beautiful day out there just thought I would make some guacamole for you guys I've just taken some butter apples off my tree and I'm gonna show you how to make a really cool guacamole recipe guys let's go get it alright guys depending on the size of the guacamole that you're gonna make you can choose how many avocados you want so it really depends on the size of your avocado and how big of a portion you'd like to have so for example I've got here two large ripe avocados and that's how much I'm gonna need so if you want to have four small ones or four large ones it just depends on how much you want to make so just choose how many avocados accordingly guys alright guys just clean your avocados peel the skin off and just place them in a large bowl it's really easy to do if the avocados are ripe they'll just scrape right out with a spoon it's the easiest way and place them into a large bowl I'm just gonna take a fork and start to mash it sometimes I'll take a sharp knife as well mash it like that chop it up then you can just match it up until there's no lumps or chunks must be just completely smooth guys that creamy avocado you know you love block once you get a consistency that you're happy with it's nice and smooth and you're happy with it you got all the chunks out and you've got smooth and creamy avocado start to add in the good stuff make it guacamole so I'm just gonna put in a little bit of Himalayan salt as much as you like you don't have to Himalayan salt you can use regular salt or you don't have to put salt in it all just depends if you want a little bit of salt for taste now if you have the real lemon you can use lemon or you can use lemon juice like I'm using right now but if you have a lemon at home just juice one whole lemon and pour it on in I'm just gonna pour in a little bit of lemon juice like that depending on how much you like you can flavor this however you want it guys if you don't like the lemon it's fine I'm gonna put in a little bit olive oil just a little dollop give that a stir you really make this how you want to you can put in any herbs and spices to flavor it however you'd like now at this point guys if you're wanting to have spicy guacamole what I'm gonna do is just add in some crushed chilies if you guys don't want here welcome only to be spicy or hot just leave the chilies out and if you don't have chili place you can just chop up one chili or make it as hot as you like or not at all just depending how you guys feel we like ours a little bit spicy put in a little bit of chili flakes also for some nice color that red and green in there put a little more chili flakes put a little fire in the meal boom I'm also gonna add and this is completely optional just a little bit of chopped garlic because it's healthy and good for you and it adds that extra kick of flavor guys stir this up there you have a guy's boom DIY guacamole just like in the restaurant this is gonna go awesome on anything guys on your burgers at home if you're making burgers just have it with some chips or some nachos some crackers this is awesome man you guys got to try this out and just the tip if you want to make your guacamole like earlier in the day but you don't want it to go black you want it to stay green just take the pits out of the avocado toss them in there throw it in the fridge and when you put these in it's a little trick guys if your avocado won't go black at all it will stay fresh until you're ready to eat it pop it in the fridge you'll be ready to go hey guys I hope you enjoyed that recipe don't forget to like subscribe comment below let me know what you thought of the video let me know what kind of twists do you guys put on the guacamole let me know what you guys add it into it did you make it hot and spicy did you make it plain or did you add something different altogether to it I'd really like to know how it went for you guys and so we're gonna hit that little Bell notification next to the subscribe button because apparently subscribing not enough anymore you also have to get that little bell so that you get notified from every video that we let out so please let us know in the comments below we love you guys and we'll see you soon much love from our world to yours

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  1. I love that you and Belz do recipes and variety, going to try this I tried your mascarpone recipe and I must tell you it came out wonderful was so delicious thank you for posting James

  2. Great video, I’ll use this recipe and have a get together with some friends, thanks for sharing James

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