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Hey Guys, welcome back to Kanak’s Kitchen Today I will show you how to prepare Veg cutlets These are crispy and delicious fried appetizer which are prepared out of potatoes and other vegetables and these are also known as croquettes These are very quick and easy to prepare and perfect option for snacking and tea time Over to my kitchen to see what you need for this Heat oil in a wok Add the chopped opions Add the ginger garlic and green chillies Saute it for a minute. Add the other vegetables like grated carrots, corns, peas, capsicum and fry it for a while until slightly tender You can also use any vegetables of your choice Add in the salt, pepper, mixed herb seasoning, red chilly flakes and the lime juice Next goes in the mashed potatoes and the lemon juice Give everything a good mix Check for salt if needed Cook this mixture for a minute Switch off the flame Add the bread crumbs Also add fresh coriander and mix well Take 2-3 tablespoon mixture in hand Shape them into bullets Keep doing this for all of them Dip them into the all purpose flour solution Immediately coat them with the corn flakes powder Heat sufficient oil for frying and lower them in hot oil and fry them for 2-3 minutes or until they are golden brown in colour Remove them on a kitchen towel Serve hot with ketchup on the side Do try this easy recipe if you have any other suggestions or queries do provide in comments section below you can tune in to my channel for new recipes every Tue and Fri It’s me Kanak signing off…Bye Bye !!

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  2. Well kanak . I just made potato cultets and I immediately coated the cutlet with beaten egg and then dredged it into cornflour and fried it. The result was not very satisfying, I got a powdery texture in the coating it felt powdery in the mouth also it was darkened at a few spots. Please tell me how do you make all purpose flour mixture? Do you add cornflour to it or it's just all purpose flour. Also tell whether the all purpose flour is the one we call maida in Hindi?

  3. Hey Kanak di just a quick question, as u see I have my home science practicals on this coming monday and I have to prepare this Vegetable Cutlel and I don't know how to keep them crispy until they taste my dish. Please help me out with this ASAP 😊

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