Easy Instant Pot Recipe for Everyday Moms

– So I thought on this episode it would be so fun to bring in my mom. – Thank you. – Sharon Ramsey, to help us cook. Because, Mom, you’re like one
of the best cooks out there. Really. You grew up— – Always cooking, Rachel, always cooking. – She cooked all the time. And grew up on a farm. – I did.
– What did you do? – The farm, everything was fresh. – True or false. Did you churn butter ever in your life? – Rachel. – True or false? Did you churn butter?
– True, true, true. – Yes, okay, that’s right. – It was good butter, though. It was good butter.
– I think that’s so fun. Okay, so all that’s to
say you grew up cooking, you cooked with us growing up, and one of your favorite
things was the crock pot. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take one of your recipes that
you cooked for us growing up that was in the crock pot,
and we’re going to put it actually in this thing, which
is called an Instant Pot. You used one of these before? – No, but I’ve heard so
many people talk about them. I don’t have one, so I’m excited. – Me too, and I don’t even know how— (Instant Pot beeping) – What did you do? – (laughs) I don’t know. I’m just gonna lift up the lid. Okay. – Does it talk? – I don’t know. No, it sings to you, though. Okay, so anyways, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it’s stressing me out, okay. And apparently this like blows
up or something, people say. – No. It’s kinda like a pressure cooker. I grew up with pressure cookers. – Okay, so you’re gonna
be better at this than me. Okay. So actually, your crock pot
we have cooking back there, the recipe, which is fun. So instead of taking six hours, apparently it takes like an instant to cook in the Instant Pot. So what are you gonna cook for us? – This is going to be beef fajitas, and on a cold winter night,
or even in the summer, it’s something that is quick. It’s easy. Pop it in the Instant Pot. – Okay, so what do we start with? – Okay, grab the meat. So the first thing we need to do. – Oh, it’s heavy. Oh, and it’s so raw. – Can I give you a little tip? About meat?
– Yes, it’s gross. – If this were me, and I know
people don’t always do this, but I would actually take
this over to the stove, and I would sear it in a frying pan— – Wow, getting real. – Rachel, come on, surely
you know how to do that. – I think I do. – You would just put it maybe
for about, I don’t know, a minute and a half on each
side, just kinda browns it. – Actually I hear that the
Instant Pot sears it for you, or you can do it, or
something someone’s told me. But I don’t really know how that works. That stresses me out. So we’re not doing that now. Okay, okay. So, use that. – Okay, so we’re just gonna
put it in the Instant Pot. – Okay, I’ll take this from you. Alright, what do we do next? – Next, and as you know Rachel, what is one of my most famous
sayings in the kitchen? – Oh you always say, “Open
up your spice cabinets.” Is that it? – Oh just, anytime you’re
cooking, seriously, just open up your cabinets, your spice, all you have to do is just
grab whatever, and just use it— – See? And to a non-cook like
me, I’m always like, “Mom how did you make this?” “Just open up your cabinet
and just put stuff in.” I’m like, “I don’t know!” I don’t even know how much you’re using. So that was salt. – Okay, that was all salt and garlic. – Garlic, okay. – Pepper, well that’s pepper. And Rachel, you know I
never measure, right? – I know, so that stresses me out. – So, honestly, who’s gonna know? – The people eating it, if they’re like, “Oh gosh, I can’t even breathe, ’cause—” – And this is chili powder.
– Chili powder, okay. It looks like a lot. – Which makes it really spicy. – That does look good. – And then we have a
can of Rotel tomatoes. – Perfect. – And green chiles. – Okay, I know what those are. – And then, this is our
dry onion, beefy onion. – Okay, so this is what’s funny to me, is this is kinda gross to me. – Why? – I don’t know. – You know another thing
you can use this in that is so good? Hamburgers. If you’re gonna grill hamburgers
just open up a packet— – Does it stress you out? ‘Cause you’re kind of an
organic, healthy eater. – True. I hardly shop inside the aisles. But always on the outside. – But you do this, just
cause it tastes good. – Not very often. So we’ll put it in. Let’s hope the Instant Pot likes it. – Well, and it may not. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. – A cup of water. We almost forgot about our onion, Rachel. – Oh, yes. – We need to dice our onion. You know, onion is
