Eating At The BEST Reviewed Buffet Restaurant In My State

much apart Carly Wow what's going on my sexy pieces what's happening with you baby hey listen I dropped the bowl last Sunday to find out what you guys wanted me to do this week and y'all voted for bluff face so not only am I gonna give you that Bluff a game but also last week you guys were loving how I actually put my own review into yo I'm just so I don't really want to leave the format of where this channels been going with me reading reviews I'm gonna still keep that but now I'm gonna put in my own review at the end if you guys want to stay for that piece so anyhow we're about to go to a spot called banana Brasil Grill for a buffet it's one of the top-rated joints exit the highway in 3.4 miles easy peasy this is Memorial Day I don't take I gotta feed my foodie fan all right y'all before we slide up inside of banana Brasil grill we have to read some reviews don't forget at the very end of this video I'm going to go onto Yelp myself and put in my very own review because you guys were taking that style let's get into these things be now I split up over here to Google because a lot of headers also let your Dame you don't go always show your love show Google some love too cuz Google is more efficient more superficial so Rover head Google shut up boom bap it was okay yeah three stars good places five stars five stars good servicing good food five stars good Brazilian food five stars nothing said alright so there you have it throw some quick snap reviews we're gonna slide in some banana Brazil Grill and see what the folks are talking about is it worth these five stars back-to-back or not alright job man get excited it's about to get crazy today you guys asked for buffets this week this is one of the top rated locations banana Brazil this is like a little Brazilian spot buffet game must be strong because it's one of the top-rated joints as well over here in 341 new Park Avenue Hartford Connecticut not too far from bowties cinemas which is pretty much a Jason slide up over there get your movie game on as soon as you get your food game on some problem we're about to find out how proper this buffet is this is the best and the worst buffets in my state sit back relax it comfortable you know how this goes baby [Applause] I flew family know I like in extra-early up into a spot normally to open at 5:00 a.m. today they're open at 10:00 a.m. however the barbecue side of the buffet addition is gonna start at 11:00 so I'm gonna get the buffet plus the barbecue all right and that's $14.99 I brought my appetite we bout to get busy all right definitely an all-you-can situation yeah I know my meat game always got to be proper hope that seasoned up tough and if it's not seasoned up tough no biggie because you know I got some some oils for the salads and all that good stuff right but way up salt we have a little bit of pepper oh my goodness chicken up over here I got some fish don't think underneath the fish but booboo we got a little bit of that rice game i some pastas um or chicken broccoli yeah you know broccoli Isis where we start on before we finish we're starting but we have a long way to go amen you get a wide epochal right let's start with a brought the gang mm-hmm cleanse the palate with a crispy bite of broccoli salt sit up just not too much just for a little bit of extra flavor look I've been stained up oh and this nice is definitely nice let me at this pasta game now let us hear this pastas about as soon as possible do ya now I'm definitely keeping 100% funky the pasta reminds me of a pasta that I used to have when I was in school that a minute did that kind of sauce fetch they use they a brings back those old light I'm definitely not heavy flavors decent bite but it was never nothing amazing it was always like that two and a half worthy I see what's up with this is it fish yeah you like do you like Roy I like we're going I like where you been nice baby oh so white flaky by the fish right there none of those two last year of his cod but my because that fish is amazing well prepare a nice light crisp not overly greasy at all been fried I later saw but it's good like a four and a half with these fries little lackluster I think the the holding bins aren't necessarily warming the food up they're just holding bins and because things definitely pull on a more cold side of life is that the fish fish is warm when the pasta and fries on the colder side of life so my only suggestion to banana Brazil is that for you're holding bins you have you know that he continuous cycle of the food actually still being cooked there's not as good when it starts getting cold not at all I'm going to hit this chicken oh I'm going to pick the chicken up dudes like eating cold chicken I'm crammed greasy in cold I don't mind coaching because we all know we let's keep a 100 percent funky family events cooking at home you have leftover chicken you toss it up in the frigerator following day hit it right out the fridge Bongbong great so I wouldn't even mind the cold chicken in that extent but when is greasy and cold now we got a problem Houston now we got a problem I got to keep the buck I'm a week but that barbecue that it's currently cooking to be done because I don't want to beat them in the head due to cold food and I want to keep going because I know that's cold – I see you in that barbecue dumbu a sausage first mm-hmm my paddock a little onion in there nice smaller savory pork bite not too saucy nice little snap on the skin that onions are kind of sets the flavor of them now we talk to Papa now we talk Jill that right there the sausage heavy four and a half easy let's give this chicken wing we just come in I don't mean I'm gonna break that up come here they base this chicken with this asshole little pinch of salt already kind of marinated in on the chicken with the seasoned it they season this ticking up son to be damned all before went up off I've been to the oven up over there hold on tender watch you some good my shirt okay I'll lick that flavor apart right off the sir I will lick that flavor right off the shelf would I came for the buff a standing for the barbecue just serve it to the folks for something of a point because y'all seasoned gamers dumb stupid wild good over here banana Brazil what would you say I smack the fire about your face say something bad about they don't bother about the barbecue boy hmm so good I gotta add a to let me wash down my had a tool of