EP15 – Festival Summer – Tokio Hotel TV 2019 Official

Let's go. Festival. It takes a while, I told you. It doesn't spin anymore. We have watched it now for two minutes. -It goes up again.
-Awesome! -A sweet Ina.
-The sweet big Ina. -Everything works?
-Yes. I would be super exited. 101,102,… Can you do a full rep and not a half one? Dude, do you know how far away the rods are? 200! I think she would sound better if you stand next to her. This one time he drank til 6 am and then at 2 am he started to drink water… That's not true. And then he opens his mouth again… -I would go on the mats.
-The mats, right? Out with the luck. We have to draw it off. Draw it off!!! Britney Spears. Give me the power today to perform like you, you goddess. I look hot today. Like a hot piece of meat. -To fall in love with.
-To fuck with. -Hey sweeties, I wish you luck.
-You, too Power Ranger Power! -1,2,3…
-It was the last show. For not having our entire crew with us. Shall I take something? So you can light up your cigarette? It's okey. Beer is something great.

45 thoughts on “EP15 – Festival Summer – Tokio Hotel TV 2019 Official

  1. Die Tour war viel zu schnell vorbei… ich vermisse euch jetzt schon! Ich hoffe ganz doll, dass ihr bald wieder neue Musik macht, bin mega gespannt auf das Summer Camp und natürlich die Veröffentlichung von "Berlin" und "Château" 🙂

  2. Where was it? For a moment it looked like it's The Netherlands.

  3. Bill, du geiles Stück! 👍😅😍
    „Ich bin ein leckeres Stück Fleisch“ Mercutio in Romeo und Julia von Shakespeare —> da kannst du mithalten 👌🏼

  4. must admit, havent listened to you guys properly since Humanoid (both the DE and ENG versions) BUT I love 'When It Rains' and I am impressed to see how much you have evolved and changed over the years. I used to use your songs to help me learn German at school and at Uni, and even now when I hear you speaking German in these videos I always try my best to translate it!
    Loving these vids and the new songs, keep it up! 🙂

  5. Das war sooo cool 😊 Wir standen ziemlich weit vorne; von da aus sah das nicht nach SO vielen Menschen aus 😨👍🤩

  6. Really loved this episode and yes you should play more festivals/outdoor concerts next year.
    Exactly 11 years ago you were in Modena, IT. It was my very first show of you and I remember every single thing.
    Love you so much, guys.
    Can't wait to see you soon.

  7. Maybe is because I don't feel shady today but this episode was so emotional and beautiful. It's like… I still love them so much and I feel like if I was 12 everytime I saw episodes like this one.

  8. Thank you for posting this video. I am very sad becaurse the tour is ending and I don't buy VIP tickets to talk with you. I hope that you will return in Europe. 🙂

  9. Die Show war top, ihr hättet aber deutlich mehr alte deutsche Lieder spielen sollen! Die Menge ging viel besser bei den beiden deutschen Titeln!

  10. are they playing behind glass barriers? what happens at these festivals to warrant such a protective measure?

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