Exotic Rural Thai Cuisine! WARNING: Shows rat catching and cooking scenes

the brain brain Mouse the mouse brain yeah guys I'm about to eat a little mouse brain on a piece of sticky rice what a beautiful moment and this is what it means to have a meal together with family with friends and to share my heart is warmed and I think the little mouse and you sir is I will be the perfect this is the last in my five video northern Thailand series between incredibly delicious street food and the ever intimidating Rob pig's blood soup this place has left me with uncountable unforgettable experiences so be sure to check out the full Chiang Mai playlist today I'm living with the Karen tribal people generations ago these people emigrated from Burma and now reside in this village consisting of about 60 different families one pen will guide me as I try my luck in catching jungle mice I will only eat one leg so that there's enough Mouse for everybody okay okay foraging for my own dinner and making some delicious coconut sticky rice some sweet rich coconut milk all we need now is some food to put it with those looking for an authentic two day food experience with the Karen he'll try should book a tour at a chef's store.com so let's get started right now we're headed to get some rats last night the witless people they put some rat trap in the junk oh the Sun has hardly risen and were already off to check the village mouse traps so is this their way of life evening time they leave the trap in the jungle and then early morning they've got to pick it up listen I've had rat in Vietnam for me it's honestly not a big deal I know for a lot of Westerners it's like all red crazy dirty but it's not really any different from eating like a squirrel or rabbit or something like that sometimes they're poor did right there we're coming up on some of the traps now something in there oh look at this is he dead Simon oh he's done yeah did he make this trap no boy no kid the kid he's like 12 or 13 huh yeah this is super tiny so they're gonna somehow like skin it and get the meat off of that how many would one person in one is enough for one one Mouse for one family yeah they laid 19 traps so let's see if we can find some more this is the trap it's made with this can and then they put in some rice or some kind of bait inside the mouse goes in and then it flips the snare oh and then it is game over Oh empty one Oh another empty one we only have one Mouse for like eight people I will only eat one leg so that there's enough Mouse for everybody he likes he likes that idea maybe even just one finger what do they got it another one all that one's bigger we had a little bit nearly two layers the reason we had to get over here so early is because another fox or jungle creature is gonna see that stuck Mouse and try to catch it for themselves out of 19 traps we got two money's not bad it's gonna have to be enough to go around they're super tiny I'm very curious to see how this light works into the meal breakfast starts normal enough which is good because by dinner things will get pretty crazy around here I'll start the day with some rice boiled greens and soup made with chili paste tomato and rehydrated pork skin it takes on a pretty mushy consistency but tastes great with the rice I like that they've kind of boiled up some tomato with the fried pork fat oh oh that is spicy though oh can you tell me more about these people so what do they need to buy that they can't make here the main thing that they need to buy salt sugar including is that it so they have to buy salt but otherwise these people are making their own homes making their own food they make their own clothes this is Wow one thing really amazing buy them you know they find some back in the Buffalo booth and what do they do with the bug medium they bring it and they glue it and they eat them are we doing that today you can another mountain adventure I'm very excited I'm happy to have you as my guide so after breakfast we're gonna get right into it boom I'm by the way I love your shirt today I'm sure it's an extra extra large today's delicious bamboo sticky rice starts with sticky rice mixed with sesame seeds and doused with coconut milk and water the top gets plugged with a banana leaf and the bamboo gets cooked for about 40 minutes while that's cooking we're heading out into the wild to forge for tonight's dinner and we even picked up some help along the way they pick up some with the turbo that they can eat fun what did you get can I see what you have so we can eat that one yeah is this poison ivy she's making the bitter face she had some in fizzy oh that's some good flexibility you have to get it in the bag to me it's so amazing that just these little kids already know how to identify what plants they can need they're picking them bringing them home it's like Girl Scouts times a thousand Wow speaking of foraging look at one of these curls what they got look at this so look what kind of plant is this is this from a tree um potato rings okay got some snacks – all right we're making our way to the Buffalo because this and like it might look like poop it's a gold mine full of yummy bugs actually I have no idea what kind of bugs well maybe a dung beetle I guess right he looked in here for the bugs yes you didn't find any no he say it's too new mmm that is so looking pretty fresh and you get closer and get a nice close-up cut you have really right up in there Kai before any serious bug hunting can begin a traditional song is played to lure the crawly creatures of the poop yeah you write to a triploid oh that's okay you want you to do it yeah just blow lucky remix let's go get some bugs let's do that one yeah yeah got it I think that was all your whistle men your whistle calling me as possible yeah and that's why he got it what oh it's a little dung beetle me why do I want to smell it it doesn't smell good it smells like it guys we're gonna wash this right yeah let's hope we wash and then V we fry fire deep oh thank god we're frying it okay so we have our little bug here we're gonna fry it up which is like the only way to eat insects like this because then they just crunch into nothing you don't want to be boiling insects guys don't do that and now they're moving they're like what this is in poop I was in poop hmm that's too fresh I just stepped in that we just got back from collecting our bugs and our other little creatures for our dinner today our bamboo rice is finished and we're gonna cut it open and see what's inside this guy already has like a really cool look he looks like a boss and he looks like a man I'm thority and I was like man what is this like