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Hello Everyone! Welcome to our YouTube Channel “Everyday Life”. Today we are sharing information on rice. Dozens of rice varieties have been cultivated in India. But, today we will share information on Basmati Rice Basmati Sella Rice and Brown Rice. First we will start with Basmati Rice. Basmati word has been derived from Sanskrit that is combination of Bas + mati in which bas ( doesn’t mean bad smell)=fragrance and mati=one who possess that. Here, we have 1121 Basmati rice. When you finely observe basmati grain you wll see long grain and sharp edges – inherited quality of basmati. Basmati is famous for long grain and delicate aroma. Basmati rice is also good for health. Because It has moderate Glycemic Index ( GI), hence diabetic can also enjoy this rice. basmati rice is bit difficult to handle because it is a delicate grain. it is always cooked after soaking in water to achieve full length and aroma of grain. Soaking of basmati rice is prerequisite before cooking. If you stir too much while cooking it will break into small pieces spoiling the character of the rice grain. It is also essential to put correct amount of water to avoid sticking of basmati rice. Basmati rice has been considered as non-sticky rice (grain should not stick together). that’s why it is difficult to cook. Hence, it is widely cooked as steamed or boiled rice in hotel or restaurants. Basmati rice is famous for its taste that is slightly towards sweetness side. It is widely cultivated in north part of Indian; Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh. Our Second rice is Basmati Sella Rice. Sella Rice is not a variety of grain. Sella is a process in which you can turn any rice into sella. Since, it is a basmati sella rice, 1121 basmati sella rice. Sella is a process in which paddy (rice grain) is parboiled and then dried; and further milled to get sella rice. Since it is basmati rice, you will see fine cut and sharp edges in this for which Basamati is famous It is easy to handle. and you can stir it as it doesn’t break easily hence widely used for making biryani, pilaf and fried rice; basically cooked with spices. It has slightly bitter end taste, that’s why it goes well with spices. bitterness doesn’t mean bitter like bitter gourd. It will give you just hint of bitterness. Sella Rice is easy to handle. Hence, all commercial set ups hotels, restaurant use basmati sella rice for their rice preparation. Our Third rice is brown rice. just like Sella rice , Brown rice is also not a variety of rice. Brown rice can be obtained from any variety of rice. Here, it is Sonamasuri Brown Rice. Brown Rice is also obtained from a process in which outer skin husk or hull is removed from paddy keeping other layer i.e. bran intact with grain. That is how this rice get its brown colour. Sella rice gets its pale colour due to sella process. Brown rice get its colour due its process Brown rice is very popular among health conscious people. People consider it very healthy However, it is very difficult to cook. If normal rice takes 10 minutes to cook; brown Rice normally takes 30 -40 minutes to cook. It is very popular throughout the world due to its nutrients. You can very easily use it for making dishes made from rice such as salads, cutlets or for making rice flour. Brown rice flour can be used anywhere as substitute of white rice flour or flour. Cooked basmati rice can reach upto length of 2 -2.5 times of its grain. Cooked basmati rice is white in colour. Aesthetically it is very beautiful and of course very delicious! Since, Sella rice is already slightly cooked, so there is very little change in length. Sell rice is also very nutritious. Rice researchers believe that due to sella process, nutrition of husk and bran get absorbed into rice. It is being said that sella rice contains 80% nutrients of the brown rice. So if you want to enjoy health with taste, Try Basmati Sella Rice. Cooked brown rice is not beautiful in appearance. It gives taste close to dalia*(broken wheat). It is also hard to chew. It has gained popularity in last decade among health conscious people. Cooked brown rice retains its size and tend to give feeling of broken and curved grain. It cannot be used for aesthetic purpose. So that was our information on rice. Before, we conclude this video, we would like to share information on one more interesting rice – Gobindbhog rice. It is cultivated in West Bengal. It is popular for its aroma and flavour. Cooking of this rice, can be smelt from a distance of 10-12 m. It is normally used for making Food offering and Kheer** to Indian Deities (West Bengal) during festivals. I am fully confident if you make Kheer with Gobinbhog rice- you will never use another variety of rice. Gobindbhog rice is also known as Vishnubhog rice. I hope my this information will be useful in your “Everyday Life”. Thanks for watching

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  1. Two brown rice kon se hotai hn ..kehte hn is mn nutrition zada hote hn ore white rice les nutrtiinal hota hai…
    Brown rice ko urdu mn kia kehtai hn…dukan walun ko ni pta..wo brown rice ko sella rice smjhte hn….ore kia white ore silla rice brown ni hote? Kia unki outr layer utri hoti hai

  2. Mai ghr mai sella rice bnati hu lekin dr rehta hai isk koi nuqsan to ni plz ap meri help k liye reply krye ga plz

  3. Ma'am Murmure banane ke liye Usna Rice use hota hai shayad. Usna rice Sella rice hua ya Brown rice? Maine kai video dekhe but confused ho gaya kyunki log bol to rahe hain parboiled rice but factories jo bana rahi hain unhe dekh ke lagta hai ki brown rice use ho raha hai? Ya aisa hai ki rice variety ke hisab se bhi Sella rice brown sa dikh sakta hai? 🤔

  4. Perfect. Thank you, especially for subtitles in English. So, now the challenge is finding large bags (i.e. at a good price per kg) of brown 'sella' (parboiled) basmati sella rice in Vancouver area. I found it in Singapore but both smaller Walmarts and East Asian-oriented TNT do not sell.

  5. Mam, kya 1121 non gmo hai?
    1. Aapki knowledge ke hisaab se ekdum original rice kaun sa..desi heirloom quality kya..jisme koi gmo na ho..koi hybrid na hi…sirf originally pure..

    2. Internet pe kuch videos mein yeh bhi bataya gaya hai ki ayurved ke anusaar basmati nahi khana chahiye kyunki yeh khushki karta hai…
    Mota chaawal hi daily use mein khana chahiye..kyun yeh oily hota hai..
    Maine chaawal kam hi use kiya hai..
    Pls iski thodi details batayiye agar aapko pata ho to..

  6. Ma'am pehli baar itna achcha samajh aaya,just bcoz of U.kachchi basmati aur pakki basmati kise kehte hain? Please reply

  7. Meri family pichle 6 saal highest quality basmati rice kha rhi ha jiska rate market 90 Rs ha. Do we need to switch to brown rice? Bcz Mere mama ka sheller ha to hame kafi cheap padta ha basmati chawal. And quality bhi assured ha. Please reply

  8. Mam, please make a video on how to identify old rice vs new rice.
    Some people say, rice should be minimum 1-2 years old before consumption.

  9. Mam, jis water mein rice ko soak karna hai..usi mein cook karein…
    Ya usko hata ke..new paani mein cook karein ?

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