Eating the WORST Reviewed CHINESE Restaurant in my Area

48 thoughts on “Eating the WORST Reviewed CHINESE Restaurant in my Area

  1. I have to know the song he plays at the beginning when he picks up the food! I feel like ibe heard it somewhere, a version. And I want itttt lol

  2. I loved this video. When I order food and it's bad or I don't like it I don't mark the restaurant down and I leave a honest feedback. However if they are really really bad I will mark then down especially if I call them and they are rude.

  3. Maybe it's your camera but all those items actually looked pretty good! Haha.. Unfortunately lots of yelpers will give low ratings based solely on the service, let's be real Chinese staff typically aren't the nicest.. Just saying

  4. I sincerely believe some customers are racist. They’re happy to eat and enjoy another ethnicity’s creation but they would criticize and pick them apart , so they can feel better about their own (White) culture 😒 … also l am white btw … I think those entitled asshole even complain to take advantage of those immigrants by getting a free meal, too

  5. Hey M’Fig, suck my asshole please darling.

    Btw your beautiful german girlfriend looks like her breath absolutely stinks in the morning.

  6. Yes, like this type of video!! I always assumed you wear cat shirts to tease Livia 😉 fits your sense of humour I think

  7. Thanks for a super fun video Nate! It was nice to see just regular eating and not binge or cheat day eating.

  8. Awesome video as always. Glad ur not eating donuts in this one. Like an orange chicken donut, or a duck sauce donut, or a teriyaki donut, or a kung po donut, or a sweet and sour donut, or a egg fu yong donut. Actually, egg fu yong donut might be good.

  9. beef and broccoli is such a simple dish but so many places somehow manage to fuck it up…mainly because they use shit quality beef.

  10. Awww, you are wonderful, Nate. I'm so glad you enjoyed the meal. There you go, proving that not all reviews posted online are legit. Some can be biased, some can be just circumstantial. You definitely inspired me to cook up some noodle dish today. It was also really wonderful seeing your understanding towards the young cashier, and not being judgmental about her lack of elation. It's so wonderful, understanding, positive and very much needed in this world. Much love!! And take care ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. Great video. Giving this restaurant a chance to really show how their food is. 👍👍👍👍👍👍 Too be honest, where I live in Tilburg the Netherlands, we have loads of chinese take away and restaurants, and I'm yet to discover a bad one.

  12. Wat u mean u don't mind getting sick. There finding listeria on ready made sandwiches & salads in England n it's killing ppl have u lost the plot?

  13. You should’ve had there general so. It’s a very popular item and I once had it breaded at a place and never went back. Also how come no Lomein also a very popular Chinese food item. Maybe those were why the low rating or different cooks on certain days

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