traditional garb kind of piece of clothing he has here it's a phone case yes look at that isn't that the most boss phone case you've ever seen we have a sticky rice take a whole day hey man your neck is ringing I want to enjoy it with human can you get some – smells delicious it's got that coconut milk in there yeah mmm crunchy sesame seeds some sweet rich coconut milk all we need now is some food to put it with maybe even some beetles ugly we brought our bugs back and she's kind of shelling off the really hard parts like part of the hard like shell that covers the wings she's peeling that off so it'll be he's here to eat these little guys are still swimming around in the water how often do they eat bugs every week every week they can find something like this so is this something that's really yummy for her yummy and also protein this one is like a freaking June bug oh my dear Lord first they boil to cook them and then they're gonna fry them oh yeah like natural french fries freshly roasted bugs first of all do you have any ranch dipping sauce okay I'm gonna just take the fattest one hearing cuz I'm a bug baller and please join me guys and I'm gonna just copy the way they do it oh the whole thing okay it has a gooey inside I'll tell you that crunchy on the outside it is gooey on the inside what's going I can I can provide that a little bit thank you so much for the hard work and grabbing these they are delicious mmm and big on the crunch factor saltine crispy and a little bit gooey inside to still keep you on your toes not only are they eating the bugs every week they're eating the mouse every week to the way of preparing it's super interesting they they clean the bowels out they put it on a stick and they put it over a fire to burn the fur then they washed it and they've chopped it into tiny pieces and they're just frying the whole thing now so all of our mouse is its minced Mouse with some succulent salt and garlic perfectly seasoned and waiting for us to wrap our mouths around it this is really out there but I like it people might be like are you freaked out about diseases or something but would you be freaked out to eat a squirrel I don't know I don't think I would be so fine with the jungle mice all fried up it's time to prepare our feast this is fish but this one is pick brain yeah baby what is this one deadly pop she can call his team oh my gosh that looks beautiful – what day we got up super early we can't half of this food and when I say we again I tagged along but look at this just team of outstanding individuals here so amazing very cool experience for me and did you think we're gonna start the meal with something special yeah well this is a bottle a bottle of water oh look like that I've been in Southeast Asia a long enough to know where this is going that ain't water oh it smells good it smells sweet oh that was a big shot – he took it down nice what a champion we have this beautiful array of foods it's just kind of a feast they wouldn't usually eat like this right this is kind of a special occasion when they have some friends and family come back to visit they usually have a big meal is that does that mean I'm sure what's up YouTube commenters I have friends here okay how do I eat this mouse that's the main thing I'm interested in you make your rice ball and then you just get in there with your thumb you pin the meat against it and what if there's a bone in there do I eat the bone everything chew it joy let's do it twist beat in your mouth getting a low note okay Nina there is a tibia in there I think it was crunchy didn't you have fun mmm very interesting it's crunchy I got to say the most unusual part for me is having all the bones in there the bones are fine enough you can like crunch through it the taste is good cuz it's just salty and some protein with the chewy rice and the fresh herbs in there and putting crunching the femurs and hip bones it feels a little bit odd guys I got a same I did not expect to like the mouse but I like it oh oh that's a whole head that is a whole Mouse had to be to eat the whole thing and that's awesome part of the bone away onion the brain polymer brain Mouse the mouse brain yeah guys I'm about to eat a little mouse brain on a piece of sticky rice what a beautiful moment and this is what it means to have a meal together with family and with friends and to share my heart is warmed and I think the little mouse and you sir mmm it's actually good I can't explain it it's a little like foie gras it's smoky buttery fatty mouse brain what the f is going on with my life I just want to try one more thing before we stop shooting you said that's like a pork and jello Oh Judy yeah jelly Wow I thought I just liked you know raspberry jelly strawberry jelly green jelly but now we also have pork jelly okay some jello so it's like this glutinous jell-o mold with it looks like it has pieces of pork inside and then a bunch of salt fresh cilantro on top Cheers all right it's almost like a hard gravy but you know when you keep the KFC gravy in the fridge too long but you either anyways without heating it because you just can't wait it's just like that the Karen people are an interesting mix of traditional and modern traditional in that they still eat dung beetles found in Buffalo but modern in that they could use their smartphone to sub to my channel regardless their warmth and kindness is timeless guys we're about to jump into the rest of this meal I do want to thank 110 Oakland cop for being my incredible guide and for everyone here thank you so much go pack up such a very awesome unique experience once again I want to thank a chef store for making this trip possible for me and many of my adventures here in Chiang Mai they are a tour company that is doing food tours all over Thailand and also I would like to thank one trip tours in Vietnam for making this video production getting me to Thailand in the first place making that all one trip tours it's a company in Vietnam putting on amazing tours throughout the entire country it is the best way to experience the real Vietnam they are right now in Saigon hoi an and Danang you can do adventure tours village tours the Mekong Delta tour they have an amazingly delicious food tour in all those cities too so if you want to experience the real Vietnam I suggest you hit up one trip to learn more about one trip check out the links in the description down below I will see you next week throw me one of these not one of these do a sub I will see you next week and Opie peace that was pretty good that's pretty good you guys nailed it let me do one more time

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