We’re just gonna be putting them in here if you want to Crush like you boot kinds nice. Oh wait Yeah, but go check out our last video which was I would love to be make your own wig challenge Oh y’all we have to show you how to our handshake that we Wear there’s not really a handshake. It’s up. We made up each other Okay But anyways, we’re gonna go in the store now we’re getting our crabs and stuff so let’s though Okay guys, so we’re in now and we’re just looking at the crabs to get and oh There’s some alive slop soo-mi there’s some love love story here roll distaff dump. Oh my gosh There’s so many over here I wish we could get them, but I don’t really want to get live today So we got all this room right here. I think we might listening at these right? either bees for these probably but anyways, there’s all this stuff every and if we’re gonna get some pork, And you can pick the biggest one We will show you guys will begin pumping at home But we’re going to get it and then we’ll beat you guys at home Sophie’s out So we just read your home and now we’re boiling the water Is my water and I want to put Oh babies in it and then fill all these up and that’s what I’m doing So y’all come watch me? Alright, so I’m just gonna put it in. It doesn’t matter if videos are they season it? But that’s what we’re pretty use. Yeah Okay guys, so we already had these muscles and yeah we already had I mean we’re just gonna be putting them in here later It’s not tight ugly up there Danielle so we can start putting them up. Oops buggy just with the strength of the my legs Anyway We got all our stuff, but first of all and ask you guys, how you doing today, or you know? Tell us how you doing in the comments doing good. Have a good day already know give this a big thumbs up but anyway job how you like our home Phone now Instagram, uh, you guys who I’ve seen y’all know. I’m CK cool, right and Well So tell me why CJ cool he cheated on Ross watching elves messed up because I actually dated problem like something here or something. Mm-hmm Only don’t were married morning. No. No, they weren’t married and she was pregnant. So I think I was in love with Mary They she was pregnant too. Um BT aha night I have to do Cheon for my like she do it so pretty Hello, he just she hit like but anyways, yeah, she got kiyong and She went on her Instagram tab He did she he did she put them. You know, he gonna he’s almost he did so I don’t know who if he did I mean they’re For me, I think he did cheat. I’m just gonna sorry. I don’t know tell us which I think but he’ll other cheater What okay look like a cheer you can’t y’all telling me that new can’t look like a cheater but Mm-hmm. You gonna let a few people could look like cheetah, but ain’t really your tutor right as for Plenty of people that look like Cheetos and is Cheetos No, I didn’t know cheer tryouts is cut it out Roll on fire like it’s earmarked I think but um We’re gonna be trying out. I’m so excited Hopefully we make the team because if we do we’re gonna be making videos real and we’re gonna be doing rows We’re gonna be doing vlogs feed off as being at the scare place. We’re really aiming to be varsity So as you guys don’t think you guys know, but we’re not high school there’s varsity and then there’s JB so nobody Gets to go to all that game while the top games the playoff I need to go built-in or that And I’m gonna be going and doing all that. So we’re gonna talk about um, Valentine’s Day because you know It’s coming up And y’all probably wanna get talked about in ties? You already know how long a period I know I want your mother on time you do. Mm-hmm Bouncy I’ll go get wet cause like It was scary. But anyway, I’m setup We’ve been telling y’all some tips now how to get your bow like time a ballet time So you already know a birth will is You got talk to them. Yeah, you gotta talk to people with you like no you can’t drop the people You gotta talk to that pissed sick Person, but you gotta tell them like, you know Everyone. Yeah frame way. That’s how they like, you know Cuz then you might be like, you know playing the friend zone Then you don’t want to be putting the friends on first stop. It depends. All right, you trying to Take down and do that Gong sound stuff though. Okay. So the first the first war is talk to them I’m a star. I’m asking the bush You talk to them y’all? Because you’ll talk to them then. They don’t know you Your personality. Yeah Mostly if you all talk to people and you already have the image of oh, they means or old They’re not nice. They’re not gonna try to copy. Yeah, so if you go up and Be nice and say hey, my name is so-and-so and let’s all climb Y’all just be calm Then they won’t be so bring. Yeah. I love nice cuz you’re like Mr. A love ice-cream Belle it’s so ridiculous. So Wrote on it, too Why you Gotta be like and the class is kind of you can’t be like not in that classes, but like, you know anybody in Our class is like not directly in the classes But you can’t like see them in the hallway stuff be able to talk to them. Yeah I started I got really in your classroom. But like okay what you mean is so, you know how your the guys have class period right and you be having your class periods with people So if If you have a class to your with them, that’s you get better bug hugs. You get to spend more time with them and then What It’s like Tommy there’s a hot one and then after that they might like me. So anyway You gotta dress nice so I can give y’all a quick statement quick so you can wear like a red shirt with A necklace will your girly necklaces? with some jeans with Holes in them. It doesn’t matter someone’s at your school allows you to wear and then Some red shoes to match with that. All right now be killed like jumped from the school smell must be okay that’s not acceptable your No, I’m sorry. I just have someone come in my face. Like these are knows her way all my way taxes are pretty good, honestly Well first I would Look good. Oh my Let’s look at my house just like not go on. I don’t know only respond to sign and everything. I Mean like will three UK be smelling bad like if you watch a crushed like young Lieutenant State I look good my legs Right hit my leg spring game different job a little ice on her different my legs right different. Yeah, I Don’t hit a different. I live my life night Mobs on it different please pay that. I like it by I Bet you somewhere own crabs. No prize Just Oh probably good. Let’s eat another one and do that Ok, you guys what a little for what let me put a wall three so What you say was don’t be smelly man. Don’t be nice might smell musty like yeah, but as long as you guys like you know how you be on your periods and stuff if you have one make sure you guys take baths because if you don’t Then you’re gonna steam to look really bad Y’all think you will but your waitress man purse You just don’t want to take that risk because If you don’t you’ll be smelling like fish once cool. I know y’all smell somebody who smell like fish, but Anyways, yeah, that’s why we’ll have good hygiene. There’s nobody wants a day a musky girl Who did I smell good one dated? Good-looking smell smelling good girl There’s always smelling good girl Yeah Yeah Just picked yourself pick yourself your boy. And you’re trying to date yourself And you be spanking? Yeah, let’s go check them out All right, my first before row four is Lucy what’s another word that I’ll be looking out for a really big wall? Oh, I know. I’m really really big Oh, yeah, you gotta have personality No, really, you don’t it’s gotta be boring. Like I mean, I don’t work I mean if you can’t hope that you’re boring then you can you can help this boy in like you said yeah, we’re like, I know y’all don’t like pooping on board like stale friends weren’t gonna be that friend cuz they born You only like like talking and entertaining people. You could make a friend not boring. You gotta have the personality But the other press have to have a personality to match that not really I mean if you can make it larger, you’re gonna have a personality, so I think you got a person I think somebody though, how about there’s nothing like Everybody got a personality. So I got fun personality like job you borrow Weight and you got me I’d would like take jokes you can’t like write maybe say jokes cuz I’d be jumping a lot Hey, so the battery went out and we are back out anyway we are cool But anyway, so you guys want to see how we made these go and check it out. It is nice all wigs You know what? I mean? Yeah, but go check out our last video, which was all right twin Telepathy make your own wig challenge and make sure you guys go check that out If you want to see how we made these and I’m pretty sure you do so go check it out Anyways, thank you guys so much for watching miss you like subscribe and hit that thumbs up

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