Did Anneka Rice parachute out of an aircraft after dumping her boyfriend? – Would I Lie to You?

I once dumped my boyfriend
on a plane, then parachuted
straight out of the door to avoid dealing with the aftermath. LAUGHTER David’s team? Wow! LAUGHTER So what was the plane?
What was the context? It was with the army,
I was doing a sort of army exercise, because I was being taken on by
the Royal Engineers as a Sapper, a celebrity Sapper,
and I had to detonate a bomb, and do all sorts of things, and one
of the things was a parachute jump, and my boyfriend came with me,
sweetly. Am I the only one who doesn’t know
what a Sapper is? No. No. Sounds like the army. David has an awareness of the
military. What is a Sapper? What do you mean,
I have an awareness of the military? A Sapper is a sort of soldier.
Thank you. That was for me. So there you go. Did you plan on breaking up
with your boyfriend… Well… ..pre this trip?
It wasn’t going well, and I thought… I had been trying
to work out the exact moment when it would be good, and he really
wanted to come with me on the day, and, to be honest,
I wanted to go on my own, because it was
just going to be me… And loads of soldiers?
..and about 1,000 soldiers! LAUGHTER We’ve all had days like that,
Anneka. And as the day progressed, I just got more and more annoyed
that he was there. Then we went up in the aeroplane
and he just said, “I don’t think things
are really going well. “You seem a bit distant today.” And I just said, “I don’t
think it’s working!” And jumped. And the man in charge was thinking, “I hope she doesn’t mean
the parachute”. Was he then going to follow you?
Was your boyfriend jumping? No, he didn’t have a parachute.
Oh, right! So, he didn’t… Well, I hope he didn’t just,
out of instinct, follow you! “Come back!” Is your love admin,
do you think, a reasonable use of our defence budget?
I mean… ..what, I mean…
Yes! What was the altitude
when you jumped? I don’t know. Well, you must… They didn’t say?
Does 1,000 feet, 15… Who parachutes?
1,000 feet? I would say eight to twelve
or something like that. Eight to twelve feet? I’d find that quite challenging. What are you thinking, is she
telling the truth? Did this happen? Well, I have one problem
with this story, which is that,
if you’re thinking you need to, you know, end your relationship,
that’s potentially an embarrassing, awkward moment, something you might
be inclined to put off. And one of the things, if I were
you, I might be inclined to put it off until after, is the
occasion when I have to jump out of an aircraft.
Because I just think… This is why there’s never been a
popular programme called Challenge David.
Yeah, but… People would set you some brave
challenges and you’d very calmly and rationally explain why
you couldn’t possibly do them. But assuming, hypothetically,
that I have agreed to jump out of an aircraft…
Yes. Yeah. ..I would not have that
conversation just before I jumped out of the aircraft. I’d think, “Well, I might, you know,
look on the bright side, “the fall might kill me,
in which case I’d never have to “have the conversation”. She did say that
she hadn’t planned to, it was because he said,
“You seem a bit distant”. Yes. But not as distant
as she seemed a second later, as she fell towards the ground. Samson, what are you thinking? I can’t buy it. Like, I’d have just
broken up with him on the ground. I think it’s almost certainly true. Almost certainly true?
Yeah. So, what are you going
to say, David? I think it might be true.
Anneka, jumping out of a plane and breaking up, was it true
or was it a lie? It was… ..a lie.
Oh! Yes, it’s a lie. Miles, you’re next. LEE: I was once dumped
on an aeroplane.

28 thoughts on “Did Anneka Rice parachute out of an aircraft after dumping her boyfriend? – Would I Lie to You?

  1. "Is your love admin, do you think, a reasonable use of our defence budget?"
    Why doesn't anybody ask boris these questions?

  2. What happened to the full episodes? The other ones seem to have been removed and only clips of this one have been posted so far

  3. the biggest thing that gave this away as a lie was the fact that EVERY parachutist will know their altitude not knowing is dangerous. the fact she didn't know proved it was a lie but apart from that she was amazing ive always been a huge fan of Anneka

  4. So obviously a lie. You'd 100% remember the height you jumped from, they wouldn't allow a random person to come with her, there'd be massive instruction and timing before jumping out plus the military people going with you, plus a load of other stuff i'm probably not considering. Don't know how David got fooled on this one.

  5. Before even Miles read that card jokingly, while he was saying it's "most certainly true" I thought ohh I hope he says because it was me who was dumped.

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