“Different Strokes” – Master Chef Kenjiro Hashida

I started drawing when I was around 4 years old. I was curious everytime my mother brought me to her friend’s house. There were a lot of pictures on her
wall. Every time, I would tug at my mother’s
sleeve, saying “I want to go home, because I want to draw.” When I entered elementary school, I met my art teacher, Mr Uchiyama. He would send a lot of my smaller artworks to exhibitions. I tried to enter art university in Tokyo,
but couldn’t… So I entered culinary school for one
year. And after graduation, for one year
and six months, I would draw on the streets.. .. actually selling small-sized postcards. But I didn’t find much success… Then I decided – maybe I’d become a chef first, become famous… … and THEN sell pictures. Much better. I like fashion, and I like painting… .. in addition to cooking. So if I ever run out of ideas for new
recipes or cooking… … I draw. Sometimes this results in an idea for
fashion design, or sometimes, cooking. This (creative) triangle, I need. Sometimes if I have no plan… I need to do something which makes
me concentrate. Then new ideas come in. This painting’s name is “Falling in
Love.” I have not actually used any brush. .. I used only gravity. So (the strokes) are following gravity’s
pull. You can see the buckets, pouring the
paint… .. which flows down (and drips) on
the floor.. .. where I actually painted the word
“Love”. And that’s why it’s named “Falling
in Love.” I created the new restaurant Hashida Garo… .. where my artworks are on the wall. I want to pass (the space) to a lot of artists. I don’t want to charge them. It’s free. Because I had the experience… .. of being young and wanting my own exhibition, but it was too expensive. That’s why they can use the Garo
wall for their exhibitions… for free.

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