some nasal they don't pay me for the product placement so I call it what it is you got me all y'all got a y'all gotta send a check get some schnitzel over here do something Mega Man is smooth so I wash some flavors down I got put the flavour back in my face betcha by golly Wow alright no one wanted I've been waitin for out of them mmm top sirloin steak gained properly in the Builder with it right now you see what it is different cuts of steak definitely had to get some top sterling over in there what's about to go down a good thing we're wrapping up now I got here nice and early it started get packed up in the spot everybody's coming in everybody's heading straight up over for the barbecue my first time here so you know I'm just learning as I go but let's check this thing out he sprinkles a thing on oh that's closest office was definitely a seasoning so he sprinkles on the meat before he sticks it up in the afford to give seared up some proper that is so amazing tender juicy seared for like Chris with that salt kickin up just you ain't never got to do much to meet let me get the other let me get the other cut we get out of the column Budi fam i can give banana brazil I'm fair rating now we've already talked about the regular effect we talked about a meeting more than just heatmaps food kind of cold has potential falling short of the mark ultimately I can only really give them I made maybe a three have you told a half maybe a three because the potential is there the food the flavoring is there just we can't be serving enough cold however where they make up for everything is when you hit that barbecue like I said comfortable thing stay for the barbecue it's worth it's worth the wait the chicken a steak the sausage whatever you need in life then whipping up their work for and a halves and five all day bangers pulling up off that barbecue some proper and when you hit them flavors when you hit from flavors cousin game over each and every time swirl it around your mouth tender juicy bite the juices when literally you're talking about your children now why you would want to do that but if you did it dripping dripping if you got a beard all this doing is capturing the flavor in your bed you got a flavorful beer you see them saying to you so ultimately I could mess around and give this out of food because they're barbecuing lifts it up from the death trap about two and a half or a borderline three bringing that up to a full right here at banana Brazil 341 new Park Avenue Hartford Connecticut Rock what's your boy rock with your boy now let me go ahead and put my own review up off into yo let's go what's going on my sexy pieces here we are at the very end where now I am going to go into the old hit up banana Brazil and put in my own review we already know I gave them a heavy four but let's make it official come on alright y'all so right now banana Brazil only has 37 reviews on Yelp but over 500 reviews on Google kind of crazy but it is what it is but let's go ahead and give him some love right writer of you you all deserve this for and then some for your barbeque is something crazy baby I will not sit here and pretend as if I was in love with the buffet itself which at this point is the only thing stopping this review from getting my 5 all day while the buffet offerings are plentiful the only issue that I had was the heat land action which ultimately left the phone cold and I was there soon as you all opened your doors to the public the chicken that was part of the buffet was actually both cold and greasy I did not mind cold chicken but that is the be reserved for the day after when you have that thing stand up in a refrigerator and you already know what you are getting yourself into the sides were just as cold but the flavor was there which is why I did not beat you up too badly over to temp just something to work on should you need to make any changes in my opinion now let's talk about what brought you from a3 in my book up to a for your barbecue was everything in more I'm dance between lovers as I took a bite from the sausage and those flavors sang to my tastebuds I hit the chicken right from your barbeque game and the bank was pure delight the steak me we even discuss that tender flair with a pinch of salt sincere this is what happiness tastes like and I can appreciate that and now we're gonna post that thing baby post it baby's not playing what you're born our family so banana Brasil is actually rated of four and a half stars on both Google and on Yelp me personally I gave it a 4 so I'm pretty much aligned is the best review buffet restaurant in my state and now it's time to go to the worst reviewed buffa hit restaurant in my state so sit back relax that dreads gonna drop on Tuesday thank you thank you thank you for the love thanks for even bothering to watch this thanks for all the support and of course your ideas are amazing because if the ideas work I do my best to implement those ideas into my future videos as we've done we read the reviews in the beginning and then I added my own little yelp review in the end because that's what you asked for you know I'm saying so this is our channel we're just gonna keep trying to grow this thing out working our way to that Middle East so silly B so don't forget yo subscribe follow all the good stuff sharing is caring is joint out hit him with the lights let YouTube know you wanna see this joint you don't want to miss an episode B that's how you let the algorithm know I'm gonna see you guys next video

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  1. Its a good think that my parents are old school because I know that you're singing "Betcha By Golly Wow" by Stylistics
    . XD 11:13

  2. Daym that fish maybe Swai, a lot of places serve it cause it cheaper then Cod, it resembles catfish a little. The first part of the Buffett I give it 👎🏽👎🏽.
    The Brazilian meat bbq doesn’t look to bad.
    Slide up in them Indian joints, they be having good tasting, spicy, well seasoned Curry’s, and Nan bread.

  3. When you go to a buffet when they first open you're getting the food that was held over from the night before. They probably took that food straight out of the fridge and put it under the heat lamps because it was already cooked from the night before. You were there so early it didn't have a chance to get fully warmed up. The food would have been better if you had gone a little later in the day.

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