink a glass of water….. before drinking I think u charge it by saying some positive affirmations as I read in a book water therapy that water carries energy n we charge it with positive affirmations n drink it has numerous benefits from our moods to energy during the day ….. do try it …. it has helped me …. 💕

  2. love your pjs nikole where did you get them can you please link them thanks congrats on the cookbook i got the google play version would love to buy a autographed one or win one.

  3. congratulations Nik on your cookbook..🎉can you do a video on the meditation that you are following..like what do you listen and deats..it would be helpful 😊

  4. My morning routine is basically non-existent. But I am trying to set one, my goal is to drink lemonwater, have oats or a smoothie for breakfast (instead of sugary cereal like I normally do) and actually take time to cleanse my face and do my make-up instead of rushing out the door looking like a vampire with black circles.

  5. It took me years to figure out a morning routine. I have nailed it. The first three things I do every morning make my bed, meditation, and face care which is cleanser, toner spray, and moisturizer. For meditation, I recommend the app insight timer. The meditation is free. But the courses cost money. And the meditation is absolutely amazing. The best I have ever used in my life.

  6. I see so many you tubers meditate in the mornings, if I sat/laid down straight after I woke up I’d be back asleep in minutes. They have superpowers!

  7. Wake up at 7, Drink water, healthy breakfast (oats or greek yoghurt with fruits, seeds etc. or green smoothie ) shower/make-up/ dressed and off to work.

  8. Drink water, use bathroom and make bed. By the way, I noticed you use headphones when you meditate, do you listen to any guided meditations or use any apps? I’m trying to meditate more in the morning

  9. I’m going to try and make it out to your book signing! I live only about an hour away from that chapters so hopefully I’ll be able to come meet you and get a book signed!! So excited!!

  10. Okay how is Cashew that big already?!? Crazy. And I need a cashew in my life. The first three things I do are
    1. Make my husband's coffee
    2. Drink water, lemon, and probiotics
    3. Make my bed!

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  12. Just started school again and since I’m a grad student now, I have all evening classes, meaning my mornings are alllll mine and I’ve been loving it. Still finding a good routine, but I’ve been having my smoothie, moving my body in some way, and catching up on YouTube ☺️

  13. Loved this one! I like going for walks first thing in the mornings too whenever possible.

    The first things I do when I wake up: 1. Chug water. 2. Put coffee on. 3. Head back upstairs to my office and use my 5 Minute Journal. Oh and of course let my pup outside 💁🏼‍♀️

  14. We live in the Texas Hill Country so after my water, lemon and apple cider drink….I go outside to fill my bird feeders, wild birds and dozens of hummingbirds then I throw out deer corn, we have sika, Axis and white tail deer, the turkey usually come in and it’s very common to see them drinking out of our pool…then I walk to our pond and feed my duckies and throw fish food out for the fishes. My mornings are spent with nature, it’s my best beauty secret ever!

  15. I haven’t been wanting oatmeal lately but after seeing yours, now I do lol. I also just got a boxer. He’s 6 months. Outside dog and he’s getting so hyper. I’m working on the training but still learning myself. He riped open his last dog toy with his teeth 💆🏻‍♀️

  16. I do live a busy hectic life.. and have been wanting to start meditation. Any recommendation on beginning practices? Do you do breathing ones or? Music or no music? App? Thanks!

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  18. 3 things in my morning routine are enjoying a cup of Mushroom Coffee from Four Sigmatic; Read my Bible and write in my 5 minute journal.

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