25 thoughts on “El Bulli: Cooking in Progress (2011) Official HD Trailer

  1. I watched this in awe, and perhaps a tear welled in my eye at the beauty of it all….then I looked at my microwave and hung my head in shame. 😣

  2. Oriol, Eduard and Matias opened the restaurant Disfrutar in Barcelona. If you want to experience the essence of El Bulli, then I highly recommend it. I went this weekend. It was spectacular.

  3. interesting video to watch about how Spanish Chef Idris teach his student cooking , design creativity and improving taste of cooking , he seems eats lot good recipes, he  taste each dish his student cook

  4. You would be lucky if there was "no shit." Ebola causes you to hemorrhage internally until you crap out your intestines. Our business plan involves people only ever paying an exorbitant price one time. Honestly, with an overpopulated planet, we are doing our part to end world hunger.

  5. WOW…i cant believe there is so many negative comments over the WORLDS best and most CREATIVE CHEF in the WORLD. I am a culinary student.. one of my classes just showed the Movie Yes the movie is NOT a HOLLYWOOD production and the choice of music is CREEPY. DO you people realize that its not just about cooking…He has actually taken Culinary arts to a Level of "Science" Its CLOSED now. Rumor is he is opening a culinary school..I for sure would be interested in that "HATERS"…….

  6. @Neologic – You called your restaurant EBOLA?!
    Was CANCER and AIDS already taken? You might create amazing food, but from a marketing standpoint, that has to be one of the worst names for an eatery ever.

    "After dining here, you will never be the same again" <– No shit

  7. Just 'tried' to watch this – I love documentary films, and I love cooking and food – and this doco was as boring as bat shit. Unless you are Heston, this doco will send you to sleep. I'm so crushed as I was excited about this – but what a load of crap. Some commentary would have been nice, even a tiny little bit! 0/10

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie this afternoon. I was lucky enough to eat at el Bulli in 2008, and had the most incredible five hours of my life eating 36 courses. I wrote about the process of getting a reservation here: imoralist.blogspot.com/2008/07/dinner-at-el-bulli-getting-there-part-1.html and I blogged about the dining experience as well.

  9. @MrDunlevy Actually, my restaurant is in fact called EBOLA. We take the logical postmodern plunge begged for in the wake of El Bulli which still had rear-guard notions of what constitutes food and what is edible. At El Bulli, a typical array of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and occasional toxins (ethanol, etc) was served. At EBOLA, we create experiences that redefine what is edible. We serve only intoxicants and contagions that inspire. After dining here, you will never be the same again.

  10. Ferran is a genius
    An insane genius without a doubt
    but his man is at the absolute forefront of culinary development
    I look at these dishes and make a geuss as to what they may taste like
    but I know that its wrong
    That is what astounds, amazes, and terrifies me about his food

  11. I feel quite confident that a meal at this restaurant (though, now closed) could sufficiently revolutionize the way that person views food.

  12. expensive high class pieces of shit…even if i was a millionaire i would never eat foods like this.

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