1. I’m a the only one who’s realised that in pretty much all of his haunted abandoned videos when he’s climbing in the entrance he pulls out the classic line: “ I cAN’t sEe sHit MaTe”

  2. You know you can take your shoes off and just put it against a wall to leave those marks you don’t have to jump

  3. Why is every single Abandoned place messy like I would understand if it was dirty but not every person likes trashing places especially hotels

  4. I think there might have been a shoe shelf and those footprints were of the shoes rested in the shelf against the wall.

  5. Joe if you are looking for a real scary place to explore, you should come to South Africa and visit our most haunted hospital known as Kempton Hospital. People that live in the area fear it so much that they do not dare mention it's name as according to residents the ghosts wonder outside the hospital as well. It is said the most haunted part of the hospital is the children's ward and the walls are covered in blood. The one challenge all explorers found within the hospital is trying to find the morgue as it seems to be non existent. You should explore this place if you're up for the challenge

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