DUMPLING EATING CONTEST!! 3 Minute Time Limit – Ronin Expo 2019 – Crazy Cuisine Dumplings

let's try that again right here right now I'm pleased over here we are Brady don't leave us without look who actually signed up 6:25 hostage crazy cuisine prevents not the positive rate of excited so I'm part of it but you know I'll keep Justice Scalia so the first place actually gets hungry I've been much hot stuff and I like I'm not really like tryharding to heart and I just want to eat it without much I'm so potholders and also for the bail [Laughter] No oh yeah [Applause] she ain't making dumplings actually other eaters in the local area Wow make sure to check out this social media my twitter is again they get to crazy hopefully this video like and subscribe you and I'll see you next time is so much for watching like this describe you enjoyed it and make sure to check out my website for all my merchandise I got clothing prints and stickers all up on there and make sure to check out my social media my facebook page I do a lot of live streaming and on my Instagram page I do a lot of Giveaways and on my Twitter page I also give a shout out to where I might be so you guys can kind of follow me on my journey okay and then check out my other videos and again make sure you subscribe thank you so much for watching guys see you next time bye

28 thoughts on “DUMPLING EATING CONTEST!! 3 Minute Time Limit – Ronin Expo 2019 – Crazy Cuisine Dumplings

  1. Nice event and a good showing by eating 80! My goodness though, "lead in with the hog nosed ring, keeping planted; if that fails, then keep it backed up and planted by grabbing the pony tail. Yeah, it's fashion, but I couldn't resist thinking "way" outside of the lines.

  2. The guy with the button up shirt that's competing, really pissed me off… If you're not even gonna try, let someone else enter. Piece of shit.. Sorry

  3. Raina what happened to your right leg?  it looks like a big chunk is missing???  No shade I mean look I got like a hole in the middle of my forehead cuz I had a bike accident when I was younger and the tissue between my scalp and skin is missing so it looks like a hole……….ppl still ask me bout it from time to time and it doesn't bother me anymore

  4. Good job💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. You are so Beautiful, Raina! Such a beautiful nose and smile. I'll stop their with the compliments before I sound any weirder.

    Continue being the champion you are on your eating challenges!

  6. Let me have Raina in them little black shorts and the other girl in them little blue shorts. Us 3 under a waterfall, thus completing my bucket list 😋😋

  7. Wow! 80!!!!! That’s awesome girl!! And you know you got it going on when ya show up the staff hottie! Keep em coming girl!

  8. Just letting you know that in my small town of sedan Kansas at the greendoor cafe are now having a food challenge feel free to contact them and they will give you more details

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