boys today is a very special day because we have a mad city creation that has been transported here to the block the blocksberg universe that's right pretty amazing you probably already know what it is just based off the title oh it's gonna be sweet it's gonna be it's gonna be the tastiest dang chicken we ever done had and blogs boy there she is I think I'm pretty sure I believe is that it yeah it's the clock Donald Donald house I knew it let me in hello he says you're open ah don't know what are you doing don't run me over boy get out the car what are you doing I don't know how to drive let me in the donal house I require the chicken before you go in I'm gonna explain this first yeah I explain the chicken because that's not the chicken I know it's different chicken he's a fatter fatter chicken I could not find a decal that worked understandable we're just gonna put the other cluck Donald's symbol there boom there you go perfect now it's good the power of editing it's truly magnificent the female and the male they look the same that's confusing me come on come on sit down right here oh yeah yes okay get me the chicken special I need the chicken special wrap it up and beg and dunk it in a bucket of grease and serving me dry baby so ever to be dry chicken tacos okay yeah whatever I don't didn't really matter whatever do as long as it's chicken you know that goes chicken tacos tacos chicken yup yup yup I'm gonna eat the whole thing fine place it back down on the table place huh take portion there we go there we go ah yes very delicious yummy mu very delicious oh I will have another and I will switch seats no no doubt God day and I gotta get up gonna put ah mmm don't wonder adopted Me's take it over yeah take portion eat they are $13 what $30 for these tacos that's so expensive why is 30 30 robots okay all right fine I'm almost done eating all of your delicious tacos my tummy is full in my wallet is empty he's gonna go do some okay I'm just gonna eat this last taco that last taco isn't agreeing with me oh my stomach Oh God oh my god oh I'm sorry bro I was but you gotta go you gotta go and I don't I don't know I don't know what you want me to I don't I don't know what you want me to do okay I'm just washed my hands here okay I'm just minding my own business don't go be here blast zone I'm probably gonna have to wash my hands again over here and then finally one more time gonna have to brush my teeth right here and then intercept it I'm gonna get a glass of water oh did you – Bryce wait ah dice dip my toothbrush in the drink and then drink it down sippin on that sweet mint and then I thought that's gross oh there's someone outside I bet that's Chuck cheese he doesn't like you taking his business you gotta go do something why you gotta keep doing things this is very suspicious hello who's there no you may not come in ah dang it I asked that let him in sorry don't go in there don't go in there that's it's really bad in there ah oh no I got kicked out at McDonald's I've been here by band from club Daniel's for blowing up their bathroom go kill the lava guy for me why I don't want to kill that guy he didn't pay oh that's it buddy you're dead you're dead pal just jump it's ten robox to look at my restaurant yeah expensive life expensive life for the win $10 don't look at us don't look us oh my gosh is this the is this the fabled cluck Donald's mobile that I've heard so much about man that's the that's that's so cool bro watch where you're goin smelly bubbies that's right now what are you doing man hey back it up back it up clogged Donald's exclusive night for the exclusive VIP members only all right back and get out of here all right it's time to get back Eddie and start eating some of those famous chicky tacos baby wanna see the chicken yes I love the chicken i I want to I want to see the chickens I wanna I want to touch them and then I also would like to eat them as well oh look at all this food oh my gosh my name is crazy this is crazy ignore the doorman I didn't even I wasn't gonna say anything about it now that you mention it kind of kind of suspicious but I don't even care man I'm just gonna eat all this I was always made out chicken man do you see something yeah Vinny and I Betty why why is that bad okay I'm just gonna take I'm just gonna take some others this is really good man this is another door you should ignore I'm opening the door oh wow who's in there now I will explain this doors okay okay good day you I will just keep eating it's where the secret golden clock is don't let me eat I'm going I can't get in the door if you can get in I'll let you have it okay all right I can come oh yeah baby okay so happy wait so where is it where's the dig you got a sit okay hon I'll sit down I'll be good man I'll be good I'll be good I'm gonna sit down ha ha ha ha what's so funny you fallen into my trap what do you mean no I can just get out okay I'll go