(sing-song)French fried eyeballs, dipped in kerosene and I forgot my spoon. Forgot my spoon. What up Internet, Corinne here and you’re watching, Corinne vs. Cooking! Or maybe we’ll call this one Corinne vs. Cookies. (laughs) That’s right, today I’m making a giant Girl Scout Cookie. Now you may be asking yourself “What gives you the authority to make girl scout cookies?” Well, I was in the girl scouts for a very long time. And have sold thousands of boxes of girl scout cookies. I have probably eaten thousands of them as well. Those years were both sad and lonely. Now, if you’re team Thin Mint like my arch nemesis, Matt Damon This may not be of any help to you. But if you are a logical person with amazing taste, you are definitely team Samoa for life. And you’re gonna love this sh*t. But why a giant one? Can we just have a regular sized one? No, this is Youtube. We don’t do regular sized things here. We do GIANT versions of things. Let’s get started, shall we? Okay, first off we need to make a double batch of shortbread. No, this isn’t a short version of bread This is a type of dough that’s a little sweeter and makes cookies. Oh, and by the way. All the recipes I’m using to make this thing are in the description down below. On my honour I will try to serve … No. And my country, to treat people with kindness … What was it again? And to live by the Girl Scout law. Let’s get back to the project shall we. Yeah, after I made all the dough. I rolled out, cut out and baked, four giant cookies shapes I let them cool for a little while And then stacked them together with layers of chocolate. Yeah. However, I topped the stack with melted caramel. Then I mixed a bunch of toasted coconut with the rest of the caramel And piled that right on top of there. This is ridiculous. Lastly, I dipped the whole freaking thing in more melted chocolate. Then I very neatly put some of that chocolate in a squeeze bottle. No, actually this was not easy at all and looks pretty freaking disgusting. But, the squeeze bottle is very effective in creating those signature Samoa stripes. This thing looks AMAZING. (sing-song) Cookie, cookie, cookie. Now for the best part! The taste test. I mean, it’s the best part for me anyway. I get to eat the cookie. You just have to sit there and watch because eat-o-vision hasn’t been invented yet. Alright, here we go. This is a f*cking masterpiece. A masterpiece of cookie Huh! I don’t really know how to do this but we’re just gonna go for it. Ow. Ow! Mmm, it’s really good. Kinda hard to bite into, I think I need to cut it. Teeth kinda hurt Straight up, this topping tastes just like it does on the real thing. It’s delicious. I’m gonna cut it. Oh, we’re in. We are in. Ok, so final analysis. I don’t think I needed so many layers of shortbread. I kinda did that just to make it giant. But flavour wise, just this top layer with one layer of shortbread underneath it, is delicious. Things I’ve learned today. Toasted coconut and caramel … Love each other. It’s so good. Alright so, obviously I cannot eat this whole cookie by myself. Or maybe it’s not so obvious. Whatever. What should I do with the rest of it? Hmm … (doorbell ringing) Rob: Hold on, hold on, coming. Who the … Rob: What the … Corinne: Would you like to buy a box of Girl Scout cookie? Rob: Ahhh, yeah no thanks. Corinne: What do you mean? Rob: Nah, I like the thin mints. Corinne:What? Rob: I like the thin mint ones. Rob: Dammit … Rob: No, no, no, no, no I was a very accomplished girl scout. I got the dancing patch, that one came in handy. The star gazing patch, love that one. Got the good old, finding poop on the trail patch. Oh, video making patch. Thanks Girl Scouts, you changed my life. Well, isn’t this special. Do you have a project you want to see us try on the show? Leave a link in the comments down below. Also, make sure to subscribe, like up this video and I’ll see you later. (sing-song) Make new friends but keep the o-old One is silver and the other is gold Thats kinda mean. “No, you’re a silver friend now, yeah, she’s my gold friend.” “Maybe you should have texted me back.” (snaps)

100 thoughts on “DIY GIANT Girl Scout Cookie, CORINNE VS COOKING #5

  1. Okay, I'm okay with you liking samoas better than thin mints, but don't judge other people's tastes based on their own likings. Have you ever heard of the phrase "To each their own?"

  2. Team Thin Mints. Sorry Corrine. And I’m a cadet in Girl Scouts and got my bronze award this year (2018) and I think you did a good job on the cookie. Where I like they are called Carmel Delights.

  3. Corrine, I think you have a potential ally in Brutalmoose, who also attempts to make gimmicky food on the YouTubes and has it out for Matt Damon.

  4. The real debate here should be ABC Bakers or Little Brownie Bakers. Because whether you get Caramel deLites or Samoas rests on that, and I hate Caramel deLites because you barely taste the caramel. Little Brownie wins, eat dirt ABC.

  5. It is on my honor I will try to serve God in my country to help people at all times and to live by the girl scout law I know this because my little

  6. On my honor I will try to serve God and my country to help people at all times and to live by the girl scout law IM A FREAKING GURL SCOUT

  7. *rings a ding*
    Uh hello?
    Hi I’m Lily!!
    buy my Girl Scout cookies!!!
    Oh, no I don’t want any, sorry
    i didn’t ask you to
    *pulls out gun*

  8. Maybe it would have been easier to bite if you used soft caramel instead of melted caramel. They taste the same except soft caramel you can buy in a tub and scoop straight onto the thing

  9. It’s samoas for some states and caramel delights for others.

    Samoas sound better and their the best.

  10. You know what in my place I could have died if I joined because the first day someone broke their tooth the next day someone broke their arm because they were making crochet

    I promise to do my duty to God
    to server the Queen and my Country,

    to help other and keep the
    guide law

  12. 4:06 LMFAO Corrne came flying up to the door with a giant girl Scout cookie box I laughed for a straight 5 minutes at this

  13. make your own fucking garden with all beeautiful fucking flowers and fence and fucking management of the garden

  14. A wise old cat lady amateur once sang, “Deep Fried Eyeballs Dipped In Kerosene And I Forgot My Spoon. "

    -Corinne Leigh Czar

  15. I legit have had people not only on the internet, but also irl (middle school) ridicule me on a personal level for liking Thin Mints more than Samoas.

    Seriously, like wtf? 😒

    People just can’t respect other people’s opinions.

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