EXO trying to cook after Kyungsoo enlisted

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100 thoughts on “EXO trying to cook after Kyungsoo enlisted

  1. Okey, they just had to listened to D.O how to make food. And you could have learned from him off course you can learn from Xiumin too

    But, they both is in the military and won’t come back until 2 years. Me: 😢 I miss my Bias Xiumin

  2. I haven't kept up to date with EXO, but I came back all of the sudden. All I have to say is, I am in love with Chanyeol's hair

  3. Kyungsoo really needs to come back. Sehun and Chanyeol can’t even cook a simple thing lmao I don’t blame them tho. KyUngsOo pLs cOme bAck 😔✊🥺

  4. There already a mess when they are together but when they are separated and alone they become a even bigger mess. What are we going to do🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂

  5. I cant. Why are they so damn awkward XD

    They've cooked together before innit? In this one interview along with Suho? Did i remember it wrong?

    So cute lols

  6. Sehun: I miss Kyungsoo so much…
    Me: Sehun, we have same feeling for our adorable Penguin 😭😢😭

    Atleast its not that much cuz I see him in his IG 😘😊🥰
    Take care yourself Squishy DO, we are waiting for your come back, love you 😘😘😘

  7. Umm well I don't know Korean food items so someone please tell me what was thatttt when Sehun was screaming

  8. Now I'm worried cause they would be starving for two years until my Kyungsoo back.
    Dearest EXO, just come to my house and I would feed you everything you want.

  9. There sehun and chanyeol are talking in there mind and chanyeol and sehun are understanding each other😂

  10. Sehun is me helping my mom… like what the hell am I supposed to do while I wait for the task she gave me to finish??😪

  11. No Xiumin no D.O feel sorry for the kids their mum don't know how to cook too (sorry Suho I didn't mean it)😂😂

  12. Chanyeol-"I think we did a pretty good job."
    Sehun-"Yeah, hyung will be so proud of us!"
    '*Literally is quaking in his army boots*'


  14. 1:29 when they look at each other it's so cute they're like talking without saying anything ugh we love best friends

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