today is a huge day of super excited because today I'm gonna fly the new first class so right now I'm actually in the bus to go to the plane at a remote Bay and this is actually a first class bus as you can see it's very luxury laid back out and it's good to know that the Emirates actually had separate bus with separate cabin how are you gonna see this that Matthew person up for the fight so guys this storage space here can store a full carry-on suitcase easily without problem and I still have ample amount of space here hello good morning before exam hey how you doing good my name is Chris from South Africa good morning how are you a man sensibility on board Russell's upstairs you know – right – why one time in 40 minutes and mr. peepers yeah as we mentioned to you it's a brand new as possible too Amyas about here now so 300 hours 800 oh my gosh let me show the new triple 7 this camera yeah that's the cameras that's the sterilization oh just waiting for truthful buses so guys I'm actually sitting in the middle first class suite and I have window weaves in the middle you're right a window meal in the middle suite there guys I never enjoyed it the middle suite as much as this one does because the virtual window showing me we are almost hitting the runway on the taxiway still guys I want to show you how clear this high-definition TV monitor is we are just behind this Emmer's a380 then we will be heading onto the runway for takeoff there it goes I'm gonna show you take off the full takeoff from my virtual windows Wow this incredible view incredibly clear to see outside okay we can see the dubai skyline and dear you I want to show you this little star on the carpets in my first class we're together this presentation so I'm gonna change the transceiver to think myself comes to Walter White it's really really coffee so guys since this is a fully enclosed Street I don't see there's a need to go to the toilet to change so guys now I am wearing that hydroactive job he's the same now I'm going to show you a very nice surprise no surprising the sweet yes correct I love surprises and over here we've got a nice pouch okay what is that it's actually not an amenities kit Oh thought that was the Bulgarian manatee kids no no not at all of binoculars binocular here this panel is kind of a quick button I particularly like this light button here the like button let me show you what what happened here so you've got this bar here you can switch and you can see the lights come up and the lights goes down you can play this all the time this is pretty funny we have a full panel of color so the color changes it changes quickly as well and also you can see in the back I can see the more lights switch to the green and then now it come up more another color red being white this is so awesome this like a disco I can play these all day long and all night long I have a whole table of food as you can see here I'm gonna take a big nap after that this serving on a Rachel Pepsi here being the minibar there you go let's show you a nice feature probably one of the first feature in the world a video call button room service call button on the plane enjoy enjoying it judge my I get you hey Nick I just want to say hi and check out this button work naturally yes yeah it's clearly working and this is beautiful I don't want anything I just want to see if it worked okay let me go there all right love you have a nice day bye-bye Wow I was blown away that possibly is amazing I want to show you this is a tree this is cocom this is the national tree of UAE this is a tree grows in the desert so now as we come down the aisle we can see switch 1 a Windows 8 Windows suite and right next to is sweet 1e which is a middle sweet if you're traveling in pairs although these are individual sweet you can see 1 a and 1 e are pretty close together so I recommend these for the couples together and coming down sweets to raise a much private one because there is nothing no lavish Suites next to it so to a is a very good seat let's walk back to the other side I'm going to show you the other three suite so Suites 1k is also a really good private suites here because here you have the panel and walk so very good privacy and now switch to K is another window suite and of course I was sitting at sweets to ask which became my little room here benefits is one a nice lady that I just happen to sit next to and met on the flights now men today I'm gonna have a surprise for you you ready for the surprise we're gonna upgrade you to first-class how's that sound oh really interesting is that up let's say all right welcome to the first class would you like to go in and have a chart burrito this is one of the kits for moisturizing foot cream and one of the letter noted for people to rights from the high definition camera outside aply they're showing you exactly what's the view outside so even you see in the middle you can enjoy a window Weaver did you like to go belt hi Nick I am ready to go for some rest okay let me assist you with that bye first of all starting off to close the curtains this is such a nice design I have to say although we have the virtual window we have the curtain here to charge of clothes just like a hotel room right that is correct okay let me help you on this side here the purpose of having a curtain tea to make you feel like you're actually in a hotel room environment I am definitely in a room I can fill I have total privacy floor-to-ceiling closed and oh by the way let me open here I want to show my viewer one more thing we can do here is although these are you know you call virtual windows as you can have the blinds coming down as well just like a normal window if you're sitting in the window seat thank you so much for laying the bet I'm gonna take it down now check out the first-class bathroom of Emirates a lots and lots of power use Michael Gary look left is still here and it's got a so fish here really really cute so far here hey guys we are flying over Central Europe I just want to show you how beautiful the view from our virtual window what an experience here I couldn't tell you anything better it's nothing like it the little little details like the tree like a monocular the zero gravity position the virtual windows I got to middle screen more waiting service fantastic and you know hydroactive rajamma there you go there's so and fully enclosed you know private suite from floor to ceiling this is everything you got to come here and try yourself so now the question is how can you afford to travel in luxury in the amber snoopers class by relatively cheaper ticket a local I'm a seer like them round trip in responsible policy about 200 arrests 2,500 this is the cheapest way to buy a ticket to fly the try

45 thoughts on “EMIRATES NEW 2018 FIRST CLASS – IT'S A 5* HOTEL!!!

  1. Thanks for all the comments guys. Next Friday you should expect Emirates New Business and Economy Class review from me!

  2. I feel I will get claustrophobic knowing it's not a real window. It's essentially a tv. I can't look too close or what happens if the screen is faulty?

  3. No privately chauffered car, no lounge on a veranda, not even a jet bridge to board the plane and you have to carry your carry-on luggage to climb flights of stairs to board the plane out in open air? Not impressed. SwissAir B777 First class service is lot better.

  4. Love your vids Sam, amazing vids and I am also mad about aviation, you have a lot of potential. Keep up the excellent job!

  5. When I was a kid I thought traveling LAX to Hawaii on Pan Am or United first class on a 747 was the ultimate in luxury. Wow, this is insane!

  6. Did you have to pay for that lady’s first class upgrade? I don’t think she thanked you at the very least

  7. If your afraid of flying just sit in this seat with the virtual window and keep telling yourself it’s a simulator

  8. Seems like youre always the only 1st class passenger on these flights. Hmm. Anyway, that separate1st class bus is just a little too over the top for me. I think I can go 10 minutes out of a 6 hour 40 minute flight without feeling entitled.

  9. 6:32 you can have fun with the lights but what if the battery is dead and flight attendants will be mad at you because they and the captain have to pay for more lights!

  10. Gosh poor economy has to ride the stinky front well at least your so kind to upgrade a economy friend to first class so sweet of you!😍

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