back anyways I've been running low on chicken oh yeah you're gonna turn me into chicken or something so I came up with a plan he's gonna turn me into the chicken what I was gonna trap you turn you into chicken to cook yeah oh I didn't see this coming how could I not see this coming oh god he got me he got me good you really got me broke you're a prankster you are but I don't know how to make you into chicken okay take your time bro I'm not going anywhere I'll just stay here so I'm gonna keep you here till I figure out okay sounds like a great plan honestly I don't know how it could possibly go wrong probably something to do with that other door I imagine but I'm you know what I'm them now this is your this is your plan this is your evil plan so are you raising your voice no my cabs was odd now I am raising my voice are you don't don't make me go in there okay okay um mr. chicken man hello mr. chicken mr. chicken man don't do that why I want to do it come on me I need to concentrate he spelt that wrong but we'll just I know he meant he also spelled Donald's wrong so we're just gonna little we're letting a lot of things slide today I've been very stressed oh I'm sorry to hear that man oh man you wanna talk about it you want to talk about it man I'm here for you dog compassion is the secret all along and it was in all of our hearts oh he's gonna come in here he's gonna get fries gonna bring key guys doom dome in yeah you're first my head wiggle around and stuff like nah like that you not get in how are you even an evil mastermind dude you can't even get in get in the door work it on it I'll work it on it who's gonna take this drink service drink some of those teeth I drank it already already drank all the tea what are you by me what was going on tell scoop it what's the matter let me know maybe I can help you out well I recently made an evil clone brother ah I see he's been pressuring me to do evil mmm mm-hmm I'm only like 50% evil yeah I hear you man the other 50 is business there's a lot of things we face in this day and age you know you know which is basically evil but what's still yeah I mean you have some morals I get it you know it's more than meets the eye with you Club Donnell you know you're really you're really a great guy he's been saying stuff about taking all the Med City I just gotta think of a one-liner before I bust out of here and lock you in this room and recently the volcano all rubbed in a bit I'm scared that the restaurant is gonna get destroyed again come on man what are the odds of that that's not gonna happen don't worry about it I've been yelling at Chris about how I haven't forgotten the first time you destroyed it man don't worry about crazy pushover man there's a 99.9% chance he's gonna destroy it again yeah I know that but it's like come on you got to be a little bit more optimistic keep your head up cluck you got plenty of life left in your brother don't worry you gotta be fine oh and there's the hot dog truck I'm trying to compete with these are playing a really good hot dogs man I don't blame you well you know what they say bada bing bada boom bada bing bada boom bada bing and now you track gotcha that was my one-liner you idiot now you're trapped forever and I'm taking the chili I can just walk out you know plus I'm the only one with the antidote to the what what what do you mean antidote what did you poison me poison ha ha ha I spill to Jill ooh now tell me tell me little man with the green hat do you want clog Donald wraps in mad city yeah I want my morning my raps okay then I'll make the antidote ah dude yeah dude this is pretty sweet this guy ain't that bad I think he has schizophrenia or something I think he has multiple personality disorder oh the antidote thank you so much man I would I'm gonna thank thanks bro you don't really ask what was it here though maja oh it's just a room ahh so no evil stuff is just a regular room I hate the news Namah leave that to my bro I'm done being evil I'm glad you're turning things around cluck I really am you lowered my evil to about 35% that's good odds I like those odds cluck now I'm 65% business attaboy okay now I'm gonna go attack Chris's house okay yeah that's good Chris Builder of mad city for destroying Starbucks you know that makes sense that makes sense well thanks again I appreciate you letting me out after trapping me I want to attack Pizza Planet yeah yeah yeah let's go cool tech Pizza Planet oh boy you like that Joker too bad you don't bad clothes meet all these people up there doesn't you get and then and take that yeah how about it yeah I'll bet that hurts job better don't it yeah


  1. I am cluckdonalds brother clucky boi i am hes sworn nemisis with a defrent name i am Xxsniper_rougexX the rogue chicken i am the chicken boss i am the creator of the chicken egg i am…clucktor… and now i am coming for you skek

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