Easy Orange Chicken Recipe (Better Than Panda Express!)

hi everybody this is a Shinichi and this is Satoshi who will be making one of my favorite foods that I have in Hawaii what are you making today orange chicken orange chicken now I know this is not authentic Chinese food and orange chicken is not something that we can get here in Japan in fact I don’t know a single place where I can get orange chicken here in Japan so the first thing I do when I go to Hawaii is I eat orange chicken at Panda Express I don’t know that yeah me too I love the orange chicken over there so Satoshi is going to try to replicate that today this is our version of our ginger let’s get started this is my origin it looks really good smelling so good I cannot explain to how good it smells in this kitchen this is not a kitchen studio right now I can’t explain to you how this smells but I’m going to go bite so that’s good takeoff mmm I see oh yeah I was really good mmm company lookit what she it’s really good oh my god really okay I know it seems like I’m thinking about it not it’s really good the Morrisons anything you put orange zest in here the orange flavor is very very intense but not overly so not only so and I see that you have served it with some fried rice so you made it truly sort of Hawaiian or Chinese oh man mmm mmm very good I can’t stop you know on our latest trip to Hawaii that we just came back from I had orange chicken 2 times 2 times only twice because you know so much booty but oh my god I cannot believe you can replicate at home I’m so happy I’m so so happy you don’t give a of a like soul yeah for your life mm from the aminika d’Ivoire more table and a bun no Chinese dissidents man anymore huntin up Chinese steel move I make a nice touch Chinese over there no more time on each one I make it a popular now Chinese with me one point I see this dough – anyone jjigae what is she quinoa Sanjana is your big critic at all the machine will install qiime bakunin um the country ambassador’s personal commission des moines’s con todo se oh no su batalla medium Aikido tomahawk Ichigo yoga enjoy oh sorry sorry god I’m pushy pushy beautiful oh my must so anyway thank you so much Satoshi for making orange chicken for you because you know it has always been my dream to in orange chicken I love the new cream yes now I hope you can make lemon chicken for me as well in the very very near future and maybe some cake noodles and all the kind of other stuff that we can get easily in Hawaii anyway hope you guys enjoy today’s recipe if you like orange chicken definitely and give this one a try I personally think it tastes better than the one and the expresses oh my god it is it’s it’s really is I’m going to stop talking and I’m going to continue eating after this video thank you for watching give it a thumbs up share comment subscribe and hope to see you guys in the next video thank you and take care bye bye

100 thoughts on “Easy Orange Chicken Recipe (Better Than Panda Express!)

  1. Hey there! Just tried the recipe! Turned out so delicious! The only thing I will say is that it was too salty and didn't have enough of an orange taate

  2. I LIKE. 😀😬😀 (I'm curious if you two like Sushi 🍣?)
    I feel bad you can't get Orange Chicken there I Japan. I can get some very near by. Only 2 blocks from my house there's a Chinese restaurant where they make a very crispy and delicious Orange Chicken. It wasn't until rescently that I found out that it is the most popular Chinese dish in America.
    – Be well Gentlemen. ❤

  3. Orange chicken is an American invention and I know tons of people who love it at Panda Express! I need to make it at home because I need to make orange tofu and I don't like it quite as sweet as Panda Express. You can buy orange chicken sauce in America you should grab a couple of bottles and bring them home. 🙂

  4. Although I am going to make satoshi's recipe it looks fresh and wonderful! I coat my tofu and fry it until it's very very crispy. Yum! 🙂

  5. your gram measurement to cup or tablespoon is way off. I was starting to make this and had to stop. you say 50gram, half, doesn't make sense.

  6. Thanks for posting this bc i love orange chicken my dad said to do a search and maybe we will use this video so i am going to show him later Thanks for this vid

  7. You all fucked up and said 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of soy sauce, my orange chicken tasted like shit following your stupid ass directions! Read the description and it's different, 1/2 cup of soy and 1/4 of vinegar, WTF!!

  8. The dry chicken batter is exactly what ive been looking for. I've been making a wet batter to fry the chicken and it doesn't work as good or look as good either thank you.

    I personally mix all the ingredients in the blender for the sauce its very fast, gotta hold the blender sidways slightly to get all the ginger and garlic

  9. Where's the broccoli? And this orange chicken sauce doesn't look think enough and the chicken doesn't look cooked enough. Maybe it's just the camera but something looks off.

  10. I tried this recipe today, not sure what had to much the soy sauce or vingear or both. I try to add more honey didn't make it and better. Any suggestions?

  11. Wish you reply to this I'm a Muslim so we don't drink any type of liquor so can you give me eny replacement for the rice wine ??? Plz

  12. Hi, so I want to start with saying thank you for posting this because I love orange chicken and I love cooking so now I can cook orange chicken at home😁 But I was wondering when you write 1/2 (100ml) cup do you mean that 1/2 is 100ml or is it supposed to be that a whole cup is 100ml? The same with g too is 1/2 cup 50g and 55g or is 1 cup 50g and 55g? 😅

  13. Hi guys. We dont have Panda Express in Sweden but I just visited Chicago and because you talked so warmly of their Orange Chicken I had to go to Panda. It was just as good as you say :-). But I have also done your recipie and I love it. Lots of hugs from me and the Tornado in Sweden.

  14. The honey was a nice touch. The first time I had orange chicken, it was the first time that I ate something that caused me so much pain because it was extremely hot but I couldn't stop eating it because it was just that good. By the time I was finished, I had tears and was trying to hide my runny nose while my tongue felt like I just licked the sun's surface.

  15. Looks amazing, thank you for sharing. I would only change the dark meat for white. Too much fat in your thigh meat.

  16. I Really do not care for Panda Express Orange Chicken. I have had better Chicken at Chinese Restaurant….I Love Orange Chicken….Mango Chicken..and Strawberry Chicken…Great Recipe

  17. Most people think orange chicken is Chinese food but its not its actully a American Original dish

  18. I know this will sound dumb, bare with me lol. When you go to Hawaii you need to go to The Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki and try their Orange Chicken, it changed my life forever!

  19. To anyone saying there's too much soy or vinegar: Japanese fruit is notoriously high-quality (and expensive), so it is likely that their orange is a lot sweeter than whatever you got. Many types of orange are bitter, which will mess up the dish. Also, soy sauce in Japan is much better balanced; whatever you get elsewhere is often overly salty. And good shoaxing rice wine is quite sweet too. Of course always taste food before you serve it and adjust to your liking before shouting at the recipe creators that it's their fault.

  20. To all people who says too much this too little that,,, let me explain,I love cooking different things, the magic, the miraculous magic of cooking is,,,ta-daa! First you learn the basics,learn the technical,,,then!!! You do it either the traditional way or your way,,,I'm going to try this with cinnamon, to see what it tastes like, and even a dash of lemon,to make a slight contrast, be creative to your taste buds,, enjoy, also you guys at the studio you make a good pair 😉

  21. SCAM! I thought this was for instant pot. I'd like three refunds plz. Great video though, so I'll still give you guys a thumbs up. Not happy but still satisifed.

  22. メッチャ美味しそう!夜中も近いと言うのにお腹空いて来ちゃったじゃないですか~(;´∀`)

  23. Hola sois unos chicos simpáticos y encantadores y la comida 👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌😘😘😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👏👏 saludos desde España

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