hi guys in this video we will learn how
to make Chinese barbecue pork in a rice cooker super easy and quick let’s learn
how to make it let’s prepare the sauce first this is an easier version and we
will need 2 tablespoons of char siu (BBQ) sauce you can use any brands of char siu (BBQ) sauce only using char siu (BBQ) sauce cannot satisfy me because the taste is a little bit
plain in additional add 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
one tablespoon of cooking wine which gives very nice fragrance the best is to
use this rose wine which you can find in Asian grocery store or you can use other
cooking wine the char siu (BBQ) sauce has got honey already but does not sweet enough
add one more tablespoonsof honey mmm life is so sweet I love garlic two
cloves of garlic minced great then the sauce is ready the
char siu (BBQ) sauce has a bit of red coloring already those bright red color
you see in the Chinese restaurants they use artificial coloring at home you can
use this red dried yeast they also have this in powder form add one teaspoon in
the sauce then you will have very nice bright red color this ingredient is not very
common and I want to make this recipe simple and easy so I will skip this
ingredient the best part to use is pork shoulder
which has very nice distribution of meat and fat or you can also use pork belly
just avoid any lean meat which will make the char siu (BBQ pork) dry and not tasty it comes with a big chunk of meat cut into smaller pieces then it can be cooked
more evenly and easily then soak the meat in water for 10 minutes by doing this you can get rid of the rough taste of the meat without
water blanching after that use a kitchen towel to absorb all the excess water
then we gonna marinate the meat simply put the meat in a sealable bag
add the sauce massage well yes a masseur then put it in the fridge and marinate the meat for one hour yes one hour only no need to marinate overnight
and that’s enough to make them tasty Oh almost forgot you can use a
fork to poke some holes in the meat it can help marinate to meat here we go the rice cooker after one
hour we can cook the char siu (bbq pork) place the char siu (BBQ pork) in the rice cooker Get rid of the garlic mince if they stick on the meat because they can be burnt very
easily switch the rice cooker to the cook mode cover the lid then cook for about one minute after one minute flip the pork to the other side cover the lid and cook for another 1
minute by flipping it constantly the char siu (BBQpork)i will not get burnt that easily keep doing this for a few times until the char siu (BBQ pork) is done it depends on how powerful your rice cooker is and how thick is the piece of the pork it took
me about 15 minutes to cook the pork because the rice cooker switch back to
the keep warm more from time to time just have a test on the pork to see if
it is done you can also have a cut on the char siu (BBQ pork) to see if this is done the more you cook the better you can control the meat not yet need to more once it is almost done take out the pork
then we gonna add 1 tablespoon of maltose the maltose gives very nice shiny
glaze to the char siu (BBQ pork) make sure the char siu (BBQ pork) is coated with the maltose you can use honey instead but maltose is a better choice you can find it easy in
Asian grocery store maltose has high viscosity simply use a hot spoon then
you can grab the maltose easily yep then it is good and it is ready to serve
ok we adopt zero waste policy there is still some sauce in the back add them to
the rice cooker add a tablespoons of water cook until its thickened then we can make to a barbecue sauce cut the barbecue pork into pieces
spread the sauce on the char siu pork you may see there’s a little bit burnt and
it is perfectly okay that is how char siu is because we use
quite a lot of sugar then this is super juicy amazingly delicious super easy and quick to make rice cooker barbecue pork hmm it looks so yummy this is just irresistible hope you enjoyed this video give me a
like and subscribe my channel share this video to your friends and family I’ll
see you next time

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  1. There’s not much difference I’d rather use normal frying pan cook like you do it’s easier to control the fire

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