something I love to use because it adds a lot of spice. – So what are your other
go-to foods that you’re like, oh yeah, when you’re cooking, always use? You use a lot of spices. – Mmhmm. A lot of Italian. Ooh, that’s a strong onion. A lot of Italian seasonings,
and I usually try, in the spring, I try to always
plant a little herb garden. So everything’s fresh. – Gosh, don’t you have
some time on your hands. Mom! I don’t have time— – One day, Rachel, one day. – Actually I did. I’m joking. We did plant herbs. – Winston did, didn’t he? – Yeah, in a pot, and it was great. We had rosemary and different things. Okay, that’s good, okay. – This is also something
I really hardly ever use. – I know, which I saw this
in the recipe and I was like, “Mom, you use cream of mushroom soup?” Which is fine, but I
feel like, I don’t know, cream of anything is like— – I know, it’s seriously— – But you’re fine with it? – It’s okay for something like this, because it makes it thick. This is your thickener. – Okay, okay. We’re okay with that. – Okay, the best to me,
are the black beans. Two cans. – Two cans of black beans in here. You stir it, right? Like when you did in the crock pot, you stirred it all in together. And I’m not a great cook. I’ve learned though. – You are learning. – So growing up— – Why did you not always— – Well I was just asking, why
did you not teach me to cook? – Do you remember I gave you a week to make out your own menu and for you to go to
the kitchen and to cook? I did that to Denise also. – Who was better? – Denise followed through,
and she did everything. She cooked our meals. She
planned, and she cooked. And then I think you, maybe,
instead of five nights, maybe you did two. And it was probably macaroni and cheese. – But I’ve gotten better. – You’ve done better. – I’ve done better. You’ve helped me, Mom. – Practice makes perfect, right? – That’s right, Mom. – Okay, so I click “meat,” so I read. And then I go up to an hour. – Oh gosh, I cannot wait. – (laughs) Are you making
fun of me and my Instant Pot? – No, I love it! I’m gonna go buy one. Hey, Mother’s Day is coming, right? – Yes. – Guess what I need? – Okay. So while this is cooking, actually our team put together
a whole roast, everything, in an Instant Pot, and it’s finished. I’m so curious what it looks
like ’cause it’s done now. Okay, so let’s move some of this stuff. (upbeat music) Okay, so now I let this thing out. – Be careful, Rachel. You make me nervous. – I make myself nervous. (steam escapes) Oh my gosh! – Are you gonna do it? – Should you do it? – No, you do it. It’s yours. I’m excited for you. Oh, yum. – Perfect. Apparently you can do this, very fancy. Oh, it looks good. – Should we look? Should we taste? – Okay. Will you take the forks,
Mom, and like shred it? – It’s falling apart. – It’s a little watery. Is it usually that watery? – No, not really. Maybe because the first time, ’cause we’re not familiar
with Instant Pots, you know? So honestly, maybe, if you didn’t
put a whole cup of water, maybe a fourth of a cup? – Okay, so do less water, note to self. But it smells good. Here, you get the shell, get the shell. And we’ll do this, we drain. – Doesn’t it look good? – It looks pretty good. – What do you like on yours? – I’ll do all of it, cheese and cilantro. That looks good. Alright, here’s yours. You could probably get more. I was just thinking, did
I put enough on mine? – Looks like you did. Ooh, I got all the meat. – It’s great; it’s great. Here, we’ll just take a quick test. Do you like the cheese and cilantro? – I do. – Alright, Instant Pot, this
makes me a little nervous. Is it gonna be hot? – Is it good? – It is good. A little juicy. (laughs) It’s good though. – It is very good, Rachel. – Well done, Mom. – Good job. – Thank you, good job to you. – Winston will be very proud. – We went on an adventure,
so I appreciate it. And, hey, Happy Mother’s Day. – Oh, thank you, Rachel. You’re the best. – You’re the best. So if you want the recipe to this, and mom’s famous homemade salsa
recipe, ’cause it’s awesome. – It’s very good. It’s really good, so click
the link in the description. (upbeat music)

46 thoughts on “Easy Instant Pot Recipe for Everyday Moms

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    God bless you!

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