1. Studies show typically people review something only if they had a terrible experience/ product was awful, or an amazing experience/ product was wonderful. People rarely go out of the way to review anything they feel was just average or okay. Thats why oftentimes you see 4-5 stars or 1 star reviews.

  2. Hmmmm. Soooo, I once read that the reason so many fast foods are painted red and yellow is because they’re colors that make you kinda anxious or maybe uneasy. Basically it’s to keep you from wanting to relax and chill in the restaurant. Obviously they want you in and out since it’s “fast” food

    Also, I was always under the impression that those “little tables” were to keep the lid from smashing down on top of the pizza (when stacking them) so as not to ruin the toppings/cheese.

    Perhaps each are a combination of both! Can anyone more knowledgeable weigh in, please? 😬

  3. More videos with Loryn, please! You two are my favorite Clevver expats. Can’t say I love all these gimmicky videos that have been done to death by other channels (followers/person in front of me choose…worst rated…) Maybe you can do more videos about your house renovation, your puppy, weekend trips…?

  4. Eating AT. You didn’t eat THERE. I can’t over look it 😂🙈. Erin you gotta do this again properly, this doesn’t count as the trend if you’re not experiencing the actual place, not just the food.its not just about the food,it’s about the location,service etc.

  5. I was just curious which chain it was. I've never heard of it. It's a super rough neighborhood. I found the super sassy review too 😅

    Most food prep people don't wear gloves. People that are wearing gloves are way more likely to cross contaminate food. I had to do a super long food prep course.

  6. It’s Pizza Loca isn’t, I can tell by the table and the cash promo.
    I personally go to those $5 pizza chains all the time. I know what Im about to get for the price. It’s fast, easy and cheap.

  7. I used to only leave negative reviews because I’m so quick to point out the negative but recently I decided to focus on the positive as well! I’ve actually went up to restaurant managers to praise staff. So quick to point out of the negative I want to point out the positive!! Good video but these are not my favorite lol I just find it odd to put yourself in that position but hey if it’s the trend haha

  8. I sub'd recently and had to say you are so beautiful ,inside and out! I saw a few videos including how to take insta photos and how you explained your insecurities and how you learned to love them, insub'd immediately! Your hard work that goes into your videos is appreciated!

  9. This is the PIZZA LOCA spot my ex bf use to take me too when we were 16🤣. We didn't have a car and it was the closest thing around it wasn't that bad at the time lol how crazy

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