Death by SPICE !! EXTREME Street Food in DELHI, India!

Welcome to Delhi, Sir! Hello and welcome to my channel Spiceler. This is Gauss Bazaz and.. today I am in Delhi I will be exploring some amazing and legendary food options “Delhi is the land of large hearted people.. Delhi is beautiful! I am joined by a friend who would be helping me explore… these amazing options in Delhi. There so many places in delhi to explore to eat….to drink… for starters we’ll be heading off to this, really really amazing place that is Lotan Chole Kulche Wale Post the chole kulche.. we have a lot of options that are lined up We would be visiting the legendary Indian Coffee House as well as Ganesh Restaurant for fish, that is so popular in Karol Bagh… and I’ll be taking you there .. NOW!

20 thoughts on “Death by SPICE !! EXTREME Street Food in DELHI, India!

  1. The video is mesmerizing, couldn't take my eyes off it. I will for sure visit all the places shown in the video. This is best so far 👌

  2. Hie am Disha you're viewer! I like your blog so much!but my one suggestion for you that's take a time when you eat take it more bites tell us flavours,spices & enjoy the food . Make more & more videos 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Abhi abhi video ka lutf liya hai. Baaki ka comment kal karunga. Aur ek shikayat bhi hai jiska zikr apne next comment mein kiya jayega. BTW great video as always 😊👍

  4. I'm definitely gonna visit the coffee house soon. Chole kulcha guy only serves in the morning? Ghalibs legacy lives on in kebabs! Try doing videos on heritage restaurants too. All the best.

  5. One more jewel in the city : China Street by Chef Umesh is one of the best place to enjoy one of the world best Manchurian (Veg or Chicken) & chicken salt & pepper.

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