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(upbeat music) – [Announcer] A Hot
Wheels production hosted by Andy Riesmeyer. – Hey guys. It’s
Andy at Hot Wheels. You know we have
unlimited track. – Miles of orange open road. – Like all the track
you could ever think of. It’s pretty awesome. We were sitting in this
diner having breakfast trying to think of what we
were gonna do with all of it and we were like let’s
just set it up here. So we did. And you love making
track videos. We thought we
should do that too. Welcome to Hot Wheels Unlimited. The car I’m up against today
is called the street wiener. It’s an open wheeled
super aerodynamic hot dog. So we decided to make it a
little bit more interesting. I’m gonna have to make
and eat an entire meal while the car goes
around the diner. So yeah. Whoever makes it to the booth
and rings the bell first wins. Whoever loses gets
doused in ketchup. Which is gonna be
difficult because I can hardly even
put this jacket on. Let’s do this. Alright, here we go. First up is the
spice cannon canyon. Clean up on aisle salty. (triumphant music) The tiny dog sped
to the kitchen. I can get ahead here
cause it takes a while. The car boosted into a huge jump and we totally didn’t
fake the landing. I decided to go for burgers. All you have to do is
throw meat on the grill. (intense music) The car was making its
way back to the diner but I had a trick
up my chef’s sleeve. Hollywood magic. Splay rail. Aerodynamic bus. Street wiener. (triumphant music) Okay. It’s back inside? Alright, I gotta hurry. – Hold on, hold
on, hold on a sec. Go back. Is that a bacon bridge? The race was on. All I was thinking was I
cannot lose to a tiny car. I had to win. Cause my father lost
to a tiny wiener car and his grandfather before him lost to the great
bratwurst car of 1920. I thought not
today, Reese Mayer. Today is the- (bell ringing) (sad music) I had to take a
shower after that. Very disgusting. But there are ways
to be a part of it. Registered users can leave
comments below for what you would do with unlimited
track and we might do it. You never know. As always I’m Andy. We’ll see you later. Bye. – [Announcer] A Hot
Wheels production. (upbeat music)

44 thoughts on “EPIC DINER DASH | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

  1. What a delicious victory for the Street Weiner! Let us know what we should do with our unlimited tracks in the next episode!

  2. This video goes to show that you can never have too many boosters!!! We have a lot, but we need some more kicker loops for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. i would make the worlds biggest hot wheels drag strip down an air ports run way, then all the way back with plane themed car

  4. I would build a automatic track going everywhere in my house ! i would use Acceleracers models or old one, (1995-2010) please add the older models at the mainline

  5. alright hot wheels has been a HUGE part of my child hood so during this Hot wheels unlimited we're going back to when it all started

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