hi everybody and welcome back to my
channel today’s video is very exciting for me I have been waiting for weeks now
to film this video I’m going to talk to you guys about the new butter bronzers
so a few weeks ago I purchased the new butter bronzers and then your girl got
sick I mean really sick not the flu but it might as well have been because it
put me out of commission for like a week and a half I missed a lot of work and
I’m still getting over it as you can tell my voice is a little bit raspy I
had laryngitis all that good stuff it was something going around and so if you
guys start off with the sore throat and then you get laryngitis
you got what Savvy had so I’m really thrilled to finally get to talk to you
guys about these new shades first let me remind you that I filmed a video on the
deep butter bronzer this is the deep butter bronzer here and I filmed a
review on this bronzer a year ago maybe I had a lot to say to Physicians Formula
about the shade at the time it was the deepest shade and I really felt like it
wasn’t deep enough for women of color it worked for me but it wasn’t as dark as
some of my other bronzers that I really liked better I really felt that if they
added two or three more shades to that line that it would be more inclusive so
it’s as if they saw the video and answered me but I don’t know okay so I
picked up the two new shades one is called Brazilian glow and one is called
endless summer I’ve also heard that there’s another deep shade called
sculpting bronzer but I’ve only seen it on Physicians Formulas website if you’d
like to see me review that shade as well be sure to leave a comment down below so
I’ve already completed most of my makeup and I’m at the point where I want to
apply the bronzer I watched another video and they said that this one
Brazilian glow isn’t really a deep shade it’s like a shimmer I already had
purchased it so I’m going to still try to apply it like bronzer just so we can
see what it looks like I’m gonna apply it on the left side of my face which
may be you’re right but I’m gonna apply it over here and then I’ll apply the
endless summer shade on the right side of my face so let’s first start with
this weird Brazilian glow shade here is Brazilian glow and still same pretty
packaging but look it you guys can you see how it kind of glows it looks sort
of more like a highlighter and it has the sponge applicator here I’m not gonna
do it for this side but I may actually try the applicator I use the applicator
the other day with my other bronzer and I actually liked it I’m like it was
pretty good this time we’re gonna start off with my Sephora angled brush this is
the brush that I really like to use to apply bronzer so let’s swirl it get a
little bit on the brush (she laughs) guys do you see what I’m seeing
all right okay so so this is what I’m thinking we’re dealing with here with
this one when you look on the website it’s like the next-to-the-last shade so
of course you’re gonna think that this must be for people with deeper skin
because it’s like next to the darkest but I really just think it might be like
a topper or it may be meant for women with fair skin and it will still bronze
the skin and add a shimmer I say that because I purchased a bronzer from Too
Faced that chocolate gold collection and it has a shimmer and it is supposed to
be a bronzer and it doesn’t really work for me as a bronzer it works for me is
like a skin finish like if I use it as a topper or something that just kind of
adds glow to my skin as a final step I can use it that way
but I saw someone with very fair skin used that one and they were still able
to use it as a traditional bronzer but it also added more of a shimmer so I’m
curious to know if this one looks more like bronzer on someone’s skin that is
light and maybe they just put it in the wrong location in their product line
maybe it shouldn’t even be with the butter bronzer line up at all
I don’t know so I’m gonna leave this here for now because I think I can do
something with this in a moment cuz that’s a hot mess like that so I’m gonna
leave it here I’m not even going to put any further because I think you can see
that it’s not really bronzing my skin so don’t get don’t get brazilian glow if
you are my color and you’re intending on using it as a bronzer so let’s move on
to in less summer I have higher hopes for this
one but I’m gonna just I’m a pause on this side here is in this summer you
know I have a lot of lights on may not look as deep to you but it is pretty
dark same brush tried to clean it a little whoop oh it picks up a lot okay let me
just tell you guys some other things about the bronzer ultra-luxurious bronzer
are infused with Muramura butter to deliver a radiant Brazilian goddess glow
incredibly creamy and soft texture that’s what I’m talking about right
there combines the best features of a powder
and cream bronzer to deliver a lift from within tropical glow unlike any other
when I read this recently I was really impressed with this why it’s good for
you infused with a powerful blend of Muramura butte, Cupuacu Butter, Tucuma Butter from the lush and nutrient-rich amazon packed with
essential fatty acids and pro vitamins that soften condition and moisturize
skin leaving it silky soft Wow Wow I’ll link some of my other foundations
my liquid foundations that I wear all the time I’ll link the shades that I
wear in the description box to help you guys figure out if this will work for
you so I’m liking this okay I went a little heavy too I’m gonna have to blend
that out in a little bit I went a little overboard so let’s also go up here a
little bit on my temple maybe weren’t alone or over makeup using sponge
applicator oh my goodness so yeah much better right over face and neck for
natural looking tan glow to accentuate and contour apply more over cheekbones and the reason I like to use this angled
brush is it kind of diffuses like the angled brush sort of diffuses the edges
I just like it and this is a Sephora angled brush so it’s my favorite brush to
bronze with I have a couple of high-end ones these are tom ford brushes this one
is more like a cheek brush but it really is very dense and its really good if
your bronzer is a little bit lighter and you really want more color payoff then
this is a good one to use to bronze with and then this is the bronzer brush is
really fluffy and it diffuses it everywhere so I really like those but
I’m just gonna work with my Sephora brush right now
so let’s see maybe a little more up here okay everyone see so yes to endless
summer and it is definitely deeper than the deep bronzer and I won’t put that
one on in this video you can go back and check out my other review if you’d like
to see how it looks on my skin but this endless summer shade is much deeper
let’s put them up side by side so you guys can kind of see all right this is
endless summer can you see it’s darker and this summer and then this is deep and I’ve
already gotten rid of the original bronzer I bought that one too i gifted
it to a friend i sanitized it and gifted it to somebody who is fair complexion
because i’m never gonna use that just let it go
what I think I want to do is I’m gonna go back and I’m going to use this one on
the left side of my face and then I’m gonna try using this as like a topper
over everything and pray it doesn’t totally destroy my makeup look okay so
let’s try that let’s see what happens there we go that’s beautiful all right I
am so bronzed oh my gosh I’m super bronzed now let’s go back to Brazilian glow and see if we can just
cuz I’m really loving I don’t know if you guys can see it but I’m really
loving that shimmer that I’m seeing on that side so let’s add a little bit here using my it cosmetics buffing I think
it’s like a foundation brush it’s a foundation brush airbrush foundation
right now I’m using that to buff out any harsh lines that’s something I always do
so there’s no additional product on this brush this is what I look like at this
point and I’ve kind of blended the two and I kind of like I kind of like this
how I just used this is probably how I would use it
I would bronze with this one and I do think that it is a beautiful shade it
does lean a little bit red I think that this will work for women who are darker
than me I don’t know how dark but this will work and I think this is a
beautiful kind of topper so it sort of reminds me of like my Lancome powders or
like the translucent glow powder um except it’s more glowy so like let me
swatch it here why don’t we swatch it so you guys can see how gold that looks see
how go that looks look at this that is not a bronzer I mean that looks like a
highlighter but it’s in the butter bronzer collection come on Physicians Formula
this is the swatch that’s endless summer here you see and then that’s Brazilian
glow and it looks like a highlighter like if you see this on line it looks
dark in the picture and then this one looks dark in the picture but this looks
like a highlighter so what I’m gonna do now is complete my makeup look I’m gonna
come back and we’re gonna quickly sum everything up so I’ve completed my
makeup look so let me tell you guys my first impressions and what I’m thinking
about the products I really really like the endless summer shade I like the deep
shade and I have actually been using it a lot the last couple of weeks because I
wanted to be able to talk to you guys about it today so I want
kind of refresh my memory about it so I started back using it to me this shade
is maybe more neutral if you’re about my complexion or lighter then this one will
probably be fine for you I wish I could think of one that it compares to
actually I can I actually was testing out the NYX
bronzer recently I purchased it a long time ago and I really felt like it
wasn’t deep enough either I haven’t been using it and then I started using both
this one as well as the NYX bronzer with this brush so if you can find a brush
that is really dense like this one you can get a little bit better color payoff
I really started liking both of them as a result of using that brush this one I
really don’t have anything to compare it to
I really like the shade it is definitely deeper than deep and it has more of a
reddish hue and it is extremely pigmented I really didn’t have to put
much on my brush as you guys could tell for it to really show up on my skin so
it was not like with the deep shade I have to go in several times and load my
brush up and just apply over and over and over again to build up the color to
get it to show up on my skin this to me is something that I can go poo poo poo
and just put it on and I won’t have to work so hard to be able to see it so I’m
really happy with this one so again this is the endless summer shade and oh guys
oh I meant to use this oops I meant to show you guys how to use this this
little sponge comes with the bronzer and it is a really good applicator I used it
the other day I had never used it before I was like let me at least see if the
thing works the color went on very very pigmented with this sponge applicator so
I apologize that I didn’t use it in today’s video but it is a good
applicator as far as you know freebies go it came with the product it is pretty
good this is the Brazilian glow shade and again you guys saw it looks more
like a highlighter but I will use this because I
really liked the glow it gave me it is great in combination with another
bronzer so I’ll use it the way you saw me use it today it is misleading online
so just beware it is very misleading it will look dark make sure you get the
right one if you decide to purchase these are sold right now at Ulta and I
think they are also now available on physicians formulas website that
concludes my demo review of the new butter bronzers I hope that you have
enjoyed the video please make sure that you like to comment and subscribe make
sure that you click over here on the screen if you want to see more savvy you
can check out my other videos as well as my playlist and i’ll be seeing you guys again
very soon to my next one so until the next time we meet again
this is Savvy signing out


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  2. Oooohhhh nooo I am happy your feeling betterπŸ™πŸΎ… Trust me they saw your videoπŸ˜‰… Please review the shade that is online…. Thank you for sharing you look beautiful 😍😘

  3. Its great to see that they finally have darker shades because I was wondering how was this bronzer when it looked like highlighter on my skin!

  4. I am glad you are feeling better! Your eyeshadow is beautiful in this video! I have never used the bronzer but I do have the highlighter and it is really pretty, soft and smells really good…..

  5. Glad you are feeling better, that soar throat, than loosing my voice, than cough got me too in December and most of January. The expression on your face when the Brazilian Glow did not do anything was funny, but you definitely mad it work for you!

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  9. The Sculpt and Sunset bronzer dropped in the Walmart here in Canada. I purchased Sunset, Endless Summer, and Brazilian so far. They all seem to work well but the Brazilian one seems to be more of a highlighter/topper. I’m likely to buy the sculpt one next. It’s nice to see that PF got the memo they did a good job with the extension.

  10. Very classy Ms Savvy. You have convinced me to check out Endless Summer. It has been on my buy list for a while but I have been reluctant to complete the transaction.
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