35 thoughts on “Crowd Sounds, People Talking in Restaurants and Plazas

  1. First three seconds are a perfect example (if you can imagine a constant version) of the hallucinations i experience from my schizoaffective disorder also a variety in volume.

  2. My dad – "I need you to be back soon..Where are you? It's so loud!"
    Me – "I'm just walking back to the car, I'm downtown and it looks like there's lots of traffic.. I'll be back soon!"
    My weekly "Minecraft Getaway" routine

  3. He cheated on me, then said it was my own fault because I had gone out of town to visit my dying grandmother, then he used to get drunk and ring me all the time saying he's sorry even though a mutual friend showed me a conversation between them where he said he didn't want us breaking up our ENGAGEMENT just cause it'd be too awkward to tell everyone. I didn't tell him forthright that I didn't wanna talk to him because he was going through something at the time. Don't judge me- you don't know me

  4. When my friends call and I don't want to talk , I just play this and say "Hey bro I am at a party" even though I haven't been to a party for at least 3 years.

  5. Thank you for uploading this and giving me an excuse not to talk on the phone with a girl (who looks like Shrek) that keeps calling! Thank YOUUUUU!

  6. who in the hell is hitting dislike? "no i don't think that sounds like a crowd!" …fxcking dumbasses.

  7. @derick1259 hahahahaha ah man i know you posted that a year ago but man i lol so hard at that lol ah man

  8. Haha. I used this to escape from my ex. If he knew I was home he'd come visit so when he rang i put this sound in the back and told him i was taking my lunch break at work and it was all good 😀

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