Eating At The WORST Reviewed Buffet Restaurant In My State

I say we're not my sexy pieces that you made man James drops baby and you know what time it is man it is time for us to slide and do the worst review with a buffet in my state hopefully you guys caught the best review buffet on Sunday so they were able to redeem themselves we're going to a hibachi grill but they also whip up sushi now I ain't doing the worst reviewed sushi so I don't expect to see any kind of sushi for me above in this video but we are gonna get up here to do the worst review buffet it must stay sit back relax these sub comfortable babe you know what time it is at this point before I slide up over here the hibachi grill you know the worst review buffets spot out here in my state it's time to read his reviews I came in with my brother and his friend after a long night out this was the greatest thing that we could have stumbled upon in the area the sushi was very fresh and delicious with the mill overall being very good wide selection of food service is good however place is kind of run-down guest seats boot seats are ripped several carpet smells tables and sticky what's on them tables don't know guess we'll find out great food selection and delicious at that I can say whatever I'm in the mood for they have it right there for me to try my only critique is that if I'm sitting at your establishment and you have no AC I'd at least expect for the server to provide water when it's obviously low better yet em hell I damn near went up to get my own water I shouldn't have to ask I mean if you got blah blah blah yadda yadda Auto good stuff you know what it is you want to read it and just go to yup and read it all right so I don't know man I mean they didn't beat this spot up too much for the food they did say it looks a little rundown up in here a little sticky icky on the tables we don't know what's on the table walls you know floor is supposed to be smelling like they had a flood up in there are so damn nasty I'm just here for the food and to find out how bad bad truly is you ready Scott there's a little more prep right there did you think him mmm this week glaze over and I could dealt with December whatever they use for a sweet glaze it has a terrible aftertaste it starts off sweet we're gonna have like a little nasty Tang at the very end and that kills it it tells it back in just that damn aftertaste is gonna have you messed up it's gonna have you in your feelings the same way I'm in my feelings right now but I mean you know BAM and the reason are my hand up because that focuses in on whatever you have closer first taken forever see how we go out of focus then the chicken go sit look I'm a little bit of their fried chicken huh oh it's some crispy indeed exterior however either the the chicken and stuff whatever they fried and whatever all they decided to use it just doesn't it has a consistency of chicken it has the taste of sweaty under armpit like its rough it is it is a stank on the taste of the chicken itself crispy looks like chicken thanks the best thing that's in my mouth you got me messed up but once you get to it flavors are everything and I'm not giving them them flavors a rough they got me messed up all up in here it shouldn't be underarm chicken I'm getting underarm chicken so I'm trying to I'm trying to find something I could love but that that is not it I'm going in for the beef and broccoli it's cool in Chile boom yeah it's okay flavors of it so it's like a mine it is like my normal be from broccoli let me hit the broccoli even though the beef is cold salt caught me live in the back of the total indecent croissant abrupted I'm not mad about it it has a nice little flavor and I like some deeper broccoli from my local hood Chinese spot anywhere and I'm gonna say is for baby from broccoli it just it was his cold beef the beef was cold broccoli was lukewarm beef was cold flavor again in the building before broccoli probably their first three pieces that I would give up nothing more than three because had it been warm and I could have reached for four they could have reached for the stars than that but big I have to get a three because it was cold moving right along alright I believe this is my general Chow right hand hmm it's like rockin frog hide the camera eyes right here you was way up ahead outside the camera Louise you're doing Jenna Jenna child second you never really be that crunchy yeah it is drive the chicken yourself address oh no 101 the nice tenderoni by it whatsoever so y'all getting a one-and-a-half on that it wasn't cold just do some boom then is drop the ball then they just drop the ball [Applause] you know that that's intended should I send the chicken right now that meat is right well flavored well seasoned Devils my first happy bite of the day so hard enough for for that was enough work for myself my piece was a little more fattier than yours but it again this must be orange chicken over here oh I love little spice tour yeah what I like sweet spicy and the orange chicken all right it's tender too nice you know the for good job cuz you other chicken aside from the last two right there no cheating trash let me get something garlic bread oh so na bread like crisp lays buttery my Etna garlic flavor mmm nothing but for three I give the garlic bread a three plate number one it's a three plane over to get two three and a half overall experience spots of their mean it's a it's a little spot it's it's two and a half for this kind of rundown sticky halls ticket wall sticky everywhere but I don't get that funky smell that I stood there again about the carpet I mean less they just deal arise like her last night and backing it up I don't know I wasn't here he'll work here who ever knew a hibachi you have the option of sushi or you can go ahead and get the little buff a game on you know where they charge the for it that's seven I'm not a person overnight and I will figure out but uh about how you feel I think my plates were a little more rough than yours so I think I'm gonna give it overall – mm-hmm just because the crabmeat looked like chicken that was that that was brought my rating down a bit none of the seafood that I had really when I go to a little pachi I want some seafood give me some seafood alter my juiciness and I love seafood this day and it's thinking this also no so some of the chickens are alright you know I thought it was decent like if I was not a you know like alright maybe once in a blue come here if I was on a budget yeah but me right now if you trying to date her don't bring it here cuz that bacon am a fast cook child you know right now I'm gonna take a red laughs I don't know be yours but you made me a dame drops you know what time it is now I'm going to take it back to yell input in my own room see you momentarily guys because of you this is almost the part that I'm starting to love the most about my own best and worst reviews and we're gonna only do this for best and worst reviews it doesn't happen on Thursday but me being able to go on a Yelp and leave my opinion that's that's the ultimate win you don't saying so sit back relax your lead all the time it is big all right food affair so as you can see what the hibachi grown supreme buffet then already received two and a half stars let's get in to writing a review right now you saw the video I gave them a – it is what it is i'ma leave it at a two and now that's a man type of I've experienced better there are decent options with multiple rolls of food to try for the most part at a buffet ones expectations should not be extremely high before your dollar you do hope to find something to love and at the end of the day I was able to find a few various dishes that were okay with the flavor but not too many I went with the safe option of beef and broccoli the beef was called and this hurt my soul to the core because I walked in when you all first opened the food should at least still be lukewarm unless it's prepared hours before and set out hours before you open the doors the broccoli was not all that bad for I added some salt for an additional pop to the bite I also found that your orange chicken had a decent body it was a bit spicy so whoever added sauce to that dang thing knew exactly how to bring light to some chicken general Chow had an attitude problem when I took a bite I really have no ideas as to why that chicken was so angry but I try to chew it it not budge the chicken was in the gym lifting weights for it was too tough for words to even express but Here I am trying my best to explain the situation in home you have great room for improvement here I would say let us work on setting the food out closer to opening so it has a fair chance in the heated department and maybe pay more attention to detail in the consistency of some of the meats we have room for greatness should you wish to achieve it here and we're gonna go ahead and post that dinetime posting all right guys so we made it through the worst buffet in my state I want you guys to stay tuned don't forget this Thursday it's gonna be a little bit different normally I do letting people decide what I'm gonna eat for 24 hours we are actually gonna go back to the classic style just this week only because I'm not going to be here because I have a surprise collab coming up for you guys this week which puts me out of my Connecticut area to make this collab happen if you follow me on Instagram I'm going to try to post the surprise before our video drops on both of our channels some of you who know me and who follow my mans you already know this is gonna happen it was in the works for a minute now we're gonna make it happen it's two titans in the YouTube food space coming together man so I definitely want you to all to tune in for that we're gonna have a double surprise happening on both of our channels where it is that rolled to a main subscribers for the both of us cuz his channel is going crazy he's be hitting that Milly so silly I'm not too far from the Milly so silly what we're going to do is try to go for that Milly together you know I'm saying that Milly so silly together and if we can both make it happen on both of our channels we are going to host a clash of the titans for both of our fan bases in New York it's going to be bananas but we'll get there when we get there y'all thanks for everything saying thanks for liking thanks for sharing thanks for watching thanks for supporting I know for a lot of these videos are repetitive but if you were paying attention in the very beginning when I started doing these videos I already told you that this channels changing up we're doing best to worst on Sundays and Tuesdays and on Thursday we'll be letting folks decide what I'm gonna eat matter of fact I might let employees decide I might let my 40 fan decide I think I'm gonna start doing that letting my 40 fan beside like I gotta figure out how I'm gonna do that though am I gonna have y'all decide when I eat in a previous video and go back and read the comments we're gonna we're gonna work on that when I come back from filming the collab stay – like pay attention to my Instagram I'm gonna try to figure out how to post this I'm gonna do it here I mean I'll figure I think of something but I'm gonna get you guys involved trust and believe that I thanks for watching much love every last one of my sexy pieces out there doing the baby on that road to a Middle East so silly baby I'll see you